Fresh Mint Chip Frozen Yogurt

Fresh Mint Chip Frozen Yogurt Recipe

This mint frozen yogurt recipe from the soon-to-be-released Sprouted Kitchen cookbook is brilliant. The recipe combines two parts Greek yogurt with one part cream to make a luscious mint-blasted treat. I thought I'd share this gem of a recipe today, and give you a little peek at the book as well. It's full of inspired, beautifully photographed, whole food recipes - and I suspect you're all going to love it.

Mint Frozen Yogurt RecipeMint Frozen Yogurt RecipeMint Frozen Yogurt Recipe

First off, the frozen yogurt is a breeze to make. Sara uses fresh mint, and then boosts it with a bit of mint extract. Brown rice syrup is used as the sweetener - rich and malty in flavor, with much less edge than refined sugar. If you don't have access to brown rice syrup, you can swap in maple syrup or honey (I'd use 1/2 cup of either). My one tip when it comes to homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt? Churn to order. Few things are better.

Mint Frozen Yogurt Recipe

A few shots of the lovely book itself. :) The frozen yogurt is one thing, but I have about twenty other recipes earmarked as well. For example, have a look at this beautiful capellini. Or the roasted plum tartines down below.

Mint Frozen Yogurt Recipe

I was lucky to see an early, early version of the book (before it was bound and printed), and wrote a little quote for the back cover. Is it weird to share it here? I'm going to do it anyway. "The minute I landed on the Sprouted Kitchen website, years ago, I knew I'd stumbled on a kindred spirit. Everything I loved about the site extends itself beautifully into this cookbook - the vibrant focus on whole foods, the enticing photography, the inspired ingredient combinations, and Sara's approachable voice. I imagine this book being a welcome addition to many kitchens." It is available for pre-order here. And should be shipping before the end of the month.

Congrats Sara & Hugh, the book is a stunner.

Sprouted Kitchen Fresh Mint Chip Frozen Yogurt

As I mention up above, if you don't have access to brown rice syrup (available at many natural food stores) or prefer a less malty tasting sweetener, feel free to substitute 1/2 cup / 120 ml maple syrup or honey.

1 cup fresh mint leaves
1 cup / 240 ml heavy cream
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons / 130 ml brown rice syrup
Scant 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract
2 cups / 480 ml whole-milk Greek yogurt
2 ounces good quality dark chocolate, finely chopped

Coarsely chop the mint leaves and put them in a saucepan with the cream. Bring just to a simmer over medium heat, occasionally stirring and pressing the mint leaves so that they release the oils. As soon as it comes to a simmer, add the brown rice syrup and stir to combine, then turn off the heat. Leave the mixture on the stove top to steep for 30 minutes.

Pour the cream mixture into a bowl through a fine-mesh sieve to remove the mint leaves. Add the peppermint extract and yogurt to the bowl and whisk to combine. Cover the mixture and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and up to overnight.

Churn the yogurt mixture in an ice cream maker, following the manufacturer's instructions. When the yogurt if finished churning, stir in the chocolate (hs note: alternately, I usually drizzle in just-melted chocolate instead of chopped). Serve immediately (recommended!), or transfer to a covered container and store in the freezer, where it will firm up increasingly over time.

Serves 4-6.

From The Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods by Sara Forte, photographed by Hugh Forte.

Prep time: 60 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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Fresh mint, mint extract, heavy cream, and chocolate. I can almost taste it from here and it sounds and looks amazing!

Averie @ Averie Cooks

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book, and this recipe. It looks so fantastically fresh and minty.

leaf (the indolent cook)

This looks simply divine--so fresh, so bright, so clean, and so natural! I'll have to give this a go.

Sophie @ happyspinach

I am definitely excited about this one, and the mint chip frozen yogurt? oh boy - thanks for sharing in advance ;).

heather @ chiknpastry

I am so thrilled to hear that Sara is publishing a cookbook! I was an early follower of her blog. What a sweet quote you gave to her book. A big endorsement! :-)

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

Greek yogurt and mint sounds like a match made in heaven! I'm going to have to find some space in the freezer for my ice cream machine bowl so I can try this one out. :)


It's so fun to get a peek in the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook! Mint is my husband's favorite ice cream flavor, and I look forward to making this yogurt for him.

la domestique

Goodness, I'll take that entire bowl and then some!

Belinda @zomppa

Ooooh that sounds lovely! How about...peach yogurt with a hint of cardamom?


This looks absolutely refreshing...I love the use of greek yogurt! Just made my first batch of homemade greek yogurt and would love to use it in this recipe :)

Maura @ My Healthy 'Ohana

Mint Chocolate Chip has always been one of my favorite ice-cream flavors since I was a little kid. This recipe looks like a much better version of the greenish stuff I used to have. Can't wait to try it!


Sara's site is so lovely isn't it? I ordered this book myself a few days ago and cannot wait to see it - thank you so much for the sneak peak!

HS: You'll love it Kate.


Fresh mint in frozen yogurt sounds amazing. I agree-much better than the green stuff! Thanks for highlighting this book. Will have to check it out.


I'm so excited for this book! Sara's site is one of my favourites and I can tell I'm going to want to make every recipe in the book (like I do with your books!).


Looks fresh and new!
Sadly I don't own any ice cream maker,
do you think this could be made by hand? It looks soooo delicious!

HS: Marie, I'd love to say yes, but I don't think it would be the same ;) Granitas on the other hand you can absolutely do without an ice cream maker.


I love the look of this and can't wait for that book! So exciting!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

This recipe, and the cookbook, both look divine! Thanks for sharing this yummy-looking recipe. I will most definitely be giving it a try.

Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home

I love this frozen yogurt recipe, great idea to also add the mint extract. Both the yogurt and the book sound fantastic!


Wow, that's brilliant -- I always use greek yogurt and mint together for savory sauces, but never thought to make it into ice cream!

Diane, A Broad

The book looks fab. Thank you for sharing it AND her website. I'll definitely be checking it out. I love the sound/look of this ice cream. I'm completely gluten and dairy free so I'll take it as a personal challenge to see if I can come up with a recipe similar to this one that works for me and the readers of my gluten free diva blog. Thank you!

Ellen (Gluten Free Diva)

this looks simply amazing, as does sara's book. another great way to use all the mint which tries to take over the garden. thank you for sharing!


There are so many amazing recipes in this book - I was fortunate to test a few of them for Sara, and they were all quite delicious. This is one that I didn't test, though - so thank you for sharing, I will be making this soon!

Monika {wcv}

My favorite ice cream flavor! And, what a beautiful cookbook -- I can't wait to get a copy.

Laura {gourmettenyc}

I'm so inspired as I'm growing mint and have a cabinet full of brown rice syrup (long story). I'm going to try sans the cream though so I can eat the whole batch. It's so great if you can get your hands on the real dark green peppermint leaves instead of that spearmint that grows all over, at least in California. Yes fattening but less so. Mint chip is the best flavor ever.


Nice! I've got some chocolate mint in my garden... I'm gonna try this!


Is there anything that can be substituted for the rice syrup, and what amount? The one store in our little town that sold it closed.

This sounds so good. I would love to make it if I can find a substitute.


Yay, another use for my mint that has runneth over in my garden! I will sub coconut milk for the cream which is always a frozen favorite. Can't wait to try this.


I once made brown bread ice cream and put bits of ginger mint in it - that was wonderful and I'm inspired to try something with that by this recipe. Just have to figure out how to do without the cream!


Looks so tasty and refreshing. I can't wait to cook from Sara's book- the bits I have seen look fantastic.


Hi Heidi, all the way from sunny Trinidad and Tobago. Love your natural take on recipes and creative flair - your blog is definitely a fave. This looks great, but I do not have an ice-cream maker - can I just skip that step and end up with a sort of mint flavoured yogurt?


This looks absolutely delicious, especially since I'm a mint-n-chip fiend! Can't wait to check out the book and give this a try!

jamie @ green beans & grapefruit



I haven't tried making ice cream without an ice cream freezer, but supposedly you can take a small, empy coffee can or similar lidded container, add the ice cream ingredients, then put it in a larger #10 can. Add ice and rock salt around the smaller can, put a lid on the larger can, and roll it around for 15-20 minutes until the desired consistency is reached. Would be an interesting activity for kids or party guests!


I love peppermint ice cream, so I keep wondering why they don't make peppermint flavored yogurt. I tried to create a bowl for myself once, and quickly discovered that the alcohol in the extract killed the probiotics. How could I tell? It tasted and smelled like something died in my bowl. I cried and had a little yogurt funeral.

I wonder if the "scant" 1/2 teaspoon of extract per 2 cups yogurt is what is preventing it from happening here. . .

It's always nice to be able to have access to fresh mint for use in recipes, in any case.


i love sara's website and yours equally. i don't remember how i found hers, but once i did, i felt the same way. her down-to-earth nature and voice, approachable, wholesome recipes, and hugh's gorgeous photography...what an amazing combination! thank's for sharing and for giving her a plug. i can't wait for her book and am so happy she's coming to portland for a signing!

samantha jillian

Hooray, Sara and Hugh! Can't wait for this one!

Megan Gordon

Sounds wonderful - it is pity I've just been diagnosed as diebetic with a side helping of cholesterol problems so things with full milk are counterindicated (what a horrible word!) .... a few recioes devoted to those of us with restricted diets would be welcome


I love the sprouted kitchen blog --- this ice cream looks fantastic.


This looks delicious! I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream but i love how frozen yogurt is healthier! So this recipe seems like the best of both worlds!

May I Have That Recipe

I can't wait for their book! Such a nice sneak peak, makes me want to put a spoon right through my computer screen :)


Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe. It came just in time for me harvesting the big chocolate-peppermint-plant in my backyard. I've used the leaves almost everyday for my bulgur salad (a total summer treat) and now I can have some mint for desert to. Yum!


Love mint ice cream so I'm trying this for sure. Thank you for sharing!

Bohemian Kate

I just made something similar last week and if you use 2 cups of fresh mint you don't need to add any extract.


I can't wait to get my hands on Sara's book. She's a doll and her site is on my short-list of sites I visit every almost day (even if there's no new post!)


I was just thinking the other day that I haven't had mint chip in years and it used to be my favorite. Gonna add this recipe to the list for sure!

Caroline @ Pink Basil


I use the Simply Organic Peppermint flavor. It's oil based, the only ingredients are sunflower oil and peppermint oil. I tried to make little peppermint meringue clouds for Christmas last year. As soon as I dropped it in, my meringue deflated and I just stood there, staring at my bowl in disbelief and horror. Then I read the bottle and started over, this time with an Italian meringue. I put the peppermint in the simple syrup. Much better.

This frozen yogurt looks lovely! I might have to try a take on it during the cold of the winter! I don't have a churn, so I set the bowl outside when it's -15° or so, and beat the mix periodically. Hey, it works, I have to make the best of Alaskan winters somehow! Maybe I can keep some mint going in a pot indoors!


I can't wait to try this! I am a newlywed and we got an ice cream maker as a gift, and we used it only once - and were disappointed from a store bought mix. I absolutely adore the homemade frozen Greek yogurt concept, I am totally addicted to FAGE yogurt and cannot WAIT to taste it in this recipe! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Angela Kuhns

I am so excited to receive my copy of this book! It's great seeing you and Sarah inspiring each other - you are BOTH such inspirations to me! Beautiful photography, as usual. Can't wait to try this ice cream... Yum!

Brooke (The Flour Sack)

Hi Heidi, just when I was desperate for an icecream yoghurt recipe, your wonderful recipe with chocolate and mint has appeared! Thank you, I will be the first one to make it!

Kobie du Plessis

Thanks for sharing the sneak peak, and a great summertime treat! Sara has some innovative ideas (and a beautiful site); thanks for sharing it!

Jill @ 42potatoes

Thanks for the great recipe -- sounds so refreshing. What ice cream maker do you use? I've been trying to talk DH into getting an ice-less maker all summer. :-)


This almost looks good enough to justify getting an ice cream maker again! Mint chip is my favorite.


Has anyone tried coconut sugar? I wonder how that would work in this recipe.


If the mixture (without the mint extract but with the yogurt) steeps in the refrigerator overnight, the mint extract will be unnecessary. The mint flavor will be more natural. I make a mint ice cream this way.


You have been a long time mentor of mine, a fine example of creativity, and a constant inspiration. Your work is one of the reasons I even started blogging in the first place, and here we are. So surreal to see my book on your counter. Thank you so so much. LOVE that first shot.

HS: We'll celebrate in person soon! xo -h


*gasp*!!! How'd you know that mint chip ice cream/yogurt is one of my faves?!!! :D This recipe sounds amazing~but so sad I don't have a churner! I'm gonna have to do some sans churner experiments pretty soon. ;)

Ellie@Fit for the Soul

mmm that was not intended to be anonymous, oops! Hello world, that was Sara intending to compliment and thank Heidi.


This looks fabulous -- a healthier, fresher version of mint chip ice cream -- perfect for summer. I might have to buy this cookbook...

Sharyn Dimmick

This looks heavenly. Perfect for the "dog days" of summer!

Ariel Ceja

I can't wait to get the book! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!


This sounds amazing! I loved that you used greek yogurt, such a nice twist on a traditional recipe.

Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

Looks Good!


I just made this but couldn't do the leave in fridge overnight part, just had to have a taste now. Didn't have any peppermint extract, threw in vanilla and jammed the cup full of mint. I used some gorgeous dark peppermint chocolate - minty and refreshing treat. Thanks so much, I've become a foodie blog surfer as a result of finding this site !! It is one of the best and most inspiring ones around - totally ACE!


Any idea how much mint that is by weight? Is it a packed cup or a very loose cup?

Also, does the brown rice syrup strongly flavor the resulting ice cream? I'd imagine that the flavor would dominate.


Thanks for sharing this recipe. This has been my favorite flavor this summer and I wondered if it would translate well to yogurt. I'll have to give it a try!


I have an out-of-control mint plant at home that just neeeeds to be used for this frozen yogurt recipe! I've never used brown rice syrup but love making treats with alternatives to cane sugar. Looks great!

Julia {The Roasted Root}

Wow, this looks fantastic. I have so much fresh mint in my garden - I think it's ice cream time!

Heidi @ Food Doodles

I don't have an ice cream maker, is it possible to make this without one? I know there are certain ways, but they seem pretty complicated and time consuming (some include pouring the ice cream in a roasting pan and freezing, stirring every 15 minutes). It would be so great if you could let me know of any other options you know :)


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Jarod Covelli

I saw the book trailer a few days ago and was amazed. I'm sure this book will be a staple in my kitchen.


Thanks for sharing this recipe - Mint - chocolate is my favorite flavor! I look forward of visiting "Spouted Kitchen" & reading more about the coming book!

p.s. I love also your posts with "the lists" and inspiring links they contain!


Your blog is like having a wise older sister who gives you the early heads up on interesting new flavors and experiences that are not to be missed... in a visually stunning way. Thank you thank you. This will be made this weekend, I am a die hard mint chip and greek yogurt aficionado... hello, dream recipe. Have a lovely weekend.


I have a huge pot of home-grown mint and I was dreaming of the choc chip mint ice-cream of my childhood, thank you! :)


Even though 73 people before me have already expressed how fantastic this looks, I just have to say it again. Mint chocolate chip was my favourite ice cream as a child - this seems like it could be my grown-up equivalent.


This looks so delicious!! At the same time, I am wondering how many people own ice cream makers?


I echo the thanks for this deeevine recipe!!! I just finished making my 1st batch...and it won't be my last!!! Exquisite consistency & the flavor is outta this world!!!


I made this for friends coming over and it was delicious! I just used one bunch of fresh mint that i picked up at the store. Usually my ice cream maker would take 25-30 mins to church a batch but this only needed 15mins before it threatened to get overdone. The tang from the yogurt was divine!


This looks and sounds amazing! I agree - Sprouted Kitchen is a devastatingly beautiful site. Can't wait to get a copy of their book.

I like that this ice cream uses both fresh mint and a bit of extract - it's hard to get a powerful mint flavor from just the leaves - and the yogurt and brown rice syrup sound like refreshingly healthy alternatives. Can't wait to give this a try! Thanks for another stunning post, Heidi.

When I worked at Farallon, I learned a technique for making naturally green mint ice cream by blanching and blending the leaves into the base, in case anyone is interested.

HS: Brilliant! - thanks for this Alanna. And p.s. I've had your sourdough tart recipe on my desktop, to try, for YEARS. This one. Need to make it happen! :)


The last comment about the tang reminded me how I love the tang of buttermilk in my summer frozen fruit salad. I bet I could experiment w/ the cream here, though yogurt brings its own flavors.

Peppermint is something my mother made into iced tea when I was young, and I've made my own sun tea from different mints. The aroma is soothing. I use honey or stevia to sweeten it.

I'm hoping my Spearmint plant does well, as 1 cup of leaves would tax her right now. Maybe at the Farmer's Market I can find some. I wonder how the Chocolate Mint plant that smells like mint Hershey bars would go in this frozen yogurt. I think a small ice cream freezer is in order. Ooh!

PS. Heidi-I mentioned you in my blog on my website. You're always inspiring me to incorporate an extra pinch of 'healthy' in my cooking.

Pamela Cohen

LOVE that this uses yogurt instead of custard as a base. (also love sara and hugh's site; can't wait!)


Looks incredible! Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite!


Any tips on how I could do the churning manually and how long that would take? ty x


I made this and while I always, always cut back on sugar in dessert recipes, not being much of a sweet fan, I actually think this needed a touch more sweetness. I added a few tablespoons of honey as it was churning, but it was still a little too sour . (I'm also a big Sprouted Kitchen fan; last night's dinner included lentil meatballs and eggplant pizza from her site.)


Yikes! I love the look of that book! Beautifully done!

Rocky Mountain Woman

Just won a home ice-cream making competition with this recipe! Thanks for sharing, it's a stunner!

HS: Congrats Shae!

Shae Kinsman

I wonder if you could do this with lemon verbena, which I'm obsessed with lately.


Minty ice cream sounds and looks delicious. The book has a very elegant look. Thanks for sharing.

simple sustenance

I do not have much of a sweet tooth at all, but also found myself adding honey to the churning mixture this evening. Must be a bit dependent on the particular yougurt and mine must have been a wee bit on the sour side. Once sweetened up a little, it tuned into a lovely and refreshing treat. Many thanks for sharing it.


Wow, simply just blown away by these recipe. Bookmarked this for this weekend's kitchen discoveries.

Jeane M.

I am a little late to this post but I'm hoping you can help me. I used fresh mint for a gelato once, and the final product tasted like... well, it tasted a lot like marijuana, to be honest. Are there varieties of mint? I bought the same mint I'd use for mojitos or salads. It was definitely not the right mint flavor, and I'm sure it wouldn't be the right mint for this either.


Delicious!! I need to make this, perfect for this hot summer day :)
Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Just a note on the brown rice syrup... Read an article that they are finding high levels of arsenic in it as it can cling to the outside of brown rice when it's in the soil. The syrup made from this is concentrated. Maybe look it up and opt for honey or maple syrup!


Yay! My herb garden has gone hog over the last few weeks. SO, mint is the thing! Mint is amazing because it will send out these shoots, and whoa! there will be a new mint plant sprouting up across the garden bed, totally out of the blue. Amazing, tenacious root system. Hearty in pots too. Took a trip to my co-op, invested in the best dark chocolate and can't wait to get started on this one. My kids can't wait to help. Cheers~


Need to try this at home!


Is there a way to make this without an ice cream maker? Would an immersion blender or food processor do the trick?

Madeline Manion

I adore mint ice cream so I actually made this recipe as soon as I received the e-mail. While looking good in the picture, for me...the flavors just didn't work and I was disappointed. I followed the recipe exactly, using fresh mint from my garden and churning the base in an ice cream maker. Mint and fresh yogurt are such a classic combination so you would think it would work. But, for those of you who have that nostalgic memory of chocolate chip mint ice cream...this tastes nothing like it. The "twang" of the Greek yogurt overpowered the delicate mint flavor and the ice cream had an odd taste. For me, I'd rather stick with a traditional ice cream base using the fresh mint and forget about the yogurt.

mamma odie

Heidi, is there a way to keep this from freezing hard as a rock? The texture was perfect after being in my ice cream freezer for half an hour and my actual freezer for another hour or so, but even with the tablespoon of Bailey's I added to bring down the freezing point (a technique David Lebovitz suggests in his A Perfect Scoop), the day after it was impossible to scoop without nuking it for 30s!


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