Curried Egg Salad

Curried Egg Salad Recipe

It has been nearly a year since I posted my favorite egg salad sandwich recipe. As some of you might remember, I have strong feelings about this type of sandwich. To this day I rarely (if ever) eat one unless I make it myself. That being said, I've become quite fond of my egg salad creations, and I'd like to share a version with you that is a bit more flashy and interesting than the one we did last time. It uses plain yogurt in place of mayo and incorporates curry powder, chopped apples, toasted pecans, and minced chives. Sometimes I eat it on toasted, garlic-rubbed bread, and sometimes I eat it wrapped in a big leaf of lettuce. Color-flecked, delicious and satisfying.

Curried Egg Salad Recipe

Use any type of onion you like here, I've done this version of egg salad using yellow, white, and in this version I had a tiny red one on hand, so I grabbed for that.

5 good quality eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder (your favorite)
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
2 big pinches of salt

1/2 small onion, chopped
1/2 medium apple, chopped
1/4 cup pecans, toasted and chopped
1 small bunch of chives, minced

First off, you need to boil the eggs properly (the key to good egg salad!). Place the eggs in a pot and cover with cold water by a 1/2-inch or so. Bring to a gentle boil. Now turn off the heat, cover, and let sit for exactly seven minutes. Have a big bowl of ice water ready and when the eggs are done cooking and place them in the ice bath for three minutes or so - long enough to stop the cooking.

While the eggs are boiling and cooling, combine the yogurt, curry powder and salt in a tiny bowl. Set aside.

Crack and peel each egg, and place in a medium mixing bowl. Add the curried yogurt, onions, apple, pecans, and chives. Now mash with a fork. Don't overdo it, you want the egg mixture to have some texture. If you need to add a bit more plain yogurt to moisten up the mixture a bit, go for it a bit at a time. taste and add more salt if needed. Enjoy as-is, or served wrapped in lettuce or between two slices of good, toasted bread.

Serves 3-4

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This sounds great -- a healthier version of a favorite comfort food. I like the idea of apples and pecans for crunch -- often the most texture you get in an egg salad sandwich is some gratuitous celery, if you're lucky. So this will be a lively change, and I'm looking forward to trying it.


I loved your last egg salad - it's the only one I will eat now too! Can't wait to try this one. I even have chives! Thanks!


Like you, I'm very partial to my own egg salad, since I like it dry (little mayo) and garlic-y. I like this twist of the curry and apples, it looks and sounds delicious.

What I loved about your post today was your referencing back to your egg salad sandwich post so I could read that recipe as was like getting two great recipes for the price of one! Thanks!


Saves the weeknight dinner dillema. Thanks!


What I love about your recipes is the ingredients -- all things I either have in my home already or should! Thanks!


Ok, I must say I am an egg salad purist and typically will only eat eggs from the farmer's market which has ended. I will give it a go because I trust you but I am a little weary of the apples. I look forward to hearing reviews.

ps - Grand Central Baking here in Portland makes a fabulous basil egg salad sandwich with onions and sundried tomato mayo on kalamata olive bread. Ok maybe the apples don't sound so strange.


This answers my question - why did I cook up those eggs? Hurrah! Thanks, Heidi, perfect timing.


How wonderful--that first egg salad recipe is the first post of yours I ever read, and it's what got me, a long-time egg salad lover, hooked on your blog! This one looks wonderful, too, and makes me glad I have all the required ingredients at home to make it!


I too, consider myself an egg salad purist. Egg, mayo, and salt, on bread, not toast. That's it for me. No relish (ew) or other stuff. However, I was wondering what to have for lunch, and you made me hungry for egg salad (ah, the power of suggestion!)---but I went out on a limb and put some chives in and YUM...delicious AND colorful!
Thx! I may work up the gumption to add the other stuff on another day. ;)

The Secret Ingredient

I had never thought of adding pecans & boy does that sound good--thanks! Superb photo, too!


That is a beautiful photo!

At the farmer's market yesterday I ended buying a loaf a fresh baked bread, along with two packages of pita pockets, which at the time seemed fairly reasonable. When I got home though, I realized-- I have a LOT of bread! I guess I'm going to be eating a lot of sandwiches this week, and I'll probably start with this one tonight! yum!

also, what are other people's favorite sandwiches? I particularly like grilled cheddar cheese with tart apple slices.


Yum! I usually dont like them, but this looks great!

Emily Perry

I really enjoy your blog! In fact, I added it as a feed to my iGoogle homepage for recipes. I haven't commented previously but, as a vegetarian for nearly 15 years, I have to say I love your veg. friendly recipes - and your writing style.

I don't think I'm keen on the apples...but the pecans and curry sound wonderful! (After all, people make curried chix salad often with pecans right?!)

One trick for more traditional egg salad I picked up that is rather tasty, is to add very finely dice green olives - YUM (oh, and along with that I like finely diced red onion or scallions too.) But, I like the chives for a change!

THANK YOU and have a wonderful week!


I was sitting looking out my window in White Rock, B.C. at the snow coming down and wondering what to make for lunch and voila! Thank you Heidi for your ongoing wonderful recipes, inspirational photos and delightful commentaries. I am filling up a new recipe binder! I will send you my best ever, foolproof, authentic Irish Soda Bread next month. Slan, Sonia
commentary on things cullinary

Sonia O'Connor

I just made this for lunch. I dumped a big scoop of it on top of a blow of salad greens. Delicious! Thanks so much.


The texture of egg salad squicks me out, but this will definitely be my new chicken salad recipe. I love the addition of the nuts, and replacing the mayo (which I never really like in salad, even when homemade) with yogurt.

- Us vs. Food


I think I'll try spicing my next tofu salad this way.


Oooh, I have to try this. I actually made your original egg salad recipe yesterday with curry powder added and it was great - I suspect it'll be even better with the apples and yogurt. Mm mm mm.

pen and paper

Yum. I made curried egg salad the other day as well - must be in the air right now. I love your idea of throwing in some different textures, I'll have to try that.

My mother used to make big batches of egg salad for the cafe she owned (I use her recipe, with a few of my own touches) and I picked up her trick for breaking up the eggs without making them into total mush. You take a sharp knife in each hand and use them to cut in opposite directions - so to left hand starts to the right and pulls back, the right hand starts to the left and pulls back. You catch all the slippery pieces of egg white between the blades so it's easier than just one knife, and it's easy to control how far you go with the chopping.


This will be the perfect lunch to take to work with me. I think I will probably try this recipe tomorrow.


I can't believe it when people say they hate egg salad. Granted, I've never had the mushy deli kind because it looks so, well, mushy.

Ive got a loaf of bread and 2 dozen eggs in my fridge. woo!


What a great idea! I've put curry powder in egg salad before, but never thought to use yogurt and add apples and pecans. And I happen to have most of these ingredients. And have a schedule that requires me to bring portable lunches with me. Thank you for saving me from boring egg salad :)


Heidi, I can't believe it's already been almost a year since you posted your last Egg Salad Sandwich recipe. I agree fully with the texture and quality that you're attentive to.

Egg boiling trick I learned in Germany and Switzerland: To avoid embarrassment and be absolutely exact, bring the water to a boil BEFORE you put the eggs in.

Poke a hole in the rounder end of each egg where the air pocket is with a stick pin, thumb tack or there are actually egg-poking tools specifically for this purpose. Cradle each egg in a spoon and gently put them in the boiling pot of water, not allowing them to bounce off the bottom (helps prevent cracks).

Watch your clock, as perfection is only assured if you really do give your eggs the exact amount of time in boiling water for their volume/mass. Then, pour out the boiling water and run cold tap water over them for 30 seconds. You could prepare a bowl of ice water, but it's just as functional to run the coldest tap water over them for 30 seconds in the very same pot you boiled them in.

The following is my experience with American eggs in the San Diego area:

Jumbo Eggs - 9 minutes
Extra Large - 8 minutes
Large Eggs - 7 minutes
Medium Eggs - Dunno?

For the so-called "3-minute Egg" with a hole poked in it, added to already boiling water:

Jumbo Eggs - 7.5 minutes
Extra Large - 7 minutes
Large Eggs - 6.5 minutes
Medium Eggs - Dunno?

I hope this helps some of you. A Swiss friend visiting me in Germany emphatically asked for a 4 minute egg and I didn't know that I should've poked a hole in it, so she got snot - hot snot. Then, she taught me the rudiments and I've permanently thought of her every time I make soft boiled or hard boiled eggs. Although, only a Medium egg would be "soft boiled" at 4 minutes.

Eggzactly :-)

Alicia Kelso

This recipe looks excellent. I've been hooked on making egg salad using brown mustard and garam masala in lieu of mayo (sometimes in addition to), so I'm definitely going to give this recipe a try for a different take on Indian-influenced egg salad.

p.s. - Great site, by the way. :)


Made this tonight, and my husband and I adored this recipe. A taste treat! I used walnuts instead of pecans since I had them on hand...... tasty! Thanks for a great recipe.


This egg salad looks different, delicious, and best of all, easy!

Not that I don't like challenging recipes; but as a college student stuck in a dorm, I love to see do-able recipes that will add some pizazz into my diet. Thanks for posting =)


that looks fabulous Heidi! I like the curried recipe:)


Thanks for the yogurt idea to replace the mayo. Our vegan dinner friends especially thank you for that!

White On Rice Couple

Waw, deliciososo!!
I love it!
In Aruba we also have a chuncky advocado/egg salad. The same ingredients you use, add some coriander and an ripe advocado cut in chunks.
Heidy, i just love your site, dishes and tips you give. My mom and I are big fans of 101cookbooks.


Excellent instructions and photos. Awesome Post!


eating this as i type.


really, REALLY good. I took Nadia's advice and added a little avocado - yum. The rest is just perfect - i love the apples especially. Awesome! Thank you!!!


Wow, this looks great- I was just wondering what to have for supper tonight, and this on some basil-and-tomatoe flatbread seems perfect!

Kellie Hill

ur recipes r excellent i had a great help from them


apple! i thought it was plum from the photo -- but i bet that would be interesting too! this looks awesome -- i've never had an egg salad that i've really liked, but this looks totally different. thanks!


mmmm this sounds lovely! Great idea!

Maninas: Food Matters

I'll try to do it~

love ur foods!

YOYO Cooking

I just made this and had it with whole grain Wasa bread--it's delicious! I love the combination of textures and the complimentary flavors. Thanks again for another great recipe!


The gravitational pull toward your recipes is fierce. Lately all I want to make are "Heidi dishes." (That lentil soup with the saffron cream is already an old favorite. Skillet smashed potatoes, oh my!)

Tonight was no different. I picked up the ingredients on my way home from work & after kissing the puppy, I immediately set my eggs to boil. While things were heating up, I prepped the rest of the ingredients and made a super simple salad of red leaf lettuce, celery, and a scattering of golden raisins, which I dressed with an avocado oil-white balsamic-buckwheat honey vinaigrette. (just a teeny touch of honey.)

I served (myself) the egg salad over the lightly dressed leaves. Twice. And I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Don't mean to be too offensive, but, good grief! It's just eggs! Why the snobby introduction?


Gorgeous!!!! And tasty looking, too.

I've started making egg salad lately with hummus-- mostly because I don't tend to keep mayonnaise, yogurt, or sour cream around, not really any other reason. But it's quite good, actually!

I think now I'm trying apples as my next "surprise" ingredient. Thanks for sharing!!


I make a curried chicken salad that is very similar to this, using cooked chicken instead of the eggs. Never thought of doing a curried egg salad, but look forward to trying this.


I love curried eggs. These sound great. Thanks Heidi.

Sonia Day

I really enjoy your site. I just made this egg salad and it SO very good. Can't wait to let my husband taste it for dinner.


Just had this for lunch and it was delicious! I had some bread with it, but it's really just better on its own (or with some lettuce, I imagine).

Co-workers were jealous of my lunch :)



It's so funny (and great!) that you talk about putting yogurt in your egg salad. Lately I've been sneaking home lebne from work so on my weekends I can do further experimenting and it has done extremely well in quick and healthful deviled eggs.

We are lucky to have so many more yogurts available to us now...

shuna fish lydon

Hi Heidi. I made your salad for lunch today, and although I had my doubts about the egg-apple pairing, the result was lovely. I think it would work great as an appetizer, with some salty crackers on side.

Thanks for the recipe and the beautiful pic.


I made it little spicy too.
Its great!!!


I really love the yoghurt in this Heidi. I like to use yoghurt in place of mayo - there's just something about mayo in large quantities that really scares me. The contrast of textures sounds great. I think I will omit the pecans and eat this on slices of walnut bread. Helen.


This looks like a very interesting twist on egg salad and one I never would have though of. I think I will try it on a bed of butter lettuce!

Deborah Dowd

A great, healthy, delicious twist on the Waldorf salad (chicken, apples, walnuts, and mayonnaise). My husband and I are both full time students and health nuts, so we're always on the look out for quick, convenient foods. We love this website, and have made so many recipes from it staples in our refrigerator. Thank you, thank you, Heidi!


Just made this tonight during a study break and had it on some whole wheat pumpkin seed bread. Absolutely amazing!!!! :)


Just made this tonight during a study break and had it on some toasted whole wheat pumpkin seed bread. Absolutely amazing!!!! :) Thanks, Heidi- you really know how to liven-up a staple dish!


Hrm, I think I may have muffed this a bit. I used more than the recommended amount of apple and onion (no medium/smalls on hand - whoops!) and also added celery. It came out light on the eggs. Also didn't have plain yogurt, so I used vanilla. Definitely not as good, but another interesting twist, at least.

Two things I added to the recipe that I really liked: ground mustard seed and paprika. I'm a sucker for devilled eggs, so I figured why not and I definitely liked what they added to the overall flavor.

Also changed the technique a bit, mashed the yolks with the spices, yogurt and salt while chopping the whites. I think it may have come out better that way, more chunky. It's all down to the individual's tastes, I suppose. Thanks for the great idea!

Just Joe

it is healthy for health.


It is good & time saving lunch dish I will to make this Sunday



what kind of curry do you use? Thanks!


This is a good dish. The freshness of the eggs made quite the difference. One alteration:

I like sweet curry. I added 1 tsp. of sugar one everything was mixed and it really changed things up- balanced the strong onion flavor. If you like Thai curry, this add on is a nice twist


Just found this site and enjoy it !

If anyone hasn't tried them yet "Egglands Best" eggs are fantastic,I tried them about 2 years ago and they are the next best thing to a fresh yard egg.No comparison to a generic store egg.

Cheap store eggs went from .89 cents to 1.89 in the last year,but the E.B. eggs are still the same 2.39 they always were,so they only cost a little more now.I was buying them when they were more than twice the cost of store eggs.

No,I don't work for E.B.,but love their eggs !

My standard egg salad is mayo-onion-olives,on rye or wheat toast with lots of tapatio mexican hot sauce splashed on.


It is delicious.
And in China,you can cook the eggs without Salad.First,put edible oil into boiler,and put the eggs into it together when it is smoking.Put out the eggs at the time of changed color.Clean the boiler,put the edible oil into again,and put the sugar into,for 1 minute,put the egg together,mix,then ti will be OK.It is more easily.


This is a great recipe! For those of us jazzed on the yogurt-for-mayo switch, I'll suggest Greek-style yogurt if you can find it. It's firmer than some name-brand low-fat plain yogurts and thus makes a great substitution for mayo and sour cream in a lot of dishes and dips.

Mrs. Chelsea

Yum!! I'll size it down for just me because my hubby wouldn't try it and after eating four sandwiches of it, the curry gets to be strong! Wonderful alternative to leftover dinners for a bagged lunch!


I thought this sounded delicious and tried it except I used light sour cream since I didn't have any yogurt around. I'm sorry but I didn't think it tasted good at all. I am sticking to my tried and true mustard, light mayonnaise and celery salt egg salad recipe which is much better.


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