Favorites List (11.27.15)

Favorites List (11.27.15)

In what has become an annual tradition, instead of a recipe, I'm posting a few favorite links as a counterpose to all the Thanksgiving festivities. xo -h

- He's Neutral

- To Cook: Lefse

- Big Sur Life

- These little glasses.

- Ten Best Weather Events in Fiction

- It Tastes Like Candle (video)

- Retreats & Workshops: This one & this one, or France in the summer with Aran

- Watching this

- Let nature take care of it

- The Perfect Palette

- Leslie Williamson + Brian Ferry

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Where is the picture at the top from? I'd love to buy a print.

HS: Thanks Niche - it's just a shot off my cellphone. Of the coast near Santa Cruz at sun rise a month or so back.


Beautiful picture!! Is that the Santa Cruz boardwalk?
And thanks so much for posting the Big Sur piece :) Was so fun collaborating with DD on that!

HS: Yes :) It is from a balcony at the Dream Inn. Hope to see you soon! xo


Oh goodness - my first comment ever because I really hope you're serious about the lefse! My Norwegian great grandma used to make it for us and it is the best food on earth. (Warm, with just butter - so so so good.) I'd love to try any version you come up with!!!


"Let nature take care of it"-- loved[!] reading this NYT post and i'm glad you are sharing it here. cheers:)


I love these lists--they are a delight. Thank you!


Seeing "He's Neutral" on your favorites list brought a BIG smile to my face! I've shared it with many friends and family too :)


What a great post. I thought i recognized my local wharf! Love reading your updates and making your recipes. The links to the NYT article and Korean tasters made my morning.Thanks for your upbeat lovely blog.


I dated a boy in college who took me home to North Dakota for Christmas one year and his family pulled out all of the Norwegian stops! The lefse was to die for! Even now I crave it.


Lefse is a must-try! Looks a little bit like lavash, but I really want to try the taste.


I'm so excited you want to try lefse! Christmas Eve is mushroom wild rice soup and lefse making/eating.


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