Milk Recipes

milk recipes

How to Make Ghee

I make homemade ghee from good butter every few weeks. It's a process I enjoy, and it yields one of my favorite cooking mediums. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, ghee is an unsalted butter that has had the milk solids removed after separating from the butterfat, resulting in beautiful, golden, pure fat with an unusually high smoking point.

milk recipes

Tapioca Pudding

Ultimate tapioca - a creamy, classic, delicious, vanilla-spiked tapioca pudding recipe.

milk recipes

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

A liquid nitrogen ice cream recipe - it uses a vanilla base, and makes a wonderfully creamy ice cream.

milk recipes

Homemade Ricotta

So simple, a fresh ricotta recipe should be part of every cook's repertoire. Made from just two ingredients - buttermilk and whole milk.

milk recipes

Homemade Yogurt

All about making yogurt from scratch - includes Wayne's special homemade yogurt recipe.

milk recipes

Maison du Miel's Heather Honey Ice Cream

This honey ice cream recipe makes a creamy bowl of goodness that tastes as good as it looks. Four ingredients; plump vanilla beans, heavy cream, whole milk, and honey. That's it.

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