Halloween Recipes Recipe

A collection of past favorite Halloween recipes - lots of pumpkin recipes and of course the meringue ghosts.

Halloween Recipes

I suspect that some of you might be on the lookout for a few Halloween recipes, or Halloween-inspired recipes might be a better way of phrasing it. There are a bunch hiding in the archives, so I thought I'd bump a handful back up to the top here. A few of my favorites include:

Roasted Pumpkin Salad - A roasted pumpkin salad made with wild rice, tiny, caramelized red onions drizzled with a simple, honey-kissed, creamy sunflower seed dressing. A colorful harvest salad perfect for Fall festivities.

Thai-spiced Pumpkin Soup - From deep in archives, this Thai-spiced Pumpkin Soup couldn't be easier to make - roasted winter squash, coconut milk, Thai red curry paste, and sea salt come together in a pot of vibrant, rich, flavorful soup. Total crowd pleaser.

Caramel Apples - a caramel apple recipe made from apples, honey, cream, and salt - all-natural, with no processed corn syrup or other funky ingredients.

Spice-kissed Pumpkin Pie - a favorite, easy pumpkin pie recipe. Made from a rich, roasted pumpkin and coconut milk base, and baked in a hazelnut-lined crust.

Spooky Ghost Meringues - a fun meringue recipe that enables you to shape the meringue into seasonal shapes - ghosts for halloween, or snowmen for the holidays.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds - Don't let all those pumpkin seeds go to waste, toasting pumpkin seeds is easy. Here are a few different flavor combinations: Sweet & Spicy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Black Tea & Butter Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, and Curried Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.

Here is where all the pumpkin recipes live. Some are also filed under: winter squash recipes as well. Happy Halloween!

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Hi Heidi-
It’s my first time commenting on your site though I’ve tried at least 6 of your recipes. On the topic of holiday baking….I’m finding lots of good recipes for new cookie ideas but I would like to prepare them more health-fully. I’ve read your post on alternative sweeteners. I’m not sure when I can substitute a sweetener (ex. agave instead of sugar) and in what quantity. Do you have any guidelines posted or could you perhaps consider this for a future blog idea? I love your site!
HS: Hi Gigi – I cover some basic, general rules of thumb in Super Natural Cooking, but really, each recipe is different, and each sweetener has its own quirks, and of course going from a dry sweetener to liquid is a big shift. I’m sorry I don’t have a simple answer for you!


Heidi baby,
You make me want to be a lesbian again. You cook, travel, and do outstanding photography. We got to get married or find me some man that can do at least a third of what you can do. Do your thang girl!!!

Cathy Broadus

i want to try it now…………….

chris caldwell

wow!!!!! can’t wait to try it…………


I can’t wait to try you pumkin spice soup recipe.

bronze chandelier

My brith day is 16 april 1945


I love the meringue ghosts. They’re elegant yet easy and versatile. I think I’ll experiment with color when I make them. Thank you for sharing.

Nisrine Merzouki

IMy hubby and I made the caramel apples to give as Halloween treats to our nieces and nephews. We thought we did everything right, but the caramel slid off as they were cooling. I love the flavor of the caramel and the texture seems perfect in the leftover bowl so I’m not sure what went wrong.
My favorite way to use up the leftovers is to dollop it on my favorite dark chocolate. I think it would be fantastic dipped in chocolate for homemade confections. Soooo yummy!


Hah, so many of us have to do “P.S.” posts!
I still don’t know what the squash was, but have to say the seeds were the best EVER. They had a sweetness to the inside like nothing else.


I made the thai-spiced soup last night, and it was a massive hit! Used a mystery squash that looked like a warty pumpkin, but was much denser and more orange. Clearly I should’ve used another squash along with it, but I didn’t realize! So used half the can of coconut milk, and sauteed a shallot in the hardened coconut fat before adding everything in. Then had a can of masaman curry paste, which was my thai curry 🙂 I didn’t end up needing to add any water or stock at all, as the squash released tons of liquid. Hubby loved it, the family that came over for trick-or-treating loved it, I love it, and my 6 year old who only likes butternut squash with brown sugar gave it a “so-so”, which I consider a hit!
SO easy, too! Thanks, Heidi!


hi my name is ariadne and i always like to know new recipies of everything i would be glad to have people sharing their recipies with me thank you.


hi my name is ariadne and i always liek to know new recipies of everything i would be glad to have people sharing their recipies with me thank you.


I made the thai spiced pumpkin soup this paste week and it was fabulous!! I made it with a side of coconut infused jasmine rice and some sweet/salty pumpkin seeds for a little crunch on top. I loved the smooth creamy texture of the soup. http://edibleperspective.com/?p=1008 – I also tried making the caramel apples and it didn’t turn out too well. I waited for a a good 40min and the caramel just wouldn’t reach the right temp. I got the apples nice and cold and kept the pot of caramel on ice…I probably just needed to wait longer? Your photos and recipes have been such an inspiration to me…thanks!!


I love your site and often use it to decide what to make at the last minute.
This time it made me giggle though, reading the ghost-recipe I saw a “One tip to a flat belly” advertisement. Being pregnant right now that gave me a bit of a chuckle.
Thanks for the delicious ideas, keep them coming.


The Thai-Spiced Pumpkin Soup sounds wonderful! Halloween simply isn’t Halloween without roasted pumpkin seeds. I love roasting them with canola oil and salt.

Cookin' Canuck

Making the pumpkin soup tonight for the whole family to get us in the mood for Halloween. Thanks for the great ideas. Will let you know how it all works out. Am I not smart or something…. should I take the seeds out of the pumpkin before I roast it in the oven?…. sorry for the dumb question.


The spice-kissed pumpkin pie has become one of my fall staples. I’ve never made my own pumpkin puree, though. It’s hard to find the varieties of pumpkin that are intended for eating rather than carving! However, I took your advice about grinding my own spices and that makes all the difference. The layer of hazelnut paste on the bottom makes this pie extra special, and has the added bonus of keeping the crust from getting soggy!


Love the idea of combining coconut milk with roasted squash… it just calls for some fresh ginger!

Onepot @ onepot.wordpress.com

LOVE that photograph! very beautiful and haunting.


Heidi –
That soup looks really great – can’t wait to try it out over the weekend.
If I hadn’t already planned on using the Hatch Chili powder I got a couple o’ weeks ago on this year’s pumpkin seeds, I’d have definitely used one o’ those recipes too.
Great recipes, pix, great site overall as I’ve always said…


Lovely, as always. I think your meringues have gone viral at this point. I make mine with Herb Saint for a Mexican flavor and used anise seeds for eyes; the little stems give the ghost some wacky eyebrows!


Thanks for sharing some halloween recipes. My family is planning to have a nice and not so bog party this coming Halloween so the list is going to be a big help to us.

dining sets

This pie (Spice-kissed Pumpkin Pie) would be one that I would like to try. Usually I don’t like pumpkin pie. But this one looks different with the hazelnuts. Maybe next week I’ll try it.


Thai-spiced pumpkin soup … now that sounds wonderful.
Happy Halloween everyone!

Family Cookbook - Denise

Oops. Sorry for double posting: butterfingers! Also tinned pumpkin is NOT needed (on more careful reading of the recipe!) ….just in case anyone might be misled by the previous comment. Happy Hallowe’en!


Oh yesssss!!! The Cat and I were just pondering what Hallowe’en recipes we should try and I am very excited by the spice-kissed pumpkin pie….if we can FIND tinned pumpkin in Dundee, that is.
Thank you!


I just found your website yesterday via a google search for a good split pea soup recipe. I’m so happy I found it! Your site and recipes are wonderful. I really enjoy reading your writing and seeing the places you’ve been. I love that you post links to all the good restaurants you find along the way. Thank you for doing all this, I can’t wait to get cooking with your site as my virtual collection of 101 cookbooks!
And on that note…
I just made your carrot oatmeal cookies but swapped the carrot for pumpkin puree and added cinnamon to make them fit the season! They are truly wonderful on this snowy Denver day.
I did an even swap with the carrots and pumpkin, added a dusting of cinnamon to the dry bowl, used a combination of brown rice and spelt flours and added some ground flax seed (about 2 tbsp). The nuttiness of the flax pairs well with the ingredients and bumps up the fiber and omega-3’s.


I have made that soup not too long after you first posted – amazing how time passes fast!
It is great, if I remember correctly I only had light coconut milk in the house (bought by mistake), but it was still very luscious and rich tasting.
Happy Halloween!


OH yay! Thank you …
What a great photo. Freaks… my favorite thing.

Michaela at The Gardener's Eden

Oh my word, those zebras are terrifying.


Happy Halloween to you too! While I don’t eat a lot of candy and such, I do enjoy some fall treats and these recipes look like just the thing!

Tabitha (From Single to Married)

Heidi, thanks for rounding up and recommending your Halloween/autumn recipes. I’m not a big Halloween fan, but I *do* love autumn foods.

Erin @ Sprouted in the Kitchen

I just saw your Thai spiced pumpkin soup. We had a similar pumpkin soup last winter in Zurich at one of their vegetarian restaurants – Hiltl – It had coconut milk, ginger and lemon grass and was heavenly on a cold winter day !


Thank you for your pumpkin recipes – I don’t love fresh pumpkin much and never have any idea on what to do with it in order to make it delicious (and I do believe it is possible, you only need to know how)


I made your caramel apples last weekend. They were pretty good, but the honey was quite strong. Would agave nectar work, or some mixture of both honey and agave nectar to cut back on the strength of the honey’s flavor?


Thanks for putting together this page. I’m planning to make the pumpkin pie this weekend.
I thought the initials stood for HalloWeen before I read the article 🙂


There are two acorn squash on my counter that would be perfect for your Thai-spiced pumpkin soup. Thanks!
By the way, what lovely carved pumpkins.
HS: Thanks Janice 🙂


I love your pumpkin pie and the spooky ghost meringues! in fact, I’ve linked to both of them in my posts!:)


Too bad the neighborhood moms probably wouldn’t allow their kids to eat any toasted pumpkin seeds I could give out. I remember when I was a kid it was ok to trust homemade or unwrapped treats!

Michelle @ What Does Your Body Good?

I totally forgot about the Spooky Ghost Meringues! I saw them last year after the fact and wanted to make them – Thanks for the reminder ;o


Great photo – and I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself while carving! 🙂 I love all of these recipes but especially the pumpkin seeds – my favorite!

Tabitha (From Single to Married)

Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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