Homemade Celery Salt

Homemade celery salt couldn't be easier to make. I keep a bottomless jar of it on hand and use it on just about everything - eggs, soups, salads. It's hard to go wrong with it.

Homemade Celery Salt

A number of you requested I post about making homemade celery salt. It's great. I mean it. You should make it too. If you make some each time you buy a bunch of celery, you end up with a bottomless jar of celery-spiked salt. And this way, minimal celery parts go to waste, except the celery strings - my suspicion is there won't be many tears shed over that.

How to Make Homemade Celery Salt

How to Use Homemade Celery Salt

So many ways! Celery salt is good on buttered corn-on-the cob, green beans, in soups, in yogurt, sprinkled over eggs. It's great on things like macaroni salad, or egg salad, this shaved fennel salad, or this buttermilk farro salad. I bet it'd be great on Sara's Green bean salad, or Deb's Israeli salad. You get the idea.
How to Make Homemade Celery Salt

The Key to Buying the Right Celery

Here's the catch. You have to find celery with leaves still intact. You'll likely have more luck at farmers' markets, but I've noticed more and more grocers sparing celery leaves from the trash. Also, leaves hide. You'll find more and more as you work your way from outside stalks to inside ones.

I make other salts on occasion too - a citrus salt version comes to mind. Also, one with herbs de Provence. Have fun experimenting!

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Homemade Celery Salt

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I've made celery salt with a number of different types of salt, and the flaky, whispers of Maldon sea salt is my current favorite. The shards are similar in size to the crumbled celery leaves, which works nicely. With some of the finer sea salts, you get more separation. Which is not what you want.

  • Leaves from one bunch of celery
  • flaky sea salt (see head notes)
  1. Pick the leaves from each celery stalk, leaving the stems behind. The outer leaves tend to be dark green and hearty, the inner leaves pale green and tender. I use them all.
  2. Rinse the leaves with cold water in a strainer, then shake off as much of the water as you can. At this point you want to dry the leaves as much as possible, so they toast (not steam) when you cook them. Gently pat them dry in a clean dish towel, or paper towels. Once dry you have two options for toasting the leaves.
  3. If I have a lot of leaves, I arrange them in a single layer on a baking sheet, then bake in a 350F / 180C oven for about 5-7 minutes. Bake until dehydrated and crispy, but not browned.

  4. If I have fewer leaves, or just don't feel like heating the oven, I'll throw them in a large skillet. Single layer if possible, over medium-low heat. Again, you want to barely toast them, not brown the leaves much.

  5. In either case, when you're done cooking. Remove from heat and let the leaves cool completely. They'll crisp up even more at this point. When cool, use your fingers to crumble the leaves completely, discarding any leaves that aren't crispy.
  6. Combine equal parts celery leaves and salt in a jar, and either stir or shake to distribute the celery leaves evenly throughout.

Roughly 1 cup. But yield depends on the amount of leaves.

Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins
If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!

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Wow so simple and I'm sure much tastier than purchasing the jarred versions. Thanks for posting. This will be fun to create!

Vicki Bensinger

An awesome idea! I shall try it with lovage leaves as my garden lovage plant is taller than I am and the flavour is more intense than celery. I think simply air drying the leaves would work too as I generally do this for winter storage (as well as freezing some entire stalks for soups). Unless you buy organic celery, it tends to hold a lot of the pesticides used in growing. All the more reason to grow your own lovage plant and use that instead. it requires no presticides.


OK, now I know what else to do with the celery-herb plant in my garden! Not sure the name (it was here when we bought the house), but the leaves taste like celery, but the stems are just spindly things.


Will have to try it,I just bought celery salt yesterday :(


Heidi, I've never really figured out celery salt, but in the last couple years I've experimented growing celery in our backyard vegetable garden. Our has never grown those long, thick stalks, but I experimented last fall (which comes early here in Minnesota) by making sort of a celery broth after the crop froze in the garden, then froze the broth in ice cube trays. Home-grown celery has a wonderfully powerful flavor, so it's been any easy way to throw a bit of celery punch to soups and stews with a couple "celery cubes." Cheers!


This time of year my mortal & pestle are hard at work with herbs & Salts.........I am happily reminded that sometimes..........dried has it's place! There is a wonderful dried Oregano from Italy that is pungent and dusty......and dried!! I love to use it. Hard to find ....imported and worth it.........! Luv those Herbs any way they come.

keli aiello

I make a seasoning with celery - sun dry celery stalks with fresh red chillies. Dry grind in mixie. Makes an excellent seasoning for soups, bakes and dips. Besides, each time the seasoning tastes different.


I can already tell what I will be giving at Christmas time, all sorts of goodies from this fabulous website, and this salt will be one of the main items in the basket.......Thanks for such wonderful ideas!!


A great idea :D Finally something I can do with the enormous bunches of celery leaves I have left over. I know what I will be doing with my latest bunch of celery tonight!

Ally @ omnomally.com

wow, this is a great idea, i literally would never have considered making my own, but it sounds totally achievable.. (Damn, i through some celery away earlier that still had a lot of leaves on!) Katie


I'm growing celery in the garden this year so have PLENTY of leaves! Will try this out.


Heidi, these photos are amazing. Possibly some of your best? Totally beautiful. Im going to make this celery salt to to go in my ultimate bloody mary this weekend.


My mother in law taught me to save the leaves of celery and lay them out to dry for a few days on a paper towel on the kitchen counter. Once completely dry, they can go in a jar in the pantry and be added to soups, stews etc. (the leaves seem to be the most flavorful part of celery). It never dawned on me to use them for homemade celery salt though. I'm excited to try it! (I think I'll try the pan toasting too. Seems like it would add another dimension of flavor.)


What a great idea Heidi. I've made celery salt often with the seeds, but would lever have thought of drying out the leaves to incorporate them instead. This just opens up all sort of doors in the dried leaf/herb + salt world. Love it, thanks! HS: Thanks Brenda - hope all is well on your end. xo

Brenda Crow

Thanks for sharing this how to. It would be fun to make as gifts too!

Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather

Never thought of making celery salt. Thanks so much! Now I am inspired to see if the same method can work for mint salt or basil salt, etc...


Dried mushroom salt, shiitake for example. Delicious!


I really like the idea of using the celery leaves to make celery salt (which I use constantly). It's such a great way to make "total" use of celery -- rather than just the stalks for stocks and broths and/or for munching on raw.


wow, what a fantastically quick....and yum recipe.

Kiwi guy

Wow, wow, wow. I LOVE the idea of making my own kitchen staples like this. I have never used celery salt much, but the idea of making my own is so cool I will start just for that reason!


Sounds like it would be great on shirred eggs, too. Thanks for the inspiration and the recipe.


I am salivating as we speak. Yum. That egg on waffle with the salt on top ...ouff.

Oana from dishchronicles

How clever! What a great way to eliminate waste and make something useful.


I am always looking for an alternative celery salt, of which the ingredients I can pronounce, especially it is bloody mary season! Thanks!

Chandra Paton

What a delicious idea and perfect for a little gift set of different flavored salts in used baby jars. I knew I was saving those things for a reason.....


I have a terrible time using up bunches of celery. Maybe if I use the leaves, I'll feel a little better about having to toss out sad, limp stalks next time. Thanks for sharing, Heidi. By the way, do you know for about how long this salt will keep?


I once ate lots of celery to reduce my blood pressure. It worked, and since it's no longer a problem I'd love to try this recipe. I've used lavender, mint and sundried tomatoes in salt, why not celery? Thanks for the recipe.


I once ate a ton of celery to reduce my blood pressure. (If you google it, you'll see how amazing celery is). It worked, too. This is an interesting combination with salt as a flavoring. My blood pressure is no longer an issue so I think I'll try this one.


I absolutely love the recipe and the photographs, you do an amazing job with your blog! I always try to find celery with the most leaves on, as I use everything in all recipes!! I also cook/steam celery as a vegetable which is done more in Europe than here in America. I will be making some celery salt, I have already done several bunches int he dehydrator for winter use.

Mitchell Webster

Love this idea! I have always used up my celery leaves, and just love the flavor out of them. It's very underrated by people! Would love to do this with a Bloody Mary like Kazia said, great idea!


thanks for posting the recipe! something else i like is lemon salt, similar preparation with dried lemon zest!


Perfect. Have the ends of a celery stalk in my fridge right now. Plus I haven't been able to buy it anywhere (in UK) and I love it with quail eggs. We have put gomasio on the menu of our cafe this summer. Toasted sesame seeds ground with maldon seasalt ( paired with toasted sourdough, rapeseed oil, avocado and fresh tomato for breakfast) simple but yum


This would be so great in a Bloody Mary! Thanks for the recipe.

Kazia Jankowski

I LOVE celery salt! And it's great on homemade popcorn!

Cat K.

Hi Katie, do try to save those limp stalks of left over celery and add them finely chopped into your soups and stews. If you have enough of the stalks finely chopped and you decide to freeeze, then once yu have collected enough then you can make a cream of celery soup. Happy cooking.


How cool is that?! I love finding easy, tasty little tricks like this that I never would have thought of. Thanks!


This receipe is great. Possibly think about doing your next book on this subject. As for a different type of "celery salt", I like mixing citrus zest in my cooking . It adds a zing and a twist and makes people going hmmm... what is that. Try different oranges, lemon, lime and a tiny bit of grapefruit. If the zing is a bit much and small drizzle of honey balances the dish.


my favourite flavoured home-made salt is a Tuscan version, made with garlic, rosemary, sage and black pepper. We rub it on meat, it's great on roasted potatoes!

Juls @ Juls' Kitchen

Hi thanks for this brilliant idea Hidi! I love to use celery leaves for homemade boillon or for a quick pesto recipe (celery + celery leaves and pine nuts + ricotta and parmesan...) nothin' should ever be wasted! The celery salt is a quite new recipe to me, so i'll try it sooner or later (have to find the flake salt though...) kisses...


Love this! What a delicious way to season a summer tomato sandwich.

molly @ mollys menu

I LOVE this. I LOVE celery and salt. What a better idea then to make your own. Drool :)

Nicole Franzen

This recipe is brilliant. I used celery leaves for the first time a couple of years ago and now throw them into salads, etc.. I am so excited to have this recipe to add to so much more. I'm going to make this today. I can hardly wait. Awesome.


Lovely idea, could you dry the leaves in the sun I wonder?


I absolutely love the fresh taste of celery seed in most cold summer sides but never buy celery salt as it always seems so synthetic tasting. I NEVER considered making my own celery salt. I will absolutely be making this pronto. I've been reading your blog for years and have started visiting a nutritionist. Your blog and books... especially Super Natural Ever Day have helped turn what could've been thought of as a punishing limiting diet into an exciting new challenge and rediscovery in the kitchen. Your recipes have made this journey delicious.


I adore it. I tried it in Belgium, they served us with cheese and beer. I'll try your recipe very soon. Thanks as usual. I've also received your last book. It's wonderful and rich of inspiration as the first one. Brava!


There's this great little herb & spice merchants in a pocket of Melbourne, I recently bought their Tahitian vanilla salt ~ need to get into the kitchen and try it out. The shop has so many interesting salts, sugars, herbs etc, it would suit you actually - I think Melbourne needs a visit from you, h!


Fantastic. I love the simplicity. Sea salt is my variety of choice as well - higher mineral content and although not as coarse as kosher salt, I love the variation in colour in the non-altered types.

Inspired Edibles

such a cool idea! this is one of those things you never really think of making a homemade version of but then i'm sure the second i try it i'll be kicking myself for not doing it before :)

Heather (Heather's Dish)

I've always wanted to make this! Thanks for the recipe!


Love this idea and always enjoy looking at your pictures.


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