Grilled Tofu & Soba Noodles Recipe

Soba noodles and grilled tofu tossed with a garlic-cilantro dressing. I prepped all the components for this ahead of a camping trip, but you could take the same approach for a quick, mid-week lunch if camping isn't your thing.

Grilled Tofu & Soba Noodles

As promised, a few more camping photos, as well as the recipe for the grilled tofu and soba noodles I made the second night out. As I mention down in the recipe head notes, aside from grilling the tofu, I prepped everything before we left for Salt Point State Park. The pre-cooked soba noodles hung out in the cooler in a plastic bag next to the garlic-cilantro dressing, which stayed bright green, ready to go in a little jar. It worked out great, dinner came together in no time, and for the most part I could sit around and read, or wander about with my camera.

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

This (above) wasn't far from our campsite. Just a walk down the hill. You can't see them here, but there were seals lounging around on rocks just off-shore, and seagulls cherry-picking stranded critters out of the tide pools. A walk in the opposite direction led to Gestle Cove, a protected area, where we sat with the sun setting behind us, looking at all the different seaweed, driftwood, and rock shapes washed up on the beach.

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

If you find yourself in that neighborhood (Sonoma/Mendocino coasts), but aren't necessarily the camping type, I also love the Mar Vista Cottages. We stayed there last year for a couple nights. Each cottage has a kitchen, and you can pick fresh produce from the organic garden to cook with. Fresh eggs from the hens on the property are delivered by basket each day. It's a great base to explore that part of the coast.

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

A number of you were asking about past camping trips. This adventure to Whiskeytown Lake in Shasta County was particularly painful memorable. Aside from that, I posted a few cooking/camping links a few years back. And for those of you who missed the last write-up, here's the Soup au Pistou on the dinner menu the second night we were there. I have to say, as much as I enjoy camping on occasion, I do feel the need to balance them out with slightly posher get-aways ;)...

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

So, now it's my turn to throw things back in your direction. What's your all-time favorite camping memory, best meal, or absolute favorite campground?? If you had to pick just one to share. Looking forward to hearing some of your stories. -h

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Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

I'm going to write this recipe the way I made it. In preparation for the aforementioned camping trip. Meaning, I made as many of the components ahead of time as possible. I cooked the noodles the day before, and made the dressing the day prior as well. The only thing we actually cooked onsite was the tofu, which was grilled on this camping stove (which is pretty great). And as I'm sure you can imagine, even if camping isn't your thing, pre-cook the tofu ahead of time as well, and you'll have a nice work week lunch.

12 ounces / 340g dried soba noodles
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus a bit more for the tofu

16 oz / 450g extra-firm tofu, drained and patted dry

3 medium cloves garlic
scant 3/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
3 small/medium shallots
3 small serrano peppers, minced
1 bunch (about 4 handfuls) of cilantro, stems trimmed
1 teaspoon natural cane sugar (or brown sugar)
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
3/4 cup / 180 ml extra-virgin olive oil

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Salt generously, then cook the soba noodles per package instructions, being mindful to not overcook them. Drain, run under cold water for a minute, shake of as much extra water as possible, then toss well with the olive oil. Gently work the olive oil through the noodles. Place the soba in a large plastic bag and refrigerate overnight, or until you're ready to use them - up to a few days.

Make the dressing using a mortar and pestle OR a food processor. I used the m&p which takes a while (and provides quite the arm workout), but I prefer the end result. Pound the garlic and salt into a paste, then work in the shallots one at a time, then the peppers. Then the cilantro a handful at a time. The mixture should be quite smooth. Add the sugar, then the lime juice before stirring in the olive oil a bit at a time. Taste and adjust the flavors if need be - more salt, sugar, lime juice, etc. using the processor? Just blend it all together, then tweak the flavors a bit if needed.

Cut the tofu into slabs (see photo), rub gently with olive oil and place on a medium-hot grill. Cook until golden brown on one side, flip, and grill the other side as well.

To assemble, toss the soba noodles with a good amount of the dressing, reserving enough to drizzle generously on top of the tofu. Place the tofu on top of the noodles, and drizzle with more dressing.

Serves 4 - 6.

Prep time: 20 minutes - Cook time: 20 minutes

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!

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Love the camping inspiration!! I am an avid fan of gourmet cooking at the campsite. Best food experience....definately had to be our annual all girls backpack trip a few years ago. We went to Arivaiapa canyon in AZ - totally protected area with only 30 people allowed in a day. You are in water and shade canopy and look up at desert canyon walls - truly magical place. My friend Jen and I decided to backpack in sushi!! We prepped all the fillings, including the rice and then rolled everything at camp. So fun, yummy, and a delectable treat after a long day of backpacking!!


Looks amazing and so impressed with the food you're making while camping!


Love, love, LOVE this recipe! I have everything but the serranos, too, so I can definitely make this for the weekend. Thanks, Heidi! PS - that photo is stunning, as are all of your shots. :)

Kimberly @ Poor Girl Eats Well

I really enjoy your recipes. Living in Taiwan, I find recipes like this one are perfect after a long day at work. I can get freshly made tofu by going out to the evening market near my home! Thanks!


This looks delicious! Can I ask you though, is there a trick to keeping tofu from sticking to the grill?


I looove salt point. I had 4th & 8th grade class overnight field trips there, and my family went there a few times as well. Our annual camping trip is always to the trinity alps area where we stay in a small basic campsite near a swimming hole. Perfection. Our camp food basically consists of tacos, tacos, and tacos. Nothing like fresh veggies wrapped in a corn tortilla with beans and cheese. We eat dozens and dozens of these, especially after working up an appetite hiking and swimming.


Love this recipe; you can't go wrong with grilled tofu...I love it! Thanks Heidi.

The Healthy Apple

My favorite camping memory so far was the Kern river. Did some tubing, made mango/pear/goat cheese quesadillas and that's where the seed of my 10 year relationship with my boyfriend was planted. He was just so...nice. A far cry from the douchebags I was used to:) We're going camping this time to Two Harbors which is the other side of Catalina Island. Going with a big group and camping right on the beach. Boating, snorkeling and possibly diving. Have a feeling this will take the mantle as my favorite camping trip. Thanks for the recipe. Definitely making that and will search your other posts too!

the French

Lovely pictures, that make me that much more excited for our upcoming camping trip to the coast this summer! *Favorite memory~ Last year, (camping spot- Bodega Dunes, in Sonoma), we woke the kids up early quickly got ready, then drove out of Sonoma and into St. Helena, in Napa, stopping at a wonderful coffee house- -for a quick breakfast. We went to the farmers market in St. Helena (held every Friday), bright and early still (so we felt like locals:)), bought some beautiful produce, cheese and other delectables, then let the kids play in the attached playground. Made a few stops on the way home, including a brick oven bread bakery for some fresh bread- -and went back to the campsite and prepared a fantastic "homemade" [fresh and local] meal! ...a epicurean day:).

Torrie @ a place to share...

Your campaign food is MUCH more goregous than mine, no to mention my camping dishes are rarely that pretty.


A section on the site for camping-friendly recipes would be great - these are so creative!


Just back from a month of camping in Nova Scotia. The provincial parks are outstanding, especially Five Islands and Blomidon. Being vegetarians made eating a trick. I often picked up precooked basmati and made a stir fry from what I could get at the farmers markets, asparagus, beet greens, spinach.I was able to buy organic carrots at most groceries. Did find some great vegetarian restaurants in Wolfville.

emily keel

Hi Heidi, I think that you have a fantastic blog!! 3 years ago I was searching for a vegan quiche and stumbled upon the Spinach-Mushroom Quiche post on here and it has become a family favorite in my home :) I'm actually making it for Father's day this weekend upon popular demand :) Anyway, I just wanted to take the time and introduce myself and I am officially following your blog now. Thanks for sharing so many great recipes and stories :D Kiki


Wow! I would enjoy camping a lot more if I had food like that while I was "roughing it"


Inks Lake in Texas is just an hour from me, but when I arrive I feel 100 miles from home. My favorite dish to make while camping is "camping doughnuts," they are fabulous and terrible for you. See my how to here: Mandy

Home with Mandy

Most memorable camping trip ever was in the Fall 2008 in Comanche National Grasslands where there are dinosaur tracks. Highlights of the trip include tarantulas in our campsite, being pummeled by rain, severe storms including lightening, our tent blowing into cactus and finally trying to get our friend's Outback unstuck from the mud for several hours. Then there's the time we treked the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu. . .

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

Hi! Thanks for recipe, and the photos are so impressive. I like noodles with garlic. I think this recipe will be so delicious ;)


Beautiful pictures, as always!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Annie D. @ Annie's Simple Life

My Japanese grandmother bought me some soba's and I've been needing ideas for them, thanks! I also found a good-looking recipe in Bon Appetit recently.

A Teenage Gourmet

Last summer my husband and I took our then two-year old daughter on her first camping trip, on the beach at Cape Hatteras, NC. She was so awed by the starry night sky (including an ethereal, haloed full moon) that we had to wait for her to fall asleep before putting her in the tent. The look on her face, though, when she woke up the next morning to the sounds of seagulls and lapping water and the realization of where she was slowly made its way across her face - pure magic. We're taking her camping in the Appalachian mountains this summer, hopefully it will be just as memorable!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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