Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl

A simple breakfast yogurt bowl made with Greek yogurt, fresh pomegranate juice, puffed quinoa cereal, toasted sunflower seeds, and honey.

Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl

I'm hoping this breakfast yogurt bowl sets the tone for my entire day. I love the pretty pomegranate swirl intertwined with ribbons of a Turkish black pine honey a friend gifted me. There are little puffed BBs of quinoa, toasted sunflower seeds, some bee pollen, and creamy clouds of Greek yogurt. It was a fluke, with everything just falling into place after I reached for the pomegranate juice leftover from my ongoing juicing experiment.

yogurt bowl topped with pomegranate juice and honey

Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl: Extra Credit

I can imagine cooking down a bunch of the fresh pomegranate juice to make a thick homemade pomegranate molasses the next time around, although I love the brightness of the fresh juice and the way it tangles with the honey and yogurt.

yogurt bowl topped with pomegranate juice and honey

How To Make Fresh Pomegranate Juice

The quickest way I’ve found to juice a pomegranate is to cut it in half or quarters. Use a citrus juicer, I like the hand squeeze type, to press the juice out.

small bowls filled with toppings like honey and bee pollen for yogurt bowls

So, for today, it’s just a quick hi, and this bit of inspiration to make your breakfast pretty, tasty, and special.

yogurt bowl topped with pomegranate juice and honey

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breakfast bowl nearly empty with spoon

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Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl

5 from 2 votes

After some experimenting with the electric juicer, I came to the conclusion that pomegranates are best juiced by hand. Use a basic citrus reamer and juice it as you would an orange. Strain, and you're set. This recipe is written for an individual bowl, but I'm absolutely going to make a big, family-style version of this for the next brunch I have.

  • For each bowl:
  • a big dollop of Greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons fresh pomegranate juice
  • a drizzle of honey
  • a handful of puffed quinoa crisps (or other cereal/granola)
  • sprinkling of toasted sunflower seeds
  • optional: whole pomegranate seeds or fresh/dried rose petals, a bit of bee pollen
  1. In a shallow bowl swirl the pomegranate juice and honey into the yogurt just a bit, sprinkle with cereal, and sunflower seeds, and then finish with crushed rose petals and bee pollen (if you're using either of those).

Serves 1.

Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
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Quinoa plus greek yogurt, what a winning combo. I like the pomegranate juice too. As a bodybuilder, this is a superb recipe. Quinoa provides good carbs for muscle growth, and is higher in protein than oats or rice. Thanks for sharing this.

Pat Sutherland

Looks and sounds delicious! I love pomegranate!


Wow!! Tried it this morning. That’s a definite keeper. Thank you!


This looks simply incredible!
I now want to head out and buy pomegranate juice to make myself a bowl, will do that tomorrow for sure :o)


I’m not a Greek yogurt fan, but just from the description of this recipe, totally makes me want to try it.

Gwen Jones

This is beautiful!!! I never thought to mix some of these ingredients together.

Priscilla Basilio

I love the beauty and simplicity of this recipe. The color of pomegranates is so bold and vivid, a little bit makes any dish better.

Debra Shigley

hello,in Iran,where I live, pomegranate juice is boiled down to a syrupy consistency and used in different dishes,the best known of all is fesenjoon,a mixture of pomegranate juice,ground walnuts and meat or poultry and served with rice.


One of my favourite snacks is half a pomegranate in yogurt, with hemp seed, raw cacao powder, and a handful of raw pumpkin seeds and almonds. So good, it’s like a healthy pudding.


LOVE this mix of flavors! So unique. Your pictures are gorgeous, as usual 🙂

Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

Simple, beautiful and delicous, I´m sure!


Looks heavenly – will certainly make that my next breakfast since yogurt is a mainstay. Just looking at the intense pomegranate color warms my soul. As usual your earthenware pottery is so beautiful.


What a gorgeous yoghurt bowl! I’m a little addicted to Greek yoghurt at the moment and have been enjoying all sorts of combinations of yoghurt and fruit for lunch. The black pine honey sounds really interesting.

Jennifer @ Delicieux

Don’t you love the feeling when you see a recipe (and more likely than not its lovely photos) and it strikes you as the inspirational for something totally different? I have a coconut curd tart in my mind’s eye now… swirled with streaks of vivid pomegranate juice and dappled with pomegranate seeds!


This is just too yummy. Thank you for this fantastic recipe!!!


Thank you so much for posting this! It is gorgeous and has been consuming my thoughts all day (including through work and a long workout). It was a great inspiration and I had to improvise a few of the ingredients. I drizzled my Greek yogurt with elderberry concentrate and raw unstrained honey, then tossed in a handful of organic crisped rice cereal. My new favorite dessert!!!! I had to remove myself from the kitchen so I didn’t eat another (shhhh…third!) bowl…Gorgeous, simple, delicious, healthy….quintessential 101 Cookbooks material 🙂


I’m so sorry you cut yourself. If you can find some manuka honey, and pack the wound with it after cleaning then wrap up, and repeat every day that stuff is amazing at healing tissue…better than neosporin. Hugs and be well.


Hi Heidi, I was wondering where the beautiful plates are from in your pictures! Thanks,

HS: Hi Tal – thank you! I pick up a lot of my plates and bowls second-hand or at flea markets / yard sales, or when I travel.


pomegranate and yogurt both of these are my favorite so I will must try it, thank you for sharing 🙂

man and van

Sounds like something I would do (and totally have!). I just want to say that I LOVE your blog! My mother stumbled upon it one day while looking for some gluten-free recipes. She promptly e-mailed the link with the title: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS – IT’S TOTALLY YOU! And two years later it suffices to say that it IS totally me! I love how many recipes use things you have around the house and not things I have to go to a specialty store to get! I’m a graduate student and don’t have a fat wallet so I definitely appreciate some easy, healthy, and delicious recipes! Plus I just love your writing style and your photos! Keep up the good work and all the best!

HS: Thanks for the kind note Katie – give your mom a big hug for me 🙂 xo


I just finished a bowl of greek yogurt swirled with pomegranate juice, seeds and homedmade granola with maple syrup, when I sat down and opened your e-mail! Beautiful picture.

christy piwowarczyk

Such wholesome, gorgeous flavors! Pomegranates, molasses, yoghurt, honey are such big staples in Turkish cuisine, we love it , so versatile too,. Yours look delicious:) Ozlem

Ozlem's Turkish Table

I love the mandoline but I’ve sliced my fingers raw more than once. They are scary! I hope you heal quickly. All the best.


A beautiful punch of fun for my morning taste buds! Thank you for sharing with us.

Julie Coppin

What a beautiful way to start the day!


This looks phenomenal! I’ve never tried bee pollen, i’m excited to see how it goes!

Kait @ ChickadeeSays

I was just looking at the last of the pom’s off my neighbors tree that he was nice enough to share with us. Great inspiration and love the simplicity, wonderful flavors for the morning.


Just out of curiosity, where do you find puffed quinoa? I’ve been able to find puffed sorghum and rice at my local Indian market, but I’ve never seen puffed quinoa. Looks really delicious.

HS: Hi Meg – a lot of the natural foods stores around here carry it – in the bins, and also (pretty sure) the cereal aisle, boxed. Worth seeking out!


Healthy & yummy….:-)


The bowl looks yummy, and just solved my “I have yogurt and a pomegranate, how could I turn this into a creative breakfast?” problem 🙂


About this amazing bowl: have you ever tried fresh bee pollen? It’s soft like cotton, sweet like honey and just amazing.
Spread on bread with a thin layer of butter: it’s the real deal.
It’s not easy to find but if you happen to know a beekeeper you can ask for some during spring/summer!


I absolutely love, love, love pomegranates but have never tried juicing one. Definitely will try this. Also, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

Ellie @ Ginger Bear Kitchen

What a beautiful breakfast! This would be a great start to any day!

Little Kitchie

Amazing breakfast inspiration! Awww I hope your thumb gets better soon 🙂
Best wishes!


OMG its beautiful


this does look like a great way to start the day…and I hope your injury isn’t too bad!

Simply Life

Mama mia!! This looks DELICIOUS!
Thanks for sharing 🙂

Lucy Wilkinson

I have been eating this breakfast a lot lately! I use regular cooked quinoa though… need to get my hand on puffed!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

What a gorgeous breakfast! I love your bowl. This is making me ashamed of this morning’s two cups of coffee and rifle through the box of chocolates sitting tantalisingly on our kitchen counter.

Rebecca @ Pavlova's Dog

My husband just made a very similar yogurt bowl for a low-key dinner last night! Greek yogurt with pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, hemp seeds, pear slices, clementine juice, almond slices, and honey. Delish! I had to smile when I saw this pop up this morning!


This is pretty much my perfect kind of breakfast.


Tried it this morning, and it was really great! Thanks so much for the idea! 😀


This looks just gorgeous! I love the idea of juicing the pomegranate and topping with rose petals – heavenly.


Sorry about your thumb! The yogurt looks delicious!


This is a beautiful bowl of colour. I love quinoa pops and have them with my yoghurt all the time.


Looks absolutely perfect and yummy.. thanks for the healthy recipe 🙂

Hari Chandana

This looks like a breakfast from heaven to me!


Pretty in pink! This looks like a lovely breakfast.

la domestique

Heidi- this is absolutely stunning! Definitely a beautiful way to start the day.

jamie @ green beans & grapefruit

This kind of breakfast is what I always aspire to have. You can find fresh pomegranate juice easily in Bangkok – from many of the street vendors. I never thought to put in with my yoghurt though and now I will have to try!


I think a (visually) beautiful bowl like this puts my mind in a good space for the rest of the day – so lovely to look at, and just as nutritious to eat. I love your idea also about reducing the pomegranate juice!

Addy @ Six-Kick Switch

I think yogurt is the perfect start to the day. I like mine in a similar fashion, simple, unsweetened or lightly sweetened, with only light embellishments.

Sense of Home Kitchen

My next breakfast will be special – after breakfast I’m going to see our president’s second inauguration and then attend the Inaugural Ball. I will definitely need a good breakfast to get me through the day – this yogurt bowl seems like just the thing! Thanks, Heidi


I love using fresh juiced concoctions in everything! this combo is a beauty.

Fig + Fauna

This yogurt mix sounds delicious and is visually arresting with those large vivid brush strokes of pomegranate juice and sprinkling of toppings.

Christine @ Fresh

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