Favorites List (1.31.13) Recipe

A favorites list for January 2013 - lots of stories, and saag paneer, and soda bread, and shibori.

Favorites List (1.31.13)

Let's switch things up a bit with the favorites this time around. I'm going to put a few things out there, and I'd be incredibly thrilled if you leave a suggestion or two for me. Don't feel pressured, just throw it out there if you've come across something you were particularly excited about, Something you think I might like. Sound o.k? I'm turning the final pages of the book I'm reading, so any new book suggestions would be great. Podcasts? Yes please, I go through so many when I'm doing dishes or pre-packing for QK. What else? I'm always on the lookout for good documentaries and also cookbooks published outside the U.S. (I see most of the U.S. books), or music playlists. One last thing before we get to the list - for those of you who like to get the heads up - we're aiming to open the shop with new items(!), and a restock of a number of the items that sold through quickly last time...Monday morning, Feb 4. at 8:30 a.m. PST. I posted little glimpse here. xo for now -h

- Shibori DIY

- To visit.

- Watching this | Reading this

- Todd Selby | Michael Harlan Turkell (scroll to bottom to listen) &(!) another Selby link with Nancy Singleton.

- Have to try this version: Chard Saag Paneer

- Cardoons.

- To visit!

- Flickr is still great.

- Ethereally Smooth Hummus & Tassajara's Cardamom Lemon Soda Bread

- A Day in India

- APM : Discovering Leonardo ("listen now" link, bottom left column)

- Pages and pages of What I Read.

- Continuing the ongoing discussion about marble...(more here)

- Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan

- Veg. bentos from Peko-Peko

Lead photo: This time last year, through the window of Du Pain et Des Idées in Paris - it was closed, and it was very cold, so I walked down the street and sat in the sun next to the frozen river to try to warm up a bit.

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Anything and everything by PG Wodehouse. I'm with Tony Blair who envies anyone who hasn't started in on Wodehouse and has all that joyful chuckling to unleash.


I am trying my hand at cheesemaking lately, and paneer is next on my list. I just bought a boatload of spinach, kale and rainbow chard to use in your saag paneer recipe. I'm so glad I read this first because I probably would have thrown the stems away! Also - I love the shibori DIY. I'm not sure I have much to add to your favorites list, but if you have not checked out the blog at rootsimple.com (particularly the domesticus section), you might really like it. Root Simple and 101cookbooks are hands down my top two favorite blogs.

Anne Marie

Thanks for your tips, tidbits, and suggestions! There's a great little cookbook based on a Pasadena bakery: Little Flower, Recipes from the Cafe. Reading it will make you feel like having an Americano, crusty bread, and a bowl of curried lentil soup. Also, I'm reading the book, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio with my 6th graders - amazing story, great book. Enjoy!

Jill @ 42potatoes

good morning, beauty, have you seen these yet? http://vimeo.com/53600194 they're wonderful "The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating."


I LOVE the Marriage Bureau for Rich People series by Farahad Zama. They're set in Vizag, on the southeast coast of India, and are a little like the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency only with wedding plans, not mysteries.


I have been cooking my way through Ottolenghi's, "Jerusalem", which I know you already love. Bill Granger's cookbook, "Easy" has been wonderful too. We recently watched "Sleepwalk with Me." Really funny. Also read the essay, "Joy" by Zadie Smith. Love her. And totally unrelated to food, J Crew's Vintage Pajamas and Sabon's Patchouli Lavender Vanilla body scrub have made me look forward to a bath and bed every night.


Two book recommendations: Non-fiction - I'm currently enthralled by The Spirit Catches You and Then You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman. It's an older book, but worthwhile if you haven't read it yet. There's a fair chunk of history of the Hmong people and the focus is on clashes between culture and the healthcare system. Fiction - Mr Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore. Highly recommend.


Heidi, have you read Jonathan Franzen's Freedom? It's on the longish side, but it's a totally compelling, character-driven portrait of middle-class life in America.


I'm happy to share one of my favourite cookbooks of last year - Market Chronicles: Stories & Recipes from Montreal's Marché Jean-Talon by Susan Semenak. I love it!


Hi Heidi - on the book front, I'm a big fan of Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake (and lots of food in that novel too); on podcasts, I can't beat In Our Time, a BBC Radio 4 programme which makes me feel more intelligent; current favourite comfort food is Mujaddara (http://food52.com/recipes/8565-mujaddara-with-spiced-yogurt); and a favourite blog is cookbookamonth.wordpress.com. I'm heading to New York in March, where my favourite places are the high line walk, union square and chelsea markets. I'd love to know your favourite! Also, currently loving a few easy recipes from Rachel Allen 'Easy', an Irish recipe book.


'Risotto with nettles' by the Italian queen Anna del Conte... ...or non-food related, 'Natasha's Dance,' a cultural history of Russia by Orlando Figes. But my pile of un-read to-read must-read books is literally hip height, so I can't be tempted by any more! Happy weekend xx


Ru by Kim Thuy is a beautiful book. Also Hannah Georgas is a great Canadian Indie artist.


Just watched "The World Before Her" - Canadian doc. set in India. Recommended by a Canadian married to an Indian living in Brunei

Nadine Isaiah

Hi, Listen to 'Bobby Long'. His first album 'A winter tale' is great! If you like folk music, you will love it.


After seeing Les Miserables the movie, I FELL IN LOVE with the story and decided to read the book. I was quite surprised to find that the book is fantastic and delves even deeper into the very human issues that the movie deals with. I was especially impressed by the quality of the writing (it is superb) as often things get lost in translation and over time. Its kind of a large undertaking (this book is so big that I use it as a yoga block) but I would recommend it!


"Sailing Alone Around the Room" by Billy Collins is a wonderful book of poetry. It's contemporary, but not super modern, which can be a nice change. this had a big impact on me as a dancer.


What a lovely list. Really excited to start Behind the Beautiful Forevers! When you're finished with that...I just recently read Black Dogs, by Ian McEwan, and it is fantastic. A truly riveting read.


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