Favorites List (02.25.16)

Favorites List (02.25.16)

A few favorites for the weekend! -h

- How Jamaica Fell for the Desert Boot

- Reading this & this & this (finally!)

- The Kariba Dam

- Herb Expert Evangelina Koutsovoulou

- New in the shop: In Fiore

- Cooking from this & this & this

- Watching this.

- Liz Prueitt on Yogurt

- The Piglet. It's on!

- François Guenot

- Great chapstick: Bought a tube in Hong Kong, and again in Berlin. Love it. Keep an eye out.

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Whew. Just reserved a whole slew of cookbooks from the library. Also, the supplements show looks fascinating. Great list as always. Thank you!

February 26, 2016


I always look forward to this post!!
I'm always impressed with what a diverse women you are and how you impart world issues! Beauty! Art! In the know! & simple pleasures with us. This morning I was reminded of my fondness for "Daphin & Chloe" ( new order needed) and real issues we face! Thanks so much for sharing.
Note/ my fav From S Kaufmann is her Insence Lotion:-))

February 26, 2016

Loved reading about my fellow Greek, herb specialist. Greek herbs are the best in the Mediterranean, so unique!

February 26, 2016

Sheri Nugent

I just finished the 4 Elena Ferrante novels.... you have to read all four of them - in order. They are amazing!

February 26, 2016


Thanks for the link to the film about supplements. I'm indirectly working (of which I'm really not proud) for one of the largest producers of vitamins and other supplements in the world, which is a chemical company that also produces pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and sunblockers, amongst many other things . I totally agree that supplements are, if not even harmful, completely useless. I'm especially disgusted that the producers, large international companies, are aggressively trying to sell their products to the markets in the third world, seeing those as very profitable fields, while at the same time working closely with companies like Monsanto or Nestlé, which have their interests in agriculture and foodmarkets in these parts of the world, too. It is really rather depressing.

February 26, 2016


I loved the Finnegan book.

February 26, 2016

Have you tried the Bare lip balm from Stewart and Claire? I love all of their lip balms but that is my favorite. http://stewartandclaire.com/

February 26, 2016


I love when I do my Saturday morning cooking blog perusal and I cannot get past your blog for the treasures you post!

February 27, 2016


I live in Taiwan and I see those Japanese clay hot pots all the time. They look so pretty, but I have no idea what I'd do with one (or where I'd keep it in my tiny apartment). Are they pretty useful?

February 29, 2016


I'm very happy that you're reading Voices from Chernobyl. It is an amazing book, deeply poetic, with some especially poignant sections about food.

March 2, 2016

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