Favorites List (07.06.21)

A quick video and list of favorites & highlights from the week. Thought I'd try a bit of a new format this time. Enjoy!

Favorites List (07.06.21)

I thought I'd try something a bit new this week. Instead of sharing my favorites & highlights in standard list format, I compiled the little video snippets I grab here-and-there into a quick compilation. It's pretty rough, but I like the idea of sharing a video favorites list, and maybe I can improve on the format over time. Anything you see referenced in the video, I'll link down below plus some wild-cards!

Video Favorites List (07.06.21)

If you saw something in the video you're curious about, chances are it is linked below. A few things are recipes in progress, and I promise to link them here when they're ready to make the jump from my kitchen to yours.

- Drinking (lots/iced) // Leaves and Flowers Ikebana & Tropic Garden

- Love // Alice's Egg Spoon (Permanent Collection)

- For the Pantry // Homemade Celery Salt Recipe

- Visited // Wine + Eggs & beautiful Kneeland Co. Rarities

- Recipe Testing // Cakes! (in the meantime - cake, cake, more cake)

- Market Score // Fresh Shell Beans - Black Coco beans are plump, creamy and amazing!

- New to Me // this Miso from Hollywood Farmers' Market

- Back to School // Really loving this Gary Baseman class on sketchbooks & voice

- Wishlist // OISHII x Brightland Co. strawberry vinegar

- Video // made a little frittata video

- One sentence recipe // Goat cheese topped with this chile jam sprinkled with lots of chives served with crackers, pita chips, or anything super crunchy.

- Reading // I Used to Be Charming (Eve Babitz)

- Tomato Season // Bruschetta //  Rustic Tomato Tart // Roasted Tomato Salsa // TLT // Quick-Blistered Cherry Tomato Spaghetti // All the Tomato Recipes

Past favorites lists are here, here, here, and here!

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What is the name and recipe of the picture posted above (on the main page)? Thank you.


    No name quite yet Mahnaz - working on finalizing the recipe. Soon I hope!

    Heidi Swanson

I came looking for the cake in the photo, you little tease! :-) In the meantime we're enjoying the first good crop of apricots in a decade so it was tart with berries yesterday and coffee cake today. Love homemade celery salt, too and the roasted cherry tomato salsa I put in baggies in the freezer a year or so ago. Thanks for sharing your inspirations. You are inspiring!


    Soon Janet! And thanks for the note - enjoy the apricots!

    Heidi Swanson

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