Coconut Broccoli Soup

Coconut Broccoli Soup Recipe

For the time being the QUITOKEETO studio has no kitchen. It has a warhorse of a sink with two of the legs truncated, but that's about it. If we want to expand our lunch options to warm or hot foods, appliances need to be involved. This has become a favorite topic of discussion. The question is: if you can only have three appliances, what are they? A hotplate seems to be the obvious first pick. A toaster oven and/or microwave also seem like contenders - but my argument is, we don't have either of those at home, so why would we have them at the studio? I'm lobbying for a wine refrigerator to stock with rosé for the summer, and a coffee grinder. This is a position that triggers much eye rolling. Jack thinks the waffle maker should live at the studio. While we figure out appliance #2 and #3, the hotplate was purchased, and made its efficient and unsexy debut this afternoon at lunch - reheating a pot of broccoli soup from its perch atop a beer garden bench. The soup - a simple broccoli and spinach affair - was made with coconut milk broth, double greens (broccoli & spinach), and was topped with good stuff like pan-fried tofu cubes, lots of toasted almonds, and shredded scallions.

Broccoli Soup RecipeBroccoli Soup RecipeBroccoli Soup Recipe

For those of you who like options: I blended the soup for dinner last night, so I could bring the leftovers to the studio in a jar for a quick reheated lunch. I think blended is the way to go, with broccoli soup, if you're going to enjoy leftovers. That said, if you're going to serve the soup immediately, you can play this soup entirely differently by leaving the broccoli florets whole - skip the blend. With the bright broccoli, and thin, white coconut broth, simply douse everything with a good amount of lime juice, and the soup takes on an entire (equally delicious) different personality - same toppings (tofu/almonds/scallions). Enjoy! xoh

Coconut Broccoli Soup

Because this soup has just a small list of ingredients, you want them all to shine. Look for deeply green, tight heads of broccoli. I typically avoid any heads that have yellowing florets or seem dried out.

1 14-ounce can of full fat coconut milk
3 cloves garlic, smashed

1 large yellow onion, chopped
1 small serrano chile, stemmed and chopped
2 teaspoons fine grain sea salt

4 1/2 cups water
2-3 large heads of broccoli (~1 1/2 lb.), cut into small florets
2-3 large handfuls of spinach

to serve: lots of pan-fried tofu cubes, toasted almonds, scallions, chive flowers (optional)

Scoop a big spoonful of thick coconut cream from the top of the coconut milk can. Add it to a large pan over medium-high heat. When hot, stir in the garlic, onions, chile, and salt. Sauté for a couple minutes, just long enough for everything to soften up. Add the remaining coconut milk, and the water, and bring to a simmer before adding the broccoli and spinach. Simmer just long enough for the broccoli to get tender throughout, 2 - 4 minutes. Immediately remove the soup from heat and puree with an immersion blender. Add more water if you feel the need to thin the soup out. Taste and add more salt if needed.
Serve sprinkled with tofu cubes, toasted almonds, and lots of scallions.

Makes a large pot - 8 servings or so.

Prep time: 10 min - Cook time: 10 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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Oh, I'm so with you on the coffee grinder. Though if you went with a handheld grinder, you could have all the benefits without using up an appliance. Something to consider :-)

Separately, I adore broccoli soup, but with coconut broth? Brilliant. I imagine an extra throw of broccoli could be added, and pulled just shy of done, and tossed back on top, for additional garnish. I also imagine toasty flakes of unsweetened coconut chip. And those almonds. And lime. And a bowl, right here, now. Please? Thank you!

HS: Love the idea of pulling some of the florets back to add after the puree - brilliant :) And yes please to toasted coconut!


Very excited about this recipe! Thank you for yet another gem heidi. X


I second the handheld grinder suggestion from Molly. Hot plate, wine fridge, and toaster oven. Because you have an oven at home but not at the shop. And if you are packing darling chive blossoms in little metal tins to eat at "work," well then, the wine needs a similar treatment. ;)


This is such a beautiful soup! I don't think I've ever combine broccoli and coconut before, but it sounds so completely lovely.

It's after 1am and now I want broccoli soup---yikes!

Rachael | Spache the Spatula

But if you got a coffee grinder... Wouldn't you need a coffee maker? Btw this soup is happening (probably today).
HS: I'm a French Press fan! ;)


This made my mouth water! I can just imagine how creamy it would be.....and healthy to boot. Thanks for the recipe and I hope you work out your appliance connundrum!


This looks fantastic! I made a coconut and cauliflower soup last week, and it was delicious :D This is a little different though, so might have to give it a shot.
I wish you all the best with Quitokeeto :D x

Jules @ WolfItDown

Toaster oven... because this is a very different setting than home where you have an oven. On a cold day, a lovely piece of warm toast with your soup ... yes! A wine fridge would be nice, a bit of a uni-tasker perhaps, albeit a nice one.


Wow -All I needed was to read the subject line of your email - - you had me at "coconut broccoli"! Yum.


I vote for the pink wine refrigerator!

Recipe looks yummy.


I love soup with coconut milk - I make a spicy butternut squash soup this way. I wonder how this broccoli soup would be served chilled? I'm going to try that for the summer :)

cat b

Wow...i've never thought of using coconut milk with broccoli...sounds delicious!


Here's another vote for the rose fridge!
I look forward to trying this soup - it sounds grand. Thanks!


I'm with you on the wine fridge, and you could actually put some cheese in there as well to go with your wine...a coffee maker grinder in one would be a good choice, could make tea as well and even hot water to rehydrate sun-dried tomatoes. I cooked while I remodeled my kitchen, we had a "garchen" a combo garage/kitchen. I had a hot plate, toaster oven, crockpot and rice cooker. Along with the BBQ grill, I was set!


Will be making this soon. All my favorite ingredients. Any tips on how to make nice crispy tofu cubes?

Hi Diane: Just throw the cubes into a wok or pan with a small splash of oil and tiny pinch of salt. Cook over med-high until they're nice and golden.


Further proof that you can make delicious food anywhere you are. Plus, take great photos of it, too! xo


can't wait to try this
and I vote for an electric tea kettle
(to go with the French press coffee) and for tea…


When I looked at the title I thought that coconut and broccoli sounded like a crazy idea...well...I thought again! I'll give it a go at the weekend, ;)


LOVE the greens combination! I definitely vote for the wine refrigerator. At the end of the day, smashed grapes nurture the soul, celebrate, and add to creativity that abounds in your new space! Check out 'small combo oven' with convection, broiler, toaster all 'built-in'. Bonus: 'on shelf' footprint is small!


Heidi, we also eat together at our little fiber mill. An outdoor kitchen is on our wish list for our next location. For now we have the requisite hot plate but more often use crock pots to reheat soups or even veggies like mashed potatoes. We also use a griddler for toasted sandwiches, pancakes and grilling.


Yum, coconut milk--it seems that stuff makes almost any soup better. This one looks delicious, I love the idea of the tofu "croutons"

Catherine @ Chocolate & Vegetables

What a gorgeous soup! And such a fun recipe. Love this!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

If I may, here are my induction hot plate and a small counter-top convection oven. I've found both at places like Tuesday Morning or Bed Bath and Beyond for reasonable prices. My convection is also a toaster that holds a 12-inch pizza pan and that's very convenient. You can grind coffee at home...but I predict you'll be getting that wine cooler! :)


Where can I get bowls like that?


Would you be offended by the idea of a crock pot? Then you'd have dinner ready when you got back home....

HS: Not at all opposed to a foray into crock pot land!

Marcia Lusk

I feel like the blended version would have a better texture. Which version do you like better?

HS: They're both great! Entirely different though. You can always try the unblended route, and puree the leftovers...

Angel Reyes

Toaster oven is key. How do you live without this, even at home? Do you warm up the whole oven every time you want to toast bread or reheat a slice of pizza? And in a workplace where there is no oven, it's indispensable.

HS: Hi Kristin - I typically throw things under the broiler....


A wine fridge certainly can do double duty storing assorted ziploc bags of lunch items. Hey, there's an energy crisis war on and not a single square inch of fridge cold should go to waste. The Rose wine will survive sharing the cold with the food bags :)


The three appliances I couldn't live without is my gas stove, double oven, and fridge. Soup made with coconut milk I've found to be very tasty -- and the ingredients should be simple. I really like the addition of the serrano chili.

Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

Do you think mushrooms (sliced, roasted) would go well for a smokey flavor?

HS: Absolutely! - especially as a topping.


This is looks delicious! It is just perfect coming into winter! Especially with my love of coconut and broccoli (:

Nicole Alexander

Will this be a shop that anyone can pop into? Or a work studio for you to design, pack, ship etc...?

HS: Hi Holly - hopefully, all of the above! We'll definitely have be open at various points for people to come by, but haven't worked out the details of what that might look like quite yet.


How does one shred scallions? Thank you!

HS: Hi Nina! Just slice them razor thin on a deep angle, so they become somewhat feathery.


Just bought a small convection/toaster oven, I simply LOVE IT. Was not very expensive and I'm so surprised at how well it works. I'm not even using the microwave to reheat things anymore.


Talk to the people at 20 Spot, on, you guessed it, 20th. They have a very minimal kitchen and turn out some very tasty food.

Sue Ruvo

The soup looks so good! I would say the rose fridge is essential for the studio as well. :)

la domestique

For me it would be, fridge (cause what if you suddenly need ice cream??), vitamix, and induction plate because they are so much safer. The "hot"plate can be used to heat water for either tea or coffee, soups, or anything else, including toasted sandwiches, etc. More practical than toaster oven.


Gosh, Heidi. I wish I could rent a small corner in your mouth.

bev @ bevcooks

Just the best! This soup is truly wonderful. I used garden marjoram, parsley and dry chili peppers (the kind you shake from a jar). I did have spinach in the garden and lots of chives & chive flowers to add. Amazing soup. Thanks. I'm making Beard's french bread to go with the rest; if there is any left by dinner time.

Carla Rollins

My home/home office microwave just gave up the ghost but I wasn't using it much so bought a toaster oven instead and so also got an unattractive toaster off my counter! Anyway, agree the ability to broil and toast would be wonderful and perhaps necessary!

My electric burr grinder also passed and I bought a very cute, working, old fashioned manual grinder from Etsy. There are lots!

So, not that you asked, but I'm with those who say wine frig (I'm LOVING Julia's Dazzle Pinot Grigio Rose this summer!), toaster oven and manual coffee grinder. Those, your French press and a hot plate - you are set!

I've been making my own coconut milk - mostly for a popsicle mix, but I'm going to try it with this soup. I won't have the "cream" dollop but I think it will still work.

***Just saw June's comment about an induction plate - I will be looking into that as I just learned about induction and would like to try it.


I currently live in Thailand where coconut milk is used as the base for many soups. Personally, I can't get enough of it - the richness and the sweetness are more satisfying than anything. Never tried it with broccoli though - must do soon :)


This soup looks intriguing. I look forward to trying it soon. When we were redoing our kitchen we managed very well in the pantry/laundry room with our old frig, an electric fry pan and a toaster oven that broils. I rarely use the electric fry pan now, but it was amazing during that time. You can even bake in them. I made my husband's b-day cake during the 6-month ordeal.


Really terrific, made this tonite because I needed something lite for our late dinner. Inspired!


I would definitely go for a Thermomix as it grinds, cooks, weighs, whips and beats. I would also have a convection microwave and the wine fridge. You wouldn't need anything else. I love all your recipes, thank you for the inspiration.


This was delicious! Used a cup of silken tofu in place of one cup of water instead of the tofu cubes. My husband and ten month old also loved it.


I made this tonight and we loved it!! I enjoy every soup recipe I make from you. Thanks Heidi!


I lived for awhile in the basement of a motorcycle shop on Geary, with, naturally, no kitchen. I bought an electric wok at the Goodwill down the street and found I could turn out all kind of meals using various one-pot methods. PS. I recently found out we're second cousins. :)

HS: Really!? On my dad's side? That's wild. And how fun would a wok be? I use my cast-iron wok at home all the time!


I read the recipe and made it right away. It was delicious, and sooooo easy! (I used chicken instead of tofu.) I wonder if there's a little something to add that might brighten it up ...I'm thinking lemongrass. Have you tried any herb variations?

HS: Hi Jen - a big squeeze of lime or lemon will do it - you could also absolutely puree in some fresh herbs. A lemon basil might be particularly nice...?


Coconut soup with broccoli? Sounds great, what a contrast. I haven't heard before about that. Amazing! Eliza


This looks great like so many of your posts!
I'm wondering if this will chill well? Or will it kind of congeal? I might serve spring rolls for a second course


This soup sounds splendid! I will add the perfect topper of Purple Kale Stems. Tender yet crunchy and the vibrant color will compliment this lovely dish!


thanks for the recipe. tonight is my time to prepare dinner for my family and this coconut broccoli soup is such a healthy and great idea!. i bet they will love it. by the way i'll go for coffee grinder.


The soup looks extremely comforting and it has all my favorite ingredients!! It's surely a "must try" for me :)


Wonderful idea for a moveable feast!

diary of a tomato

Heidi, I have been admiring the bowls you always use for soups and salads....where did you get them?


This was delicious! I needed to cook the broccoli a little bit longer but I challenged myself to get it done in 20 minutes and pretty much made it.


Always happy to have a new soup from you. I just made the red curry zucchini/potato soup from Super Natural Everyday. It's a favorite in zucchini season. I love the coconut milk broth and the tofu cubes. I think also using some of the broccoli as a garnish is a great idea. P.S. Also love your "home cooking" recipes, maybe the most.


This was delicious. I added curry powder for additional flavor.


This soup was so good. Made it twice in one week. ..adding the juice of a lime to the bowl took it over the top. Thank you for that tip!


I made the soup and it is absolutely fantastic. So easy, simple and elegant - the flavours are just beautiful. It was perfect on its own, as is. I didn't even get around to adding the tofu, almonds and scallions....too hungry and too lazy!...but i will next time.
Thank you!!!!


There's a batch of this in my frig right now. I seem to want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks for a new staple in our rotation. And please consider giving us readers other spin-off ideas with a coconut base/super green veggie combos.


Made it. Loved it.


my husband doesn't like coconut milk and he doesn't like broccoli but he ate several servings of this soup - it was very delicious - thanks for this recipe
lg birgit


I am always excited to find recipes for the things we grow on the farm. Here in TN we don't grow cocomut, but many of the other things are waiting for me to go get them out of the field. Thanks!


I made this on monday, it was so good!
I only had a lite coconut can in the pantry so I did the first sauteing with coconut oil. I added some chard to the spinach and it was really tasty. I'm always looking for recipes like this one to help me get some greens into my very picky teenage boy, so thanks again Heidi


Made it. Loved it. And even went out on a limb and sprinkled parm cheese on top. Yum!


Your dad and my mom are cousins. Grandma was a Swanson.

HS: Such a small world! I'll have to tell my dad (and aunt!)


coconut and broccoli? this sounds right up my alley!

Sustainable and the City

Is that an aluminum table in the second picture? I've been looking for a simple, sturdy piece of furniture that could double as table or desk - I'd love to hear where that one is from and how you like it!

HS: Hi Lisa! It's actually just a painted beer garden table/bench set :)


i must throw this out there.... a panini press! just think of the sandwiches, even simple toast! and quesadillas, grilled veggies, grilled tofu, grilled fruit! it's the answer!


I have just made this soup, topped with toasted almonds. Delicious!


i must throw this out there.... a panini press! just think of the sandwiches, even simple toast! and quesadillas, grilled veggies, grilled tofu, grilled fruit! it's the answer!


These will cover all of the bases: wine fridge, induction heat hotplate and combination microwave/convection oven.
Coffee grinder and Bodum, oh yes. These will all fit into your smaller space.
Wonderful reading and recipes, thank you.


I go with blended! My wife likes chunky so we have to compromise. We are huge fans of anything coconut milk and haven't tried it in a soup with broccoli. Thanks!
Our most needed appliances? Vitamix, Cuisinart and a great knife.

The Brand Fam

I'm not sure what I like most - the recipe or the pictures your posting. Amazing :)

Tom from Alkaline Journey

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