Carrot, Dill & White Bean Salad

Carrot, Dill & White Bean Salad Recipe

I bought a single bunch of bushy-topped carrots the other day. At first glance it was a good looking cluster - bright orange in color, vibrant greens still attached. But it was on second glance that I noticed the tiny carrots nestled beside their larger brothers and sisters. Some of the smallest carrots were no thicker than a knitting needle, not much longer than my pinky finger. I snacked on those after a quick rinse. The bigger guys I put to work in this dill-flecked white bean skillet salad. Nothing too complicated - warm, coin-shaped slices of golden, pan-fried carrots, white alubia beans and chopped dill tossed with a tangy-sweet lemon shallot dressing. It tastes good the day you make it, even better the day after. And although it's certainly not as pretty, in my opinion, it might have tasted best on day three as the shallots infused the beans and the lemon mellowed.

Carrot White Bean Salad Recipe

Look for young carrots with their greens still attached - you can get a good sense of whether the bunch is fresh or not. On the bean front, I cooked the alubias from scratch, but you can use well-drained canned white beans if you want to throw this together on a whim.

Carrot, Dill & White Bean Salad Recipe

I like to buy young carrots at the farmers' market - slice them slightly thicker than a banana chip for this salad.

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon fine grain salt
1/2 cup thinly sliced shallots

more olive oil (or ghee) for cooking
2 cups sliced carrots, cut 1/4-inch thick on deep bias
3 cups cooked white beans
scant 1/4 cup chopped fresh dill
2 tablespoons brown sugar (or honey)
1/3 cup sliced almonds, toasted

Combine the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and shallots in a small bowl. Stir and set aside.

In your largest skillet over medium high heat, toss the carrots with a splash of olive oil or a spoonful of ghee (I love ghee with carrots). Let them cook in a single layer - they'll give off a bit of water at first. Keep cooking, tossing gently every three or four minutes until the carrots are deeply browned. All told, about twelve minutes.

Add the beans and dill to the skillet and cook for another five minutes, or until the beans as well heated through. If you are using beans that weren't canned you can allow them to brown a bit as well (just cook a bit longer, and stir less frequently) - they can handle this in a way that most canned beans can't. If you need to add a bit more olive oil to the pan - do so.

Place the contents of the skillet in a large mixing bowl, sprinkle with the brown sugar and pour the 3/4 of the lemon-olive oil mixture over the top. Toss gently. Let sit for ten minutes. Toss gently once again, taste and adjust with more salt or sugar or lemon juice if needed to balance the flavors. Serve warm or at room temperature and finish by sprinkling with the almonds just before serving.

Serves 6 - 8 as a side.

Prep time: 10 min - Cook time: 20 min

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Molto bella! It's beautiful. This is my favourite kind of salad – fresh, meaty (the beans I mean) and satisfying... I think beans are wholly underutilised in salads.


Beautiful colours!


Really looking forward to trying this, looks beautiful and hearty. ALmonds & carrots, what a combo


I love those tiny carrots!! So cute and they taste so good!!

délice du jour

I love the bushy tops on those carrots - the joys of shopping at farmers markets and not at the supermarket!

Gourmet Chick

what are the advantges of this salad and wat are the scientific ingredients in it, and how much is it useful to the young ones


Seriously Heidi...this is amazing.

I can almost taste the sweetness of the caramelized carrots in the photograh.

It looks delish.

As a newbie food blogger/photographer, I def have something to aim for.

Great job.

Reginald @ Ceramic Canvas

The browned carrots must taste like candy, and with the rest of the salad, this sounds great. I haven't cooked alubias before, but now I'll have to look for them.


My aunt makes this incredible baked carrot dish (shredded carrot, cheese cheese cheese, shallot, toasted breadcrumb topping) for every major family gathering and I have been trying to figure out ways to refresh it. Adding something like white beans gives me an entirely different framework and the almonds would give the same toasted crunch without being butter-soaked bread crumbs!

A sweeter version would be amazing as well -- maybe caramelize raisins and pineapple with the carrots and omit the onion. oooh and add blackened chilis...


I love this dish because of the white beans, they are so small and nutty..I bet the carrots and dill add tons of flavor.


I absolutely love buying carrots at the farmer's market. When I first went as a kid, I couldn't believe how many different colored carrots there were. We think of them just as orange, but I'm especially fond of the red, yellow and purple varieties. Some of them taste really peppery.


Heidi, I absolutely love caramelized carrots and, of course, carrots and dill are a classic combination. We'll make this soon. What do you do with the carrot greens? I always feel terrible buying carrots with the greens and then tossing the greens away. I know some people add them to a salad but one try of carrot greens in salad left me unimpressed. I've also seen an article on Chowhound that said that leaving the greens on the carrots causes the carrots to wilt in the refrigerator. Any thoughts?


Perfect! My husband brought home some gorgeous multi-colored carrots from the farmer's market the other day and I just KNEW you'd have a recipe to make good use of these beauties. Thanks!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

what a great way to use those beautiful carrots. i love bean salad type dishes.


Gorgeous! This sounds like the comfort food I've been craving but never knew I was missing until now! I bet this would be really good in Autumn/Winter as well!


Looks yummy, but I've heard that sugar plus beans equals gastric distress.. Source: Calypso Bean Soup cookbook by Lesa Heebner


What a flavorful recipe! I love how summer and light it seems.

Nutmeg Nanny

I too love buying fresh carrots from the farmers market with the greens on top. This salad is beautiful and I can just imagine how all the flavors come together.

I think I might make it for a bbq this weekend. Yum, thanks for the recipe!


This sounds delicious!

Also, made something Heidi-inspired last night (basically mixing recipes) that I think you would like:
-soba noodles with the cilantro chile sauce from this recipe ( - my bf LOVES it) tossed with blanched broccoli, green onions and sauteed tofu

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and great recipes!


Unless your vendor can assure you that the carrots have been dug within 24 hours of your purchase, those lovely tops are doing nothing but draining the life, moisture and freshness from the carrots. And certainly remove the tops if you are not using the carrots immediately. This is called "marketing" people, because the tops are basically inedible anyway.


yum, this looks great. can't wait to try it out.
thanks for the recipe.


Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to find a good variety of beans in the Chicago area? My local Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have a limited selection. I haven't tried to order any online, but am not opposed to the idea. Any suggestions would be great.


This was utterly fantastic. (Might want to edit so you mention adding the almonds at the end..) Thanks for the ideas. I used canned butter beans (that's what I had in the pantry); they worked very well.


Looks delicious and sounds equally mouthwatering. I'm heading to my local organic market right now and looking forward to making this for dinner tonight! Another home run, Heidi! Thank you!


Caramelized carrots with white beans? I'm intrigued, I would've never paired these two, but looking forward to trying this. The dill makes it sound really refreshing. Thanks!

Niki @ Spilled Ingredients

That looks yummy I think I will make it as I'am having problems digesting anything wheat or greens and I need to expand my recipe base.


I really want to make this dish for the next church potluck, but I may not be able to find white alubia beans in the stores here in SW Louisiana. What bean can be used in place of the alubia bean? Are you serving this warm, cold, or either way?

HS: Room temperature or warm is best!

Stacey S

I've been loving cooked/ roasted carrots in salads lately. The dill-carrot combo sounds wonderful with the beans. Can't wait to try it!


Hadn't thought of pan-roasting my baby carrots! It sounds delicious. Now I have a job for the dill I've been growing!


Marci -- Try Rancho Gordo beans (a Heidi S. favorite), available for shipping online. I am really happy with the company and with the quality of their beans.


This is my first visit to your site and I'm so impressed--it's absolutely lovely! I'm really looking forward to trying this recipe. It sounds delicious, healthy and quite inexpensive to prepare. I'll be checking back often for more recipes!



the colors look beautiful together.....i love dill and ghee too...
try baby potatoes stir fried in ghee...and dill, you'd love it.

sangeeta khanna

This looks absolutely delicious! As my hubby loves dill, we may have to try this recipe!

Typo alert... in the title of the recipe right above the ingredients, you have "dill" spelled "D I L" ;-) --Wendy

HS: Thanks Wendy :/ I fixed it.


What a perfect way to use the leftover dill I have from the delicious lemon cucumber tofu salad!


Can't wait to try this recipe. Nothing better than the smell and taste of dill! By the way, would Kendra be willing to share her Aunt's baked carrot dish? Sounds delicious.


White alubia beans, my, where do you find those? Does the picture show the white alubia beans or just the ordinary cooked white beans mentioned in the recipe (could I use cannellini, or would they be too large)?

Again, where did you find dry white alubia beans (or were they fresh)?

HS: I used dried alubias from Rancho Gordo - you could certainly try a version with another type of white bean - it might have a different personality, but will likely still be tasty.


I love it when food tastes even better the second day. This looks fresh and delicious. Perfect for a summer meal.

Cookin' Canuck

I made this today but changed the bean to a butterscotch bean. Although i may have cooked my beans too long this tastes delicious! The flavors are really well balanced, thanks for another great recipe!

BTW> I am cooking my way through SNC and i love that too.

Keep up with the great meals!

HS: Glad you're liking it Diana :)

Diana T

Butter + carrots + thyme is one of my all time favorite combinations. I think thyme instead of dill in this salad (and maybe cider vinegar instead of lemon juice) could take it in a wonderful fall/winter direction.

It is obviously too hot here in Texas... I'm dreaming about winter already!

HS: Love the cider vinegar idea Amy.


This looks so simple and tasty... what a great combination of flavors!


Yeah, alubias aren't locally available to most of us; I'm a serious ol' bean-swilling foodie and had never even heard of them.

But I've been craving carrots lately, so I used Great Northerns instead, and this came out absolutely delicious. (Let me just add that "101 Cookbooks" is my favorite of all food blogs, anywhere. I've never had a bad recipe from here, and I've found scads of real keepers!)

PS--While it's be different, I suspect this recipe would work well with adzukis or blackeyed peas, too, or with fresh marjoram or rosemary in place of the dill.

And, yeah...Kendra, how 'bout that carrot casserole recipe? It sounds awesome!

HS: Yes please Kendra - I second that. And the alubia came from Rancho Gordo, as someone else guessed ;)


Delicious I love the combination of the flavors !
Thanks for sharing your recipe:)

Have a wonderful Day~


Your comments are always closed by the time I try your recipes, so I will just say here that the Giant Black Bean Salad, a similar recipe to this one, was a real keeper. I made it for a cookout and had leftovers for lunch for several days. The dressings you create are the real key.

I have been on a 101cookbooks roll lately. With every CSA shipment, I go to my computer and search your recipes for the vegetables I have on hand. I've been really happy to find you.

HS: That's great SH, glad you are able to find a bit of inspiration. I've been trying to keep comments open longer recently - I tend to get spammed when I leave them open for too long.


New reader, recently arrived from Smitten Kitchen's blog roll! Like SH above, I didn't have the chance to post in the correct location how much we LOVE the caramelized tofu with brussels sprouts. Unbelievably, my meat-munching husband finished it off cold as a midnight snack, standing at the open fridge with fork in hand. The brand of baked tofu you mentioned is not sold in the Pittsburgh area, but I found the ingredients on the company's website and baked something similar to use. Fantastic! Can't thank you enough.


This looks simply delicious...perfect for a side dish that you don't want to fuss with when you're busy getting everything else together. You could fix it and forget about it until time comes to serve it. And the carrots and dill? Yum!


This is lovely! I made it tonight for dinner. I love simple meals like this. The toasted almonds add a nice crunch and the flavors all meld so well.
I love bean and nut combos. This is a new favorite. An old favorite is the "Black Eyed Peas, Corn, and Toasted Walnuts with Spicy/Sweet Vinagrette" from the Vegan Gourmet.
I can't wait to see how much tastier it will be for my lunch tomorrow!


looks sublime....going to try it with some 'Purple Haze' carrots that are ready to harvest out in the garden - their orange/purple color should be dazzling and pick up the bit of purple from the shallots!


Saw this today and realized it'd be an AMAZING way to use up the carrot bunch I bought earlier this week at the farmers market-- figured I had white beans in the pantry at home (as I usually do). I was excited-- I got home and checked the pantry. No dice. But I did have hella cans of garbanzo beans, so I switched it up-- DELISH! I can't wait to try it with white beans! Thanks so much! Between this and your simple cauliflower recipe, I'm pretty set! Thanks!


Always enjoy the way you integrate white beans. Thanks for the repeat inspiration, Heidi.

Tom Marsh

I actually made this last night! Delicious. I get your email posts and file the recipes, in the hopes of making them, but yesterday, this one popped into my email... and we had carrots, dill and white beans handy at home. We made this as a side to an herb-laden garlic shrimp and the two were great together. Thanks!


Do you know how many calories are in this per serving?


Heidi, the recipe looks amazing; can't wait to try it! Those interested in calorie & nutritional info can try one of the websites with calorie counters that will calculate for whole recipes. caloriecount - dot - about - dot - com is a good one. Look for their Recipe Analyzer in the Food tab. Just be careful with the numbers for the beans as they tend to default to raw beans and come up with a hugely incorrect number if you're using canned.


what did you do with the carrot greens


Your compost bin is a great place for the carrot tops - they can help grow next year's carrots! :-)


I love the idea of combining carrots with white beans. It seems like something that can be served year-round, and can stand on it's own as a hearty lunch salad.

Sophia from Kitchen Caravan

I'm planning to make this tonight, as I got a bunch of carrots in my CSA box yesterday. I got fennel, too, so I'm considering replacing the dill with it. (or might go with some thyme or tarragon from the garden...hmm....) My daughter eats only white beans, and likes her carrots cooked, so this is perfect!

BTW, definitely get those carrot tops cut off right when you get home, BUT don't toss 'em! Pull the feathery leaves off the tougher stems and throw them into a salad or smoothie. Very Very healthy. And what's left goes into the compost, of course!


Hi! i follow your blog and love the recipes you post! I was wondering if you could help me out on one.

I used to live in Milford, PA and there was a small health food store that sold a smashing carrot salad. lemon based vinegarette, basil, sunflower seeds and raisins. very herb based, not garlicy, and definitly not sweet. They wouldn't give me the recipe when they closed.

have you run across or created anything similar? i've been searching around but can't seen to get it

thanks! keep up the great blog!


Always looking for fresh new ways to eat more beans. This looks wonderful.

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen

Another winner! Was having such a hard day yesterday but read this recipe on the bus home... and when I got off the bus, there was the Queen Anne Farmer's Market with carrots and shallots. So I made the recipe (using canned cannellinis - they were fine) and without the almonds and it was great - and indeed even better today - but I won't get to test day 3. One funny thing is the part about 3/4 of the dressing. After tossing with 3/4 of the dressing and waiting 10 minutes - ? I threw on the other 1/4. ;-) Thanks for brightening my day!


And the dill! It's all over the yard. I guess they don't call it dill weed for nothing.


I made this today with fresh carrots from The Edmonds Farmers Market. It's to-die-for.

(Hope we don't have any gastric distress).


ohh that looks good


I just made (and then wolfed) this salad. It was really, really good. I used Cannellini beans, with a really excellent olive oil (important, I think, for dressings). Had a cold white beer with it, some cheese for desert, and I am a happy clam.


so healthy and so yummy!

YOYO love cooking

Wow... just made this for a group of high school girls and they all loved it! Absolutely fantastic! Made with canned navy beans; drained and washed them before I threw them in the pan.

Served with homemade veggie burgers on buns made of the Big Sur hide bread you posted a couple days ago. Yum!


Stunning photos. I can't wait to try this! Will wait until I can get my hands on some farmers market carrots. I'm new to your site and am absolutely loving it! Thanks for the great stuff...

Megan Gordon

Looks excellent. White bean salads are always delicious. Your carrots are beautifully carmelized!

Matt (No Meat Athlete)

I'm not a huge fan of carrots running around in my cooking, but I can't resist "bunny carrots", as my mom calls them. I'll definitely have to try this with some fresh dill from the garden!

Heather from Vegan Deluxe

Heidi, you're a genius!
I made this Friday night with Great Northerns, fennel in place of dill and baby onions in place of shallots (CSA items along with the carrots). No sugar needed. It was a big hit among family and guest.

Then, Sunday, got invited to a potluck. So I used the rest of the carrots in our fridge and a can of Progresso Cannelini beans (which held up better on the'll be sooo good with dry beans). Again, met with great success.



This was real good, and quick and easy too. The crunchiness of the extra toasted almonds provides a delightful contrast to the other ingredients, IMHO.

My only disappointment was the mushiness of my beans, which turned it into more of a stew. I used canned cannellinis. Maybe non-canned beans would have held their firmness better (?). Or maybe I overheated the beans.

Michael Bazeley

Mmmm...this recipe looks wonderful and simple...and look at those lovely little white beans! Like pearls!


I made this because I had two bunches of carrots to use up from my CSA and two big bags of this bean, also from Rancho Gordo. I didn't want to completely pillage my dill plant, so I also used some parsley and tarragon, and didn't have any almonds so used some toasted hemp seeds for a bit of nutty crunch. Delicious.


Thank you, Thank you.

I made this as written. My children and husband thought they had gone to heaven when I made this tonight as a "vegetable dish" . They ate it all and wanted more. I thought it a tiny bit sweet and for me would decrease the amount of honey, but will probably will be outruled. Very good. I don't think we will ever have left overs.


I made this on Sunday and it was fantastic!


I loved this. I made it with a combination of cannelloni & garbanzo beans. I also used vidalia onions that I threw in with the beans. I will be making this again for sure.


I have been reading your blog for several years now and I don't comment often, but I wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with this recipe. I had chick peas & great northern beans on hand so that is what I used, along with finely diced red onion in place of the shallots. It was so hard for me not to eat the entire recipe by myself, I loved it so much. Thank you for sharing this and all your other wonderful recipes. I've liked every one I've tried. (You're the only person who has ever gotten me to like a tofu dish--your tofu recipes ROCK!) Oh, here's a link to the picture I took of this dish:

Veronica Miller



Ok, as requested...
and talk about kitsch... this is an old school way of casserole making, indeed, and you can see why I am so excited to see what you have done with the above, Heidi!

This is a thanksgiving tradition a'la Aunt Cindy -- full of butter and love.

Carrot Casserole
2 lb. carrots, sliced and cooked in water about 20 min. (drain)
1 med. onion, chopped
3 T butter
1 can crm of celery soup
1/2 t. salt
1/8 t. pepper
3/4 C. shredded cheese
1/3 C. melted butter
2 C. herb flavored stuffing (NOT cubes)
Saute onion in 3 T. butter. Mix together soup, salt, pepper & cheese. Add cooked carrots and pour into buttered 2 qt. casserole dish. Put into 350 degree oven. In separate bowl mix stuffing with melted butter. Cover top of carrots after 20 minutes and cook for 10 minutes longer.


Carrot Tops! Last night I made a pesto with a bunch of parsley from my CSA box, the carrot tops (minus center stem), one garlic scape, one garlic clove, romano cheese, pine nuts, and sea salt. YUM! Slightly bitter, but it was nice on a sweeter cracker, and absolutely wonderful on my mesclun, tomato, edamame and boiled potato salad today.


roasted carrots , and beans and dill !!! i want the salad now!


Good information!!! Thanks!

Keep up the good work!

Anne-Marie Ronsen

Anne-Marie Ronsen

This vegan recipe sounds simple but very tasty.

Vegan Los Angeles

I've made this twice now and it is fantastic! Thank you, Heidi!


I tried it with canned beans and carrots and dill from the garden. It's fabulous. Thank you!!!


I am eating this right now - and it's fabulous! Made enough for myself as meal tonight and for my lunch at work tomorrow! Wonderful!


I just made it this afternoon and it's delicious! Flavorful and well-balanced. I'm looking forward to leftovers tomorrow...


Even though I'm more of a practical eater in general, I love good looking food, especially salads! The way you serve your food is beautiful, and your plates too :)


Oh, wow. I made this tonight -- substituted canned soybeans and pine nuts instead of the almonds -- and it was wonderful and the flavors were sublime. I'm thrilled that I have more for tomorrow.

By the way, reading your blog has given me more courage in improvising and switching out what I have for the ingredients that are called for in the recipe. I used to be terrified of messing with the recipe for fear of ruining the outcome, but reading you over the last few years has taught me to improvise with abandon! :)


thanks for the wonderful recipe! I made it tonight with a couple changes. I added fava beans that I found at the UN Plaza farmers market (I thought fava season was over but I guess not!) and some preserved lemon. Also added less than the 2 tb sugar and it was sweet enough.

It was really delicious! My boyfriend noted it would be a great bed for some sauteed halibut or other fish.

I've been making recipes from this site for months, and I'm never disappointed. I've told so many friends about it - I'm like a Heidi Swanson evangelist. I love food and I'm not into counting calories, and your site helps me find new ways to eat healthy and enjoy it.

Rachel D.

At first the sound of this didn't appeal to me, but when I saw your picture, I knew I would LOVE this dish. You are a wonderful cook!


I made this last week and just went to the store for the ingredients to make it again. This is a PERFECT recipe. I like it warm, and it reheats beautifully. Served with fresh fruit, sourdough bread and a glass of wine, it becomes the ultimate summer meal.


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