At the Studio: Coconut Yellow Split Pea Soup

At the Studio: Coconut Yellow Split Pea Soup

It might be incredibly hot where you live right now, and, if that's the case, I apologize for posting a soup recipe. But its one I love, and it's the sort of thing I like to take for lunch at the studio. Also, I live in San Francisco, and it's nearly always sweater weather - 58F. The soup: the base is yellow split peas incorporated into a ginger-spiked yellow coconut curry broth (lots of turmeric). It's filled with flavor, and substance - with a good amount of protein to get you through the afternoon strong. You get an added bit of summer and sweetness from yellow cherry tomatoes, and vibrant chive oil, toasted seeds, and some micro greens take the whole bowl over the top. Give it a try - you can transport the soup in one jar, and toppings in another.

I posted the recipe here.

Coconut Yellow Split Pea Soup

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Soup? So much appreciated! I have some kabocha in the oven right now :P

valentina | sweet kabocha

The only soup I could manage now is gaspacho. But come fall, we have soup for dinner on Tuesdays. And this sounds yummy! Bookmarking it for later.

Taste of France

We have had 90+ degree days here in Ohio and the other day we still made Roasted Veggie Minestrone. 😄 Soup is always wondeful!! This soup looks awesome!!! Will be making it soon!

Rosa J

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