Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

A blitz of lunch ideas and recipes to keep you out of that midday rut. A bunch of favorite lunch links to make lunch life easier and more inspiring!

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

There are so many great lunch ideas here! Technically, we're talking more than ten, but you get the idea. Inspiration for stepping up to the everyday lunch challenge.

1. Easy Pita Lunch Ideas - (Love & Lemons)

Four brilliant pita-centric lunches I want to eat right now. Easy to pack in lunch boxes & quick to pull together. Think smashed avocado and sunflower seeds, and red pepper hummus with chickpeas. Get the recipes here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

2. Vegetarian Lunch Ideas: One Sauce / Three Ways - (101 Cookbooks)
Three on-the-go type lunches that don't require reheating based on a single favorite tomato sauce. Tweak the main sauce a bit day by day, and create a pasta bowl (day one), a lazy chana masala (day two), and a spicy dipping sauce for quinoa patties (day three). Get the recipes here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

3. Feeding Babies: Lunchbox Edition - (Sprouted Kitchen)
Really thoughtful post by Sara Forte on kid lunches. Lots of great ideas, and recipes to jump off from here. Kid-friendly, but I love some of these ideas for adults too! Scan the comments - some other great suggestions in there too. :) Lots of ideas here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

4. 13 Greatest Hits from Amanda Hesser's Kids' Lunches - (Food52)
I love this ongoing series where Food52 co-founder Amanda Hesser chronicles the lunches she packs for her twins. Lots of fantastic ideas and inspiration here w/ some great veg/vegan ideas threaded throughout. See the list here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

5. Cold Soba Noodles - (101 Cookbooks) -
The sort of thing I like to take on flights. Nearly everyone loves noodles, here they're paired with tofu matchsticks, and a favorite shallot-ginger paste. Looking at the shot now, I think I'll add some edamame the next time around. Get the recipe here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

6. Kids Lunchbox Ideas (+ Healthy Banana Date Orange Cookies) - (My Darling Lemon Thyme) - Emma has some great ideas here, bonused out with a delicious riff on one of my favorite cookies. Get the recipe here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

7. Rainbow Spicy Tofu Sushi Burritos - (Bojon Gourmet)
We make sushi burritos all the time, and Alanna's version is fantastic. You really don't need special equipment to make them, and everyone can put as much or as little of each filling as they want. Sushi burritos are travel-friendly, filling, and you don't need a plate or utensils to enjoy them. Get the recipe here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

8. Epic Tiffin Lunches - (Food Fun & Frolic)
Not a link to a recipe persee, but plenty of lunch inspo here. I love Delhi-based Hina's Insta-feed because of her tiffin lunches. Tiffin lunches are one of my favorite things (second only to thali plates). For example: this one, this one, this one, and this one. Follow Hina here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

9. Onigirazu / Rainbow Sushi Sandwich - (Potluck at Oh My Veggies)
Top of my to-make list, look at this rainbow beauty! Make it with brown rice or quinoa for even more nutritional boost. Get the recipe here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy

10. Super Onigiri - (101 Cookbooks)
And along similar lines - everyone loves onigiri! Make them with leftover rice and whatever fillings and seasonings you have on hand.Get the recipe here.

Ten Lunch Ideas that Spark Joy


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@ Nicole Mandel - it looks like a brand called "Nude Food Movers" out of Australia, I dug around that post and the info is in the comments there.


Heidi! How did you know I needed this post?? Getting ready to send my older one off to preschool with home-packed lunches and also trying to get my own act together. This looks perfect, can't wait to dig into these. I wonder how many readers out there started reading this blog before they had kids? If I had had one when I started reading, it would be starting 7th grade! :P


    I know! I've met a good number of these kids! Too crazy.

    Heidi Swanson

Those super onigiri and onigirazu are calling my name! Thanks so much for sharing my sushi burritos Heidi. <3

Alanna Taylor-Tobin

    xx Alanna! :)

    Heidi Swanson

Aw, thanks so much for including my recipe in this roundup! I wish someone would pack me ALL these lunches. ;)


Thank you for this post. Love it.


Thank you Heidi for the great ideas!!! For the love that all that is good would you mind telling me the brand name of the lunch container between #'s 6&7? It is exactly what I have been looking for!

Nicole Mandel

What a fabulous post and just in time for back to school season! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you, Heidi! Your site & cookbooks are my absolute favorites! The recipes are simple & surprising...and to top it off incredibly delicious! This post in particular is awesome and exactly what I've been craving! I've been in a lunch rut in terms of what to make for myself and this posting provides so much inspiration I can't wait to get cooking/prepping! Thank you again!

Audrey Smith

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