Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe

I'm going to argue that this is the type of soup that needs to be made to order. While many soups and stews get more complex and enticing after a day or so in the refrigerator, I don't find that to be true when it comes to soup of the broccoli variety. Am I alone here? Day-old broccoli soup always smells very strong (and not in a good way) and tastes overcooked, as if from a can. The good news is this version couldn't be simpler to make, and it's perfect for those times when I feel like I need something with a serious nutritional punch - say, the day after a sweet-packed Halloween. I give the soup a bit of an unexpected twist by topping it with golden, crunchy, mustardy croutons. Which you can skip, but I wouldn't.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe

Aside from the croutons, this soup likes crusty, toasted walnut bread, or olive bread. It likes a good sheep feta in place of cheddar if that's what you happen to have on hand, or a kiss of harissa whisked into a bit of olive oil. I know people like to pair broccoli with blue cheese. Personally, I find that to be over-powering, but if you really love blue cheese, that might be another direction to explore. If you have any other ideas, let me hear them - I make this soup often enough that I need fresh angles to work!

Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe

Look for deeply green, tight heads of broccoli. I typically avoid any heads that have yellowing florets or seem died out. If you like a slightly creamier soup, stir in a generous dollop of creme fraiche after pureeing. You can easily make this soup vegan by using olive oil and omitting the cheese/creme fraiche, and you can make it gluten-free by doing something in place of the croutons.

5-6 ounce chunk of artisan whole wheat bread, torn into little pieces (less than 1-inch), roughly 3 cups total

1/4 cup butter or olive oil (I like 1/2 and 1/2)
1 1/2 tablespoons whole grain mustard
1/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt

2 tablespoons unsalted butter or olive oil
1 shallot, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
1 large potato, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch cubes (1 1/2 cups)
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
3 1/2 cups light, good-tasting vegetable broth
1 large head of broccoli (12 ounces or 3/4 lb.), cut into small florets

2/3 cup freshly grated aged Cheddar, plus more for topping
1 - 3 teaspoons whole grain mustard, to taste
smoked paprika, more olive oil, creme fraiche (optional)

Preheat your oven to 350F degrees and place the torn bread in a large bowl. In a small saucepan heat the butter until it has melted. Whisk the mustard and salt into the butter and pour the mixture over the bread. Toss well, then turn the bread onto a baking sheet and bake for 10 - 15 minutes, or until the croutons are golden and crunchy. Toss them once or twice with a metal spatula along the way.

While the croutons are toasting, melt the butter (or olive oil) in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir in the shallots, onion, and a big pinch of salt. Saute for a couple minutes. Stir in the potatoes, cover, and cook for about four minutes, just long enough for them to soften up a bit. Uncover, stir in the garlic, then the broth. Bring to a boil, taste to make sure the potatoes are tender, and if they are stir in the broccoli. Simmer just long enough for the broccoli to get tender throughout, 2 - 4 minutes.

Immediately remove the soup from heat and puree with an immersion blender. Add half the cheddar cheese and the mustard (a little bit a a time). If you are going to add any creme fraiche, this would be the time to do it. Now add more water or broth if you feel the need to thin out the soup at all. Taste and add more salt if needed.

Serve sprinkled with croutons, the remaining cheese, a drizzle of olive oil, and a tiny pinch of smoked paprika.

Serves 4 - 6.

Prep time: 15 min - Cook time: 20 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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Woah - I think I managed to click on your website the very second this post went up. I was clicking back to check the ingredients for the Thai Pumpkin soup from your last post, when I saw this soup had been posted! Ok, this comment is a mouthful... anyways... YUM! I love broccoli soup and this one looks fresh and delicious.

Nora from in. Wellness

This looks like a good and hearty soup. I agree I enjoy broccoli soup the same day it is prepared, especially if it is in a creamy format. Thanks for the tip on the crouton!


This is one of my favorite soups!! It's really a treat when I eat it... so comforting! I've never made my own, I think it's time to give it a try!

Estela @ Weekly Bite

I make the broccoli soup from Anna Thomas' New Vegetarian Epicure. It tastes great the next day, and can even be frozen and taste great when reheated.


I think this week shall be The Week Of Soup. This, and the garlic soup from a while back, are calling my name. Thank you!

Susan Anderson

I make broccoli soup often and we love the leftovers. I know what you mean about it smelling strong, but I only notice that right after I take the lid off the refrigerated container---once the soup has been reheated, there is no smell...except for the good ones.

Mama JJ

This looks so delicious. I would like some right now, please...

I'm thinking this will make it into the rotation quite soon.

Carter @ The Kitchenette

I'm not usually a fan of broccoli cheese soup because it's generally too cheesy. This version looks delightful and I'm sure tastes the same. Not sure you can top the croutons, but could this soup be thickened to make a better macaroni and cheese?

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

You know, everything you photograph always looks so good - I want it immediately. Maybe it's all the Halloween candy I have consumed... I am so ready for something fresh and green. Hmmm. If only mine would turn out as beautiful as yours. Ah well... I can strive. I can strive.
:) Michaela

Michaela at The Gardener's Eden

i agree about the second day aroma. we made this chowder last sunday with mik and half the cheese. the monday lunch leftovers were very pungent.

can't wait to try your version.


This sounds lovely and nicely helps me use up the bit of broccoli I have left from our CSA box this week. I agree that anything savory sounds wonderful right now after the overload of candy.


Heidi - you are great! Here I am, still wholesaling tea, but I've taken my restaurant & youth teaching experiences into a local high school as their culinary arts "vocational" educator. I was stuck tonight trying to figure out what to make with my Tuesday afternoon class and voila - broccoli cheddar soup was on their list and I wanted to use a recipe without the "glop." This looks like it. Thanks so much for all of your inspirations - you keep cooking alive and engaging! All My Best, Alice

Alice Cravens

Soup sounds wonderful right now! That really looks so lovely.

Mrs. B.

This looks amazing - as always, nicely done!

Tabitha (From Single to Married)

This looks and sounds so delicious, will be putting it into this weeks list of recipes to try!


Oh yum! I cook with broccoli a lot-- I was one of those weird kids who had no problems eating anything green and strange-looking. I make a similar soup to yours; no cheddar, but I do use leek along with or instead of the onion. I love your idea of having the croûtons with mustard---I've never tried that before but now I really want to!


That sounds A.Ma.Zing. I love broccoli cheddar soup. Thanks for another gorgeous recipe!

christie @ honoring health

I adore soups this time of year, and this one looks like a delicious addition for my "to make" list. I made your Creamy Wild Rice Soup last night, and loved it!


I never thought about pairing this with walnut bread but that sounds amazing!

Simply Life

well this will sure be a step up from my current broccoli soup which is "blanch broccoli in salty water, then blend broccoli with some of the cooking water and eat with goats cheese on toast". :)

yours looks unfussy to make with ingredients all in my kitchen already. i'm sure it will be delicious as usual and there won't be any leftovers!


Looking forward to making this soup! My only question is do you really have to peel the potato? In terms of nutritional content, the skin is where the healthy stuff is.


I've always been addicted to Panera Bread's Broccoli Cheddar soup, but it's probably not the healthiest option. It's nice to know there's a healthy recipe here that I can make instead of ordering out for it.

Kari @ Eating Simply

Add another vote to the agree tally. Some soups and stews do get overly vegetal the next day. I have had a bias against broccoli cheddar soup because of overly- stodgy creamed versions, but yours looks wonderfully fresh.


Love the photo of just a snippet of broccoli - such a neat texture


This looks great - love to find ways to eat broccoli.
I have been experimenting with your green ginger soup - adding garlic and more stock. After I eat the first bowl as is, I puree the rest and let it sit. It definately creates different character as it rests.


mmm I love the idea of putting croutons on a broc-cheddar soup! These Bacon Croutons with shallots might be a delicious options as well!


Looks and sounds incredible! Can't wait to make this for dinner tomorrow. Always loved the combination of broccoli and cheddar... and Heidi's rendition is sure to be popular around here. I have no idea how you do it... but am I EVER glad I landed on this site several months ago.


I love cream of broccoli soup so this sounds heavenly. What a great idea on the croutons too.

nithya at hungrydesi

Agreed about day-old broccoli soup. Loses its vibrant color as well. Feel the same way about day-old green bean or aspargus soup. Thx for this recipe - was desperate for a dinner idea tonight and you saved me from take-out.


I've been looking for a go-to broccoli cheddar soup recipe for a while now and this looks perfect!


Sounds tasty! Love the crouton idea! I make a broccoli/leek soup (although sometimes lacking leeks I just use whatever onion family stuff I've got in the kitchen)-and accent it with creme fraiche blended with lemon juice and chives-it's nice to have the hot and cold contrast.


Sounds wonderful, as ever, but any suggestions on how to avoid the 'after effects' of broccoli?


2 things, it is actually called bleu cheese, and this soup looks great! I think I'll make it later on today.

Nick the cook

to avoid the aftermath of broccoli, steam it and then add to a small portion of the soup, and then save the rest of the soup separate from the steamed broccoli, and when you reheat in a pan, or microwave, just add a few florets and reheat! it is simple and great

Nick the cook

Both a shallot AND an onion in the same recipe? I would think the onion would so overpower the shallot that the extra cost of the shallot would not be a benefit (shallots are VERY expensive as compared to onions for my retired pocketbook, so please bear with my surprise). At least in my experience, standard onions (and I assume you mean yellow instead of white and not the sweet onions like Vidalia), standard onions tend to be clearly stronger flavored than shallots. Shallots are usually used, again, in my experience, in recipes where a stronger onion taste is not preferred; so mixing a mild-flavored shallot with a stronger-flavored onion-type can't help but puzzle me flavorwise in the same recipe. Does using both onion types together in the same recipe add a flavor dimension that you can actually distinguish from your soupspoon (I hope so!)?

I agree broccoli changes its flavor when the second day comes around and that this is not one of those recipes that would get better with time.


It's like you read my mind Heidi! :)


I love all the recipes you post. They all look so yummy and I've managed to make a few. I've been making the broccoli soup on Oprah's website for years and tastes even better the second day. My 3 yr old loves the soup. I'm going to try the croutons on top next time.

Elke Senden

I like a few finely chopped carrots and I use Chicken stock instead of Veg. broth..I find it bitter sometime..and if I want it thicker I add either dry mashed potato flakes or dried chicken gravy . and I use velvetta because it melts better..2% milk in this will make the soup curdle no matter how low your fire is..use whole milk..

Cynthia Smith

You'll get no arguments from me.
I often make broccoli soup and it never lasts until the next day.
And it's refreshing to find a broccoli soup recipe that is not loaded with processed cheese.
I think it defeats the whole purpose of trying to eat healthy.
This from someone who'll consume andouille sausage like it's a vegetable.


I forgot to say, one can of cheddar cheese soup and 2 cups of regular milk and chicken broth to thin one or two cups..I like a lot of soup.

Cynthia Smith

Oh my goodness, yum! This is my favorite soup!


Totally with you on the scent of leftover broccoli — and cauliflower and even certain cabbage — soups being less than appetizing. Sometimes I pre-steam broccoli and add it to each portion individually, avoiding the over-cooked leftover problem.

You could also roast the broccoli in tiny florets and get a yummy depth of flavor with some crunch.


I like to shred carrots into my broccoli cheese soup and cook just until tender. Really makes the soup beautiful and taste wonderful.


Yum! One quick tip, as I see above, make the whole soup recipe except for the broccoli. Just before serving, steam your broccoli, chop and add into your soup. Double yum, plus a very fresh green broccoli presentation!


A fantastic landing pad, as well, for leftover steamed (or, yikes!, oversteamed) broccoli, if you cook up a big batch to call supper, every now and again (we do!).


Thanks for the tip Nick the Cook! My poor plants can now be spared from wilting! Any tips on lentils (same issue...)?


One of my favorite soups! What a delicious recipe :)


Delicious! I can't wait to try this :)

Nutmeg Nanny

Looks delicious. I do know what you mean, broccoli can present a strong odor in the refrigerator after a few days.

I do like the blue cheese and broccoli combination. And 'blue' cheese is a perfectly acceptable English spelling for the French 'bleu' cheese (or should it be 'fromage bleu' if you want to be picky about French).

Don't think you'll convince Iowa's Maytag Dairy Farms to change the spelling to 'bleu' anytime soon ....

Family Cookbook - Denise

love broccoli soup - I often make it without any cheese and with a garnishing of smoked salmon cut un in stripes, added right in the bowl. It's also very nice with anchovies and grated pecorino cheese: omit the shallot and onion and go for a couple of garlic cloves instead; proceed as you do, omit the cheese and creme fraiche and stir some anchovies melted in olive oil. Finish off with grated pecorino. One last word: I've never been able to get my broccoli to soften in 4 minutes, it always takes me at least 10 minutes, unless the florets are really tiny.


I really love your photo of the soup. Great way to sell the recipe. :)


I saw this recipe today. I went out and bought the ingredients and I am eating a bowl RIGHT NOW. It is soooooooooooo good. The croutons are amazing. It tastes fresh and not too heavy. Perfect fall/winter soup. THANK YOU! ps-did I mention easy too?


Sounds absolutely wonderful! Something to make on those cold, clear nights. One question: I've noticed walnut bread mentioned in a few of your recipes, but I have never seen any directions to actually make it. It sounds yummy, but I was just wondering if you got it from a special place, or even made it yourself. Thanks!

I love your blog and your photos, and I love looking at the recipes (and making them too!!) Keep up the great work :)


I just made this for lunch. It's as yummy as it looks, people! You, too, can be slurping away in ten minutes...
We love ALL your soups, Heidi- thanks for sharing!


You are truly an artist with your photographs. This looks beautiful and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for posting!


I soooo agree that broccoli soup has to be eaten right away! It really becomes "stale"!!

Veggie Wedgie

i love this stuff and i love cooking, thanks for sharing

leo herrera

I don't know about other versions, of this soup, but I'm planning to use these wonderful sounding croutons on some Welsh Rarebit soup (with redskin potatoes, sharp cheddar, and beer).

On the side, some arugula salad with a sharp vinaigrette, roasted walnuts and beets.

As far as variations for you to try, I like to add potatoes and/or corn to my broccoli cheese soup. Cheddar kale soup might be good with those mustardy croutons as well!


The soup looks lovely, no doubt, but what I love the most here are your photos of the broccoli and garlic. Beautiful.


i love broccoli soup and i sort of agree that it's usually not so good as a leftover but i tend to have leftovers nonetheless since i cook usually just for me. i've tried the moosewood cookbook's broccoli and cheese soup and it was aweful so i'm looking forward to trying this one.


I made this tonight, and it was fantastic! 2 changes: I used cauliflower instead of broccoli; and topped it with your potato croutons (added mustard instead of garlic at the end). I had a loaf of olive-rosemary bread baking when I came across this recipe-- how perfect! It was a completely delicious dinner. Thanks!


we had this for dinner tonight with croutons made from a loaf of homemade gluten-free bread. it really hit the spot! thanks!



Maile (mylee)

I made this tonight- absolutely delicious. SO easy to come together and great flavour. This will be a go-to recipe from now on for quick, light eats. Thank you.

Koko Brill

Wow! I guess I know what I'm making tomorrow, then.... *drool*


Broccoli is one of my favorite veggies! This soup is nice for a weather that is cold!

bed frames

Your croutons and side suggestions sound wonderful--not to mention the soup itself!
Some friends of ours made broccoli soup with coconut milk. It was surprisingly good...and nutritious!

Erica from Cooking for Seven

I've been meaning to make a broccoli cheese soup for a long time now, so when I saw this recipe in my in-box I took it as a sign! I made a few changes and used a spicy brown mustard for the croutons but it was absolutely delicious! I'll have to let you know tomorrow if it smells or not :-D


What a great looking recipe. I LOVE this type of soup but I have never had a good recipe for it. This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!


Made this for dinner tonight. It was wonderful. I thought the smoked paprika was too strong but otherwise it was perfect.

txjeis fffrey

Wow, this is so perfect! I was just looking for something to replace my occasional broccoli cheddar soup that I get at Panera. I once made the mistake of looking at the ingredients for that online, and let's just say that there wasn't much in there that seemed natural. So I now I can make this instead!


When I think broccoli cheese, I think heavy. Your version looks good. I also like to make broccoli soup with pecorino romano and handfuls of basil.


Do you have any recommendations for making a "good -tasting vegetable broth"? I have given up with powdered stocks. I was going to make a huge pot and freeze small portions.


I made this tonight - delicious. The cheese flavor was more subtle than I expected. The garlic was distinct since it's not cooked long before the stock is added. Another flavorful dish that I will make again. This is the fourth or fifth soup recipe I have tried from this site and all have been delicious. I make the split pea and carrot soups regularly. Thanks, Heidi.


Beautiful photography, as always!
Throw some of those croutons in any soup and I'll eat it. :)

How much effort do you put into to keep the photo-style matching the website? Nice work.

Hungry Huy

I love the idea of mustard with broccoli. Where have I been? I'm going to try that tonight. Thanks so much for your inspiring blog.


Absolutely delicious, and my 4- and 6-year-old loved it as much as their parents. Two adults and two kids ate the whole batch!


I live in Glen Park & just love your blog! Every recipe I've tried from here is delicious and I love following the produce and ideas through the seasons.

I riffed off of this recipe last night, adding tomatoes & spinach, and not blending it at the end. I also left the cheese out to be added individually to each bowl when heated so that it would a couple of days without getting that weird broccoli-cheesy smell.

A totally different type of soup but nice when you want to cook one day and have dinner for two. :)


I have recently discovered the joys of broccoli soup, and ever since, I can't get enough! Can't wait to try your version...


I'm about to try something similar, but with cauliflower instead of broccoli. (I suspect I will need to figure out how to add a bit of color, though.)

Onepot @

From that photo I immediately had to know what the topping was! I could practically taste it through the picture. Mmmm

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

Popped in to say hi! This looks amazing!

Blond Duck

oh! oh! i was wondering what to do with the broccolini i have in the 'fridge. this sounds good.

Sherry H.

typically, I am not a fan of broccoli cheese "soup" because it is generally much more of a cheese dip with broccoli flecks. but this seems to be a wonderful version of actual soup. I am going to try it out asap. a million thanks from my belly for your good food and generous spirit.


I rather like just a head of broccoli, simmered in really good chicken stock, blitzed up and finished with extra virgin olive oil. Simplicity at it's very best.


I love that this soup is one of a million variations out there! I usually like to have some substance to my soup, so I set aside about two fists of broccoli florets and steam them up a bit to tender-crisp, then I throw them in after I've done the puree thing. I also like to add cream to the finish and garnish with cheddar cheese... not for the calorie-watcher, I know. I love the idea of your mustardy croutons.... keep the good ideas coming, Heidi!


This looks delicious


i love to use the stalks in this recipe.. i use the flowers for fresh chinese style then any leftovers i add to all the stalks.. two meals for the price of one..
i can't avoid 1 tbls of heavy cream at the end...


you are great!This looks like a good and hearty soup. I agree I enjoy broccoli soup the same day it is prepared, Thanks for the tip on the crouton!


I love you and your soup. It's that simple.


Love your blog! Made this soup the day after you posted it (I had all the ingredients already on hand, it was destiny...). The soup is FABULOUS -- and Heidi is right, the croutons are not to be missed. I accidentally over-baked the croutons by almost 10 minutes and was really worried that I'd ruined them, but amazingly they did not quite burn. They got very dark, but were still delicious in the soup (and even by themselves as a crunchy treat). On a side-note, my 3 1/2 year old son loved the soup too. He made it his "own" by dipping roasted cauliflower florets in the soup and had a grand time eating florets and soup together.

Julie L

I made this last night with my girlfriends while watching our favorite tv show. Huge hit. It is phenomenally good and I am now OBSESSED with putting mustard croutons on everything I eat. I love a soup that isn't thickened with cream. It makes you feel a tiny bit better about all the cheese!


I'd have to at least double, if not triple this one!!


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I made this soup today, and it was splendid! I started with my own homemade vegetable stock, and added an extra potato for heartiness. The mustard added a fantastic kick, and it was an instant hit with the whole family - even my 18-month-old niece! I will definitely do this again.

Olivia from Tempe

I just made this and it is AMAZING! It came together very quickly and my toddlers loved it too. This goes in the permanent recipe file. Thanks!


Your photo is so pretty! It can be tough to find a good broccoli cheddar soup and yours sounds like a great one!


That looks divine! I love broccoli soup, and this one looks delicious, easy, and flavorful. Can't wait to try it!

The Curious Gastronome

My daughter loves Broccoli, I would definetly make this one for her.

Asha Pereira

Heidi, are the potatoes essential to this recipe or are they basically a binder? I love broccoli cheddar soup but usually try to make it without potatoes so that it is fully broccoli-y and cheesey. I am not 100% sold on the version that I have been using so I will definitely try this.


Delicious! Maybe try some aged gouda or a manchego with it too?


what a beautiful blog!


We made this yummy, warming soup last night and LOVED it. I enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today.
Thanks Heidi for all the great recipes I've tried and yet to try. I never really was a fan of cooking, but since I found your site I find myself enjoying it....finally.

I made this hearty soup tonight and it really hit the spot. The entire family truly enjoyed it. Thank you Heidi for all the wonderful pictures you take and the impressive meals you share with us. Be well, live long and prosper!


Oh wow. My youngest loves broccoli, and my oldest loves cheese - hoping maybe I can get my oldest to actually eat a green veggie this way?

Seriously, this looks and sounds delicious. Can't wait to try it out.


My vegan twist to this recipe was to make it with coconut oil instead of butter and to use a tofu-based cream cheese substitute instead of the chedder and creme-fraiche. I served it with a healthy serve of cracked black pepper, some toasted walnuts and a splash of extra virgin olive oil. I've been eating it all day! Delicious.


i love broccoli and mustard and cheddar and croutons...
definitely giving this a try...
Thanks :)


I make Broccoli soup from scratch at least twice a month - the mustard is an intriguing suggestion. And I've never made my own croutons - tonight's the night.


Given the weather here I also started to do soup! we do not have cheddar but I bet that with some parmesan or even typical italian cheese your soup wouldbe try


I love all the recipes you post.This soup will add to new menu,,



Heidi, I just bought your cookbook and I'm in love! (even though I'm from the South and was raised on food that would probably make you cringe). I have since moved to Nor-Cal and am loving the lighter cuisine! Your recipes sound so delicious and I can't wait to get started cooking!


very very delicious at my place it took 4 days to find brocilli its rarely avaiable send some spinach soups


I tried this a little different way, as I happened to be in a pinch to make dinner.
Carmelized shallots in butter, a broccoli crown, cut up the florets and the stem too, added it to the mix, then poured in the chicken stock (that is what I had) and then cooked for about 10 minutes. Also added some alphabet soup-sized, tiny little pieces of pasta for my starch. Then, topped with shredded carrot, minced fresh garlic and store bought croutons. Since I don't have a blender, this was left chunky, which is fine, and I really preferred this without any fresh cheeses, just because that comes in my diet from elsewhere.
This took about 15 minutes to make. I also tried this soup with gorgonzola flavored crackers from Trader Joe's which was great too!


I just made this tonight...didn't have regular potatoes so I used a sweet potato and it seemed like it gave it a nice sweetness. Yum!


I've cut back significantly on starches, so I used cauliflower in place of the potato. I also added in a pinch or two of cayenne pepper along with the paprika. Meant to add some homegrown carrots but then forgot... still, delicious!

Oooh. Love the cauliflower idea.


I made this soup for dinner one night last week and ended up devouring the leftovers for the next two days at lunch. The mustard croutons are clutch. Amazing.


I made this soup last night. Substituted Leeks for shallots and used habanero jack cheese instead of cheddar...and then added some feta top. i ate this with a side of mushroom/walnut pate on baguette. It was the perfect cold evening dinner. mmmmm. thanks Heidi.

Elizabeth Howe

nice recipes, i like that

chef sandy

Thank you for all the recipes you post! This soup was such a big hit in our home, it is on our "regular recipes" menu now. It is surprisingly easy to make given the luxurious result. What a wonderful source this site is for the home cook... Thank You!

Valerie Consiglio-Nickerson

We made this delicious soup - sans potato - as part of my father's 81st birthday meal: wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


I just made this for dinner. Fantastic. It's absolutely going into my repertoire - I love how you managed to create a creamy, wonderful, comforting soup without the cream. Thank you!


we loved this soup and these croutons are totally addictive!


Any opinions about replacing the broccoli with fresh string beans. Broccoli is just not one of my foods. The soup seems delicious and from the comments I basically get the picture that it definitely is.


This soup was delicious - loved it! The croutons make it so much better too. At leftovers for 2 days as well... yum. Thanks!

Nicole H

I made this last night with some friends and it was a big hit! It's a miracle combo--seems rich and cheesy yet it's not too heavy. I used a bit of greek yogurt in place of the creme fraiche and it worked well. And yes, the mustard croutons are truly a stroke of genius!


Another hit, Heidi - you are now 3 for 3 (Carrot Soup, Tessajara Salad & this)!!! Thank you so much for these recipes - I've been trying to 'eat healthier', so you're an absolute godsend. Thanks for helping me understand that veggies don't have to be icky or boring! :)



I am new to your blog and I have no idea how I've lived this long without it. You are just like me! All of your dishes look amazing and they are exactly how I'd make them. You rock.

I thought I read that you live in the SF area...I do too but I've never seen spiders like that! Those are ridiculous.


very tasty...


LOVE this soup. It's practically impossible to find an easy version of this soup that doesn't involve something horrific like velveeta!

I will make this many, many more times!


This soup was delicious! Thanks so much for posting it!


I really enjoy a broccoli and blue cheese soup, but this looks good too. I find that autumn gives me cravings for soup-making. I have been making celery and blue cheese soup recently, and a simple and coconutty Asian-style soup.

Sarah (Fruits, Roots and Shoots)

Thank for the great recipe! I love your blog.


I recently got word of your blog through a friend and love, love, love it! Um, it is maybe a bit late for this comment, but I have made the mac and cashew cheese twice, and it's kind of addictive. It totally satisfies my craving for mac and cheese, but I also like the flavor of the cheese in it's own right (as opposed to it being a substitute). The second time I modified it by using xanathan gum in place of agar agar, and found that the cashew cheese kept it's texture nicely (it refused to melt after day 1 the first time around--not sure why, maybe the amount was off--but this works fine when the goal is for it to stay melted).


Heidi - this soup looks fabulous and I was so excited to make it for my family on this snowy, cold evening. I decided to add a bit more broth since I had some in my fridge. Unfortunately, I had stored the extra broth in the same exact kind of container in which I had stored some egg whites.

Suffice it to say we're scrambling for a different dinner now. My version of the soup - which turned out to be broccoli cheddar egg drop soup - looked completely vomitous!

I hope to try it again soon...thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!

Jennifer Federocko

I think asiago would add a nice flavor to Broccoli Cheese Soup.


This soup is incredible! Make it immediately and enjoy!!!


This is a wonderful soup! Such a hearty and lovely lunch. I'm topping it with a bit truffle oil, just for the extra fancy feeling :)


How is this vegan?

HS: Hi cb, if I mention in the head notes how to make the recipe vegan, I'll sometime tag it that way. Sorry for the confusion.


Well this is insanely good. I went with a sprinkle of smoked paprika and wow. Easy, fast, so perfect for wintertime.


This is perfect! I was just looking for something to make with the head of broccoli on my counter. This soup is just the ticket!

Jessica @ Demeter Made

Lovely! Made this tonight. Added some plain yogurt in place of the creme fraiche and a good squeeze of lemon as well. Like things tangy around here. :)
Great recipe, Heidi!



susan owen

I've made this soup several times since it was posted last month and it is always delicious! Each time I make it I end up making more and more, saving leftovers for lunch the next day. I haven't noticed a terrible smell and I thought it may be pungent after the third day of camping out in my fridge, but it held up really well.
Oh and those croutons are a must have. The little mustard seeds add a fun popping texture that can't be missed.
Thanks Heidi for adding yet another of your recipes to my regular repertoire.


Thanks for great directions. I totally agree that day old broccoli soup just tastes off. I'm sure some gruyere would also compliment this as a subsitute if needed.

Hollywood Private Investigations

I've made this soup twice now, except I don't do the croutons. It's a really great cream-less "cream" soup. You can also make it in half an hour, which is also a plus! I also added roasted garlic to my soup since I always have some laying around.

Susan Gumlock

Made this last night. Wow! So rich!
I also made it with a Vidalia mustard instead of a seaded mustard and I used a pumpernickle bagguette. The best croutons I have ever tasted.
Wow what a soup!
Thanks Heidi,
I may try and make it a bit thinner next time as it was so rich!


Sitting here shivering & wondering what to make for dinner on this grey, drizzly day and decided to poke around on 101cookbooks for ideas. I'm so glad I did! :) I think I chanced upon this recipe before but lacked the necessary ingredients and the motivation to go and get them--but today this hits a perfect storm of leftover Christmas food (broccoli, bread, Cheddar AND creme fraiche) and it will be perfect! Love this site Heidi, and all your recipes--I haven't ever been disappointed.


Delicious! I made this for dinner last night--leftovers were not a problem as my husband and I devoured the entire pot! I loved how creamy the soup was, without being too heavy. I also love any excuse to use my immersion blender :)


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