Sea Salt Baked Potatoes

Sea Salt Baked Potatoes Recipe

I don't know what happened, but it has been years since I've baked potatoes. And by baked potatoes, I mean the classic kind - crispy jackets split open to reveal a fluffy white potato interior. The kind of potato flesh that likes to drink butter and mainline salt. But, on a quick grocery run after returning from Marfa, the russets were calling me. I remembered a simple, sea-salt baked potato recipe in Nigel Slater's Tender, grabbed some arugula, and was pretty confident I had everything else I'd need at home.

Baked Potato Recipe

On the road trip front, a number of you have asked, somewhat incredulously, why we would drive to Marfa, Texas. To which I sort of tilt my head, and start thinking more about it. There seems to be a long answer and a short answer. The short? We went to see visit this. The longer answer - we drove through Palm Springs, and Valentine, Canyon de Chelly, and Willcox. And cooked at beautiful rest stops, and took lots of pictures, and caught up on magazines, and sat in the sun, and saw this, and ate dinner outside more nights than not. I've driven through the Southwest and parts of northern Mexico a good number of times now, and West Texas is particularly beautiful. When you're out in the middle of the desert, its quiet. So so so so quiet. I love it.

Baked Potato Recipe

The potatoes? Really good too - give them a go. The spicy arugula and luxe dressing works perfectly. Top with a fried egg, and you've got a meal on your hands.

Sea Salt Baked Potato Recipe

I found some fantastic arugula, so that is what I used. But I could imagine using whatever green salad you like - spinach, baby romaine, maiche, etc. And I used big russet potatoes. The dressing calls for a raw egg yolk, if you're uncomfortable eating raw egg, swap in another favorite, luxe or creamy-ish salad dressing - this buttermilk one would be good, or this one, or the gribiche in Super Natural Every Day.

2 large baking potatoes
flaky sea salt
butter or olive oil
2 large handfuls of arugula

1 tablespoon Champagne or tarragon vinegar
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
a egg yolk
a scant 1/2 cup / 100 ml olive oil
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan
2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

Preheat your oven to 400F / 200C degrees. Scrub the potatoes, prick them all over with a fork, and sprinkle generously with sea salt. Bake the potatoes until tender throughout. This can take an hour for large potatoes. Less for smaller spuds.

While the potatoes are baking, make the dressing. Whisk the vinegar, mustard, egg yolk, and olive oil with a big pinch of salt. Then whisk in the cheese, and finally the lemon juice. Taste, make any adjustments, and set aside.

Slice a big cross into the top of each potato, then gently but firmly push in on the ends of each potato. This way the tops open up, and you can begin to spoon out a bit of the potato filling. Add a pat of butter/olive oil to each potato, or a splash of the dressing and a bit of salt. Toss the arugula with a generous amount of the dressing, and then pile it into the potatoes. You'll likely have some leftover dressing to enjoy as needed with the salad and skins.

Adapted from Nigel Slater's Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch, the US version, published by Ten Speed Press, 2011

Prep time: 5 min - Cook time: 60 min

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Do you have a favourite type of sea salt? I'm always so overwhelmed by choices! Pink? Fleur de Sel? Any tips?

The Healthy Hipster

I had these at a picnic once a long time ago and though they were delicious, I never remembered them until about a week ago, and now I find a recipe on your blog! Funny how things work...

sweet road

My boyfriend and I have talked about renting a car, driving down through the mountains, visiting White Sands and heading to Chinati. Then we realized it'd take at least 15 hours and decided it best to wait until we can set a week aside to really enjoy it. But, we did snatch a 15 pound bag of potatoes from the market today. I think I'll be making this recipe more than once - unfortunately, no eggs or cheese for me.


What a fantastic twist on baked potatoes. We always do a baked potato night at my boyfriend's parents' place over the holidays. They haven't really cottoned on to the whole vegetarian thing and what they're supposed to feed us apart from potatoes, beans, and the occasional souffle, but this looks like a step in the right direction. Thanks, Heidi.


Wow, I have not baked a potato in . . . perhaps forever, but I have been more and more drawn to them. Thank you for posting this. I may just have to bake a potato one of these days!


Both your potatoes, and your road trip, look and sound fabulous. When it was just my husband and I B.K. (before kiddo), we took some great road trips. Preschoolers and long road trips don't really mesh well so for us, they are on hiatus, but not the potato recipe. It shall be made, very soon!

Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)

Awww, so happy you love Texas :) That makes my little Texas heart beam with joy!

When I was 15, my dad and I went on a roadtrip alone to the McDonald observatory. We drove through Marfa and enjoyed the marfa lights. I have to admit, the rest of the trip is a blur to me because my dad let me drive! For the first time! I learned to drive on those wide open west Texas roads and it was such an unforgettable experience.

Anyway, rambling. I agree--it seems white potatoes have been kicked out of my kitchen by sweet potatoes. Maybe they deserve a second chance :)


I live in the desert presently and I must agree that it is quiet. Breath taking at times. Still, hot, dry.

Thanks for sharing all those stops. We have family in Texas and this would make a nice couple of stops along the way from Washington.


Super dreamy road trip, sounds like a relaxing contrast to the newly released cookbook experience :) I love baked potatoes with crispy skins side-by-side with some greens, but nestling them inside the potato is really cute, thanks for sharing!

Julianna Starr

hi heidi - perhaps it's just me being crazy, but at first glance at the leading photo of this post, i thought they were a pair of kid's shoes - then at a closer look, a pair of kid's shoes used as plant pots. it took me a few seconds to register them as baked potatoes loaded with arugula! hahaha. either way, simple baked potatoes served with fresh greens and a good dressing sounds great, and oh yes, do share more photos from your road trip with us!


Mmm beautiful potatoes (who knew)?! Love the sound of these.


I'm happy for you, that you got to travel to beautiful places. The potatoes are a must try, they look so fresh and hearty, well done! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Hello, Heidi! Just started reading your site after hearing much about it, and I must say I'm in love! I'm new to the blogging world myself, and while my blog is very food centric, there's little cooking going on, I must admit (you should check it out though, right now it's focused on Maastricht, the culinary capital of the Netherlands! Ever been?). I want to start though, and you cook exactly the way I like to cook and eat (and the boyfriend's vegetarian, so this site is perfect for him too). I'll be checking back in a lot this summer when I'll be helping my mom work through her CSA basket for a while, and then again when I move to LA later on. Thanks for the inspiration!


those potatoes look great, thanks for sharing! i love the idea of having arugula with them, wouldn't have thought of it..

the 2nd photo sort of reminds me of a magritte painting (if i'm getting my references right!) - the bowler hat & the yellow squares of light. Lovely pic!

Katie x


Oooh! Excited to see you cooking up Nigel! He's an absolute fave discovered in my teenage years here in the UK. Baked potatoes are fab anyway, but your dressing sounds absolutely mindbogglingly good! Must. Try.


Everything that Nigel Slater does is amazing and I love these potatoes in particular. There's something about the fluffy inside and crisp outside that just transports me back to childhood. Thank you for sharing.


What is it about a baked potato and sea salt that makes your mouth water? I have all the ingredients and some arugula growing outside... I think I know what I'm having for dinner!

Claire @ Claire K Creations

As a typical Finn I've always been a huge fan of good old potatoes. I love the look of these and the dressing sure sounds amazing! I know what you mean about quietness, I really miss the countryside where I feel like my ears are hurting because I can't hear anything!

Maria @ Scandifoodie

YUM!!! i loveee baked potatoes! they get a bad reputation for being a "white carb" but it is what you pair with it (i.e. globs of sour cream, cheese and butter or a big fat steak) that makes it a less of a healthy choice. Full of potassium and the skin has a ton of fiber! this looks great, especially with arugula and the mustard in the dressing. can't wait to try!

Kate @ the pseudovegan

Thank you for yet another Fantastic recipe. Your food blog is my favorite of all time! Did you do any hiking in SE Arizona? Any wine tasting in Willcox? I grew up in that area, and my family now works at a vineyard in the area. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, and love seeing your beautiful photos!


Oh, I haven't had a baked potato in ages and these look great with the arugula. As I have then end of a bag of arugula in the fridge, I might have to get some potatoes on my way home tonight so we can have this for dinner

I remember watching a British cooking show so long ago where the cook (it might have been Delia Smith) was making "jacket potatoes" as the Brits call them. She scrubbed her potatoes, dried them and then rubbed them lightly in olive oil before piercing them and baking them. I have tried this and I have to say it make s a wonderful potato skin! As someone who likes to eat the skin of baked potatoes, the slight coating of olive oil gives the skin an added crunch - almost like a twice baked potato skin.

Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend.

Susan B.

Great, easy dinner idea. :)

A Teenage Gourmet

I love the rustic simplicity of this recipe - and yes, a fried egg with a runny yolk on top would be a lovely addition!

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

Just a suggestion, as there really cannot be any one right way to bake a spud:

Do not prick the skin right away. Coat the spud lightly in oil, and bake for half an hour in a hot oven. This helps steam the inside and crisp the outside.

Take a fork to the skins, then continue baking for another half an hour (or till done.


That dressing looks great, only, damn I couldn't find any tarragon at the market this week.

I second jhm's above suggestion.

Honestly Good Food

This is so simple and beautiful, and I had come to snob a good baked spud over the years. I should throw a couple in the oven the next time I turn it on, or do it the way we used to do when we were children: wrapped in aluminium and thrown in the barbecue almost at the beginning. Even onions are perfect cooked like this, and the subtle smokiness is unbeatable, although some skin patches may burn a bit too much.


i've never actually baked a potato...i always get scared and microwave them instead! this sounds so good though; the consistency of baked versus microwave is huge, and sea salt? yeah, i'm in!

Heather (Heather's Dish)

Amaaaaazing - the perfect recipe to get me through this hellish revision period - I love dinners that I can pop in the oven before I'm even hungry, and be surprised an hour later by hunger pangs and a perfectly timed dish.


What Emily Ate

I don't know if it's a southern thing per say, but I grew up on baked potatoes and I do love them! I love their crisp skins and fluffy insides. This is comfort food to me.


I just bought some "wasabi arugula." I can't wait to try it in this recipe!


The last time I had a remarkable potato was on a camping trip. Wrapped in foil and tossed directly into the fire, truly a taste like no other. We're huge arugula fans in our house, so I see this one coming to a dinner plate sometime soon.


Funny, I can't remember the last time I baked whole potatoes either; I tend to cube and roast them. This sea salt-greens-creamy dressing rendition sounds fantastic. And now dreaming of desert quietness here in noisy nyc :)


That first picture of the baked potatoes is just stunning. The arugula provides such a lovely visual contrast to the thick-skinned baked potatoes- and I can just imagine the flavor combination being as lovely.

I also love the picture of the two of you reflected in the window. Your trip sounds cleansing and relaxing (despite the endless driving!).

Charlotte au Chocolat

I love making baked potatoes when I don't feel like really cooking but am hungry. Sauteed veggies and some good sharp cheddar always make me happy. I have never done arugula and now that I think of it I have no idea why not!

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

Thank you for this great recipe. I never would have thought to top a baked potato with arugula. That dressing sounds yummy too. Can't wait to try these tonight. I live in Phoenix and every year we take a 3 hour (one way) trip to Willcox to get fresh vegetables. They are so good there; yes, even with the long drive.

Kathy Wolf

This post makes me throughly nostalgic. I took a similar road trip with my boyfriend in 2009 but going the other way, from Texas to California. We took 6 weeks so lots of exploring in the quiet lands of Texas and New Mexico. Did you make it to Big Bend? One of the most stunningly peaceful national parks. The Prada store in Marfa stopped our car wheels too. Thank you for a wonderful post and the baked potatoes look delicious too!

Katherine Preston

Pure food genius!

Cindy D

Every time I visit your blog I wonder if you sell prints of your photographs. Do you have an outlet for that? Moreso the non-food photos than food ones.


Love this recipe, Heidi. I create a similar recipe with basil and sun-dried tomatoes but I love your idea with arugula...delish!

The Healthy Apple

2 thoughts, this recipe is almost the perfect combo 4 me, arugula, salt, potato, parmesan...

And it hit me, your photographs are beautiful and all the simple, sleek lines of the architecture kind of are embodied in this recipe, simple yet beautiful....


I just wrote a paper on Marfa, I hope to be able to visit one day, it is truly an amazing little place :). Also, these potatoes look amazing.


Thanks very much for this.
Since baking takes a long time, one trick is to microwave the potatoes for about half the regular time, and then put them in a hot oven. Faster and less energy consumption, and I think they taste just fine this way.
If you're ever in the UK, pubs and cafes often serve "jacket potatoes" = baked potatoes with a variety of toppings. Tasty and fresh and cheap too.


I loved reading about your trip to Marfa. I spent a lot of time out there helping Donald Judd with the grand opening; he was good friends with my college art professor. I've been thinking about getting back; it's been more than 20 years. When we were there, the town consisted of a few simple shops, a diner, and a Dairy Queen. I understand that it has completely changed.


I haven't done "whole" baked potatoes in forever. Question from a gauche and entirely classless cook: Can regular table salt (v. sea salt) be used? Thanks...


i've never thought of baked potatoes as being very pretty. but these are beautiful! the addition of the arugula is genius and that dressing sounds incredible. thanks for sharing the recipe and those great images!


I do the same as MJB - microwave for a few minutes first, then pop in oven. I also 'slam' the cooked potatoes down on the plate before opening as this seems to ensure fluffiness inside. Arugula is great with about anything.


My kind of recipe; items easily on hand but wonderfully combined and surprisingly presented. Um mm good!

Tom @ Tall Clover Farm

My husband and I regularly make a meal of baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and pan-fried tofu. Baking them is so much better than microwaving them. I rub mine in olive oil, then sprinkle with sea salt and fresh pepper.


Wow, what a fun combination and delicious sounding recipe! I love arugula and love combine potatoes into my salads so I will give it new twist and add salad to my potatoes! Thanks!

The Café Sucré Farine

I cannot believe that anyone would ask "why" of a road trip! One of my favorite things to do on the road is buck the fast food system and bring all of my own food with me. But I have not yet had the pleasure of cooking at a rest stop. Go you.


I looove baked potatoes with a salted, crispy skin - and the thought of dressed arugula topped with a fried egg is divine.

My great aunt had a ranch right outside of Marfa (the Hip-O ranch), and I grew up spending much time there. I also spent many summers at Mitre Peak Girl Scout Camp (right outsidse of Ft. Davis). I can remember one year when I was 8 years old, driving into Ft. Davis from Balmorrhea - that drive into the Davis Mountains is breathtakingly beautiful - and I thought to myself, "this is my favorite place on earth"... and it still is. :)

to KnittingReader - do you remember in that Dairy Queen in Marfa that they had saddle barstools at the tables many years ago? I always loved that! lol! I don't know when they took them down, but they're not there anymore.


Funny, I hardly ever buy Russets anymore either. That looks so good though... a totally self-contained meal (especially with the fried egg addition you suggest).


OMG. I'm cooking these this weekend. How could I not. It is a combo of two of my all-time favorite foods: baked potato and arugula.


I have a bag of japanese sweet potatoes and parmesan in my fridge, I think I will give a twirl to your recipe and try it out for tomorrow´s lunch with egg included as you suggested.

Oh, and those first 3 pictures. Dios mio, already engraved on my mind. Gracias!

heidi leon

Sea Salt is such a wonderful and easy way to really dress up a dish. And I love the spicy kick from the arugula. Yum!

Christa Avampato

My husband was just complaining that I never make baked potatoes ... this is the classiest version I've ever seen and he loves arugula so this will be a hit!


ah, one of my favorite foods! thank you for the inspiration, i think i have to make this this weekend.

laura @ glutton for nourishment

Very clever twist! These look fantastic!

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

Off (food) Topic Question: How long did you allot for this (FUN) excursion? I'm in Oakland, have always wanted to see Taliesin; am huge fan (from my NYC days '72-'05) of Donald Judd; have been to the (real) desert only once (saw de Chelly :-); and have never set foot in TX. This idea of a big circle has great appeal. (AND my DH is ALWAYS up for a road trip...) Thx in advance (...& for the potato+egg breakfast I just made: YUM!)

CA Lonergan

love love love a bit of nigel. im reading toast currently. great photos


Hi! First off I love your blog and all the links you share, thank you! You photos as well are beautiful and I love how you photograph food. Its simple and lovely. I read in your post you drove through palm springs, my husband and I are taking a long weekend there, any places you would recommend to eat?!?
p.s. I will be serving this recipe tonight along with black bean burgers. thanks for the inspiration!


For a crispier potato skin rub the skin with butter or olive oil before putting them in the over.


Hi Heidi - I ran across this wonderful Etsy video blog on Marfa and its artistic residents the other day...and now your post! I think Marfa is calling me. :)


What is arugula? Sometimes you use ingredients that i have never heard of. If an ingredient has another name perhaps you could use them both. I love your recipes.


I love road trips! I would rather drive than fly anywhere, there is always so much so see and experience.
This baked potato looks delicious, I love the idea of adding an egg to make it into a meal.

Anne @ Baking Me

I have never, ever, seen baked potatoes look so good.

(And I am still dreaming of cucumbers, coconut and peanuts. Now if only our cuke seeds would poke through the soil...)


This IS a good idea! I will tweak it a bit for more color, and serve it at my coffee shop in Washington


my husband has been bugging me to make potatoes lately, too! haven't baked them for a while, but this looks like the perfect "iffy weather" treat.

can't agree more with the allure of canyon de chelly! i spent a couple of days there, and it is both tremendous and heartbreaking at the same time. it's fairly off the beaten path, and one is required to hire a native to tour the canyon, but the time, vistas, and history learned is so very worth it!


Brilliant idea!
I'm a huge believer in simplicity- you just can't go wrong with it.

dania @ the cookery

That looks like it may just have enough salt to even satisfy me!

gotta try...

Rocky Mountain Woman

Have you tried them with truffle sea salt? Fantastic experiment! Unlike truffle oil which is infused with truffle flavor, the sea salt has actual shavings of truffle mixed in. Fabulous!

Ciao Florentina

Oh my those spuds look mouth-watering. Warm, salty and filling. I think we'll try them topped with spinach or maybe even kale over here.

Morgan G

I hope you enjoyed Canyon de Chelle! I live / work in the area.



What perfect timing! Last Saturday at a local flea market someone asked me to make some "potato bags" for her... cloth bags for microwaving potatoes. She insisted they make the most delicious and fluffy baked potatoes in a fraction of the time! (4-6 minutes!) I whipped up a bag yesterday and she is right. Yummy and fluffy!
I can't wait to try this! I love sunny side eggs, so that will be on top of mine!


What a great recipe! I love baked potatoes but I always go for the "homestyle" version - with broccoli, sour cream, cheese, etc. I love the idea of switching it up with arugula and a great dressing! Thanks for the inspiration as always :)

Anjali Shah

Just wondering where the boardwalk is? Lover you site and your food. I have tried several recipes and someone in my family always liked what I cooked, especially the "undees".


Hey Heidi,

This is a nice idea. I've never thought of combining fresh greens into baked potatoes. May I ask what kind of foods did you guys cook at the rest stops? I'm curious. I'm thinking that you aren't talking about those typical rest stops off the highways? :)



I love baked potatoes and cook them this way all the time. Never tried the arugula filling, but I will. Be sure to prick them before baking (or in the middle of as someone suggested) of they'll explode in the oven.
One of our favorite ways to eat them is filled with good Texas Chili (no beans!) and topped with some cheese and onions.


Heidi-I've skipped the potato and went straight to that fab dressing on a pile of wheat berries tossed with cherry toms and fresh spinach. Even my good man who reserves the right to use the word "delicious" said just that, much to my delight. I reluctantly gave you credit. Ha. Thanks!


I can see where these potatoes might become something of an addiction to one, like myself, whose fondness for both spuds and salt is almost a craving. I must remember to be moderate.
I do love Nigel's "Tender" books - both of them. His recipes are so very tempting.


These look delightful, as soon as I saw parmesan in the recipe I knew they'd be even tastier. I will definitely try these out, thank you. Your road trip sounds fabulous. To cook at rest stop and eat outside as you journey down south, how wonderful :)
Heidi xo

Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

Thank you, Heidi! I just made this tonight for just myself with outstanding results. I like arugula but mache is hands-down my favorite lettuce, so I used that instead. I took your idea of the egg and used the yolk for the dressing and cooked up the whites for a topping. I like my dressings more vinegar-y (plus I thought 1/2 cup of oil was excessive for 2 people) so I used more like a scant tablespoon of oil in the dressing, with the rest of the ingredients in tact for 2. I loved this! Thanks for the recipe. :)


yum. made this tonight for work.. used greek yogurt instead of raw egg & the smaller yukon roasted with maldon salt. A winner. I love Nigel Slater. Heidi, do you ever cook from Tamasin Day Lewis's book?


My potato is in the oven! And I seriously think there were less russets at birite tonight...

HS: This cracked me up :)

Jill Pervere

They look like little slippers !!!


that looks really yummy...
and i was hoping your Marfa trip was to see this (a friend of mine is fascinated by El Cosmico!)...thanks for the glimpses!


Heidi, I just wanted to say a big thank you for publishing your book "Super Natural Everyday". I have been trying out your recipes and I love them. I also love how you've written little notes with suggestions with the recipes. I love the book so.... much that I have ordered "Super Natural Cooking" as well. Thanks for the inspiration Heidi. It is so... good to have such beautiful, vegetarian cookbooks to use and enjoy. Happy "natural cooking". Many thanks, Julie

HS: Thank you Julie!

Julie Maloney

Taliesin West really made my jaw drop. What a magnificent place!

Marc Taiwan

Ohh this recipe couldn't have come at a better time! I was just saying yesterday how much I miss having a fire place, because we used to have baked potatoes every Sunday night when we were little!! I'm going to be trying this version this week though! Thanks!


I LOVE this recipe. And these photos. I feel like the sun is shining through the screen. Beautiful.


There is no where quite like West Texas. More than any other place in this country, I have cravings to go be there for a visit.

K & A

If you have a chance, go to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. There aren't words for how beautiful it is at sunset. You just need to be quiet there. Jealous about Canyon De Chelly and Willcox. It was on the list but we ran out of time. Oh and the potatoes look delish too....


Nice variation on the Baked Potato. I always coat and salt the skin before baking, but your dressing is a welcome try.


Really gorgeous- baked potato is a great base for a meal- if you're in a rush you can microwave for 10 minutes or so, then bake in oven ...


The silence of the dessert.. Very curious about that! In two weeks I'll be visiting Marrakesh, and therefore I'll be very close to the Sahara.. But I don't think I'll go there this time. It must me so mystic, my imagination turns it into one of those places one feels so strange about where they are, nothing one will recognize.. Definitely a dream of me to visit one myself one day..
Baked potatoes? A golden oldy.. It has been a while for me too. Thank you for the reminder and recipe idea!


Though denser than russets, german gold potatoes bake to a creamy consistancy that makes for a wonderful baked spud. For folks like me that don't do dairy, the flesh has mouth feel of a buttered starch without the butter: toothy and slightly chewy, creamy and smooth all at once.
The color is wonderful and they are probably the sweetest taters next to fingerlings. (Which are also great whole roasted with olive oil and salt ,a dusting of garlic powder and herbs. A dressing of mustard with roughly chopped arugula or other bitter greens and a pinch of sugar or honey- oh my!)

ollie oranges

Had this for dinner tonight with fried eggs. It was so good! Even my kids (8 years old and under) loved it!

Jennifer Feeney

Ah! The classic road trip. I am such a romantic and love to drive for hours on end. West Texas?? We just moved to Houston so I should take a look at places to go in that direction. We don't cook potatoes that often like this but we do cook sweet potatoes all the time and fill them with whatever is on hand. I think your photos are so lovely

Snippets of Thyme

@ Monica - arugula is what americans call rocket (ie the peppery lettuce leaf)

Katie x


Hello from El Paso - about as west as you can get in Texas. Love the blog Heidi and you inspire me to think hard about a life sans meat...not ready yet though. Anyone planning a trip to Marfa, the lovely Davis mountains, or White Sands - simply breathtaking - let me know and I'll fill you in on the details of where to go and what to do once you get here!

Jane Steele

This is a great recipe. I read this at lunchtime on Friday and decided to add them, last minute, to that night's dinner party menu. They were the most popular item! I wanted to make them vegan so I used a mashed avocado in place of the egg and no cheese. This was so simple, but so good. I can imagine so many variations on this! Thank you for your website. It gives me so many great ideas!

HS: Love the avocado swap idea!


there is nothing better than a road trip under the stars and completely unplugging...and the arugula baked potato sounds amazing too


Your photography is inspiring, love the blog, keep up the good work!


There is something so comforting about a simple baked potato. This is a great grown up version! Also, finally got around to seeing your piece in Whole Living magazine and it was wonderful! Congrats!

HS: Thanks Janel


WOW! It had been a couple of years and out of the blue I made these just last night. Kismet.


wowwww....i made a variation of these with a sweet potato, and add subbed in fresh orange juice for the lemon juice - so good! so simple and the presentation if loverly.

thanks for the inspiration. i come here whenever i am running low on it and you never dissapoint heidi!

HS: Love that idea cory - and thanks for the nice note.

cory : eat and {relish}

Hi Heidi-

I was fascinated when you mentioned stopping and cooking at rest stops during your trip through Texas. I was wondering if you might share how you 'cook on the road' without stopping for greasy fast food or eating pb&j in the car. I remember a past post you did about preparing soup and freezing it to take camping...and I was wondering what other recipes and tricks for food on the go you might have up your sleeve.

HS: Hi Meg, the key components are a cooler, and a Coleman propane stove that has a burner on one side, and a grill on the other. I pack a really basic kitchen - skillet, small cutting board, metal spatula, knife, salt, olive oil, paper towels. And I pre-cook a few things - a big container of soba noodles, a couple dressings, etc for the cooler before we leave. That way I can grill up some tofu - and we're all set for the Otsu from SNC for the first couple lunches. Also, this time around we made these quesadillas a few times...If it was going to be colder, I might have done the frozen stew thing again. In general, we'd just hit up a store now and then and see what looked good to supplement what we had in the cooler, load up on ice, etc. Maybe we were just lucky, but the rest stops we pulled over too were great. Really beautiful views in some cases.


I have looked far and wide for the perfect baked potato recipe and I think I've finally found it! I've done everything from baking potatoes in the oven in aluminum foil to microwaving in paper bags.

I tried this last night and it is absolutely my favorite baked potato recipe and will be in the rotation for lunch or a side dish at dinner.

Virginia Osborne

recipe club

Wow, thanks for the refresher on the beauty and taste of a great baked potato! I used organic ones and thorougly enjoyed eating the skins. My farm eggs weren't the freshest, so instead of an egg yolk for the dressing, I used a tablespoon of mayo. Yummmmm. I'm delighted, as always. (And for dessert, Nikki's Healthy Cookies... : )

Fargo Fan

Magnificent! I followed the recipe to a tee, with the exception of omitting the egg in the dressing. Simply perfect as is, though I could see adding some crumbled bacon or an egg sunny side up to the top for extra heft. Also, Marfa has rocketed to my top five list of places to visit. Thanks for the inspiration Heidi!


I am not a fan of baked potatoes, I confess, I would probably just eat the rucola....


Those potatos look great! Mine never turn out like that! :(


I was so excited to make these since we just bought potatoes last week! Mine, of course, didn't turn out as pretty, but they were quite tasty. Topped with a fried egg and it was a meal. My man loved them too. I haven't thought of baked potatoes in so long and am excited to try filling them with other foods! Thanks for the inspiration as always; love love love your blog!!


I wish I would have know you'd be here! I could have given you a tour of my tiny market and some local honey or pomegranate syrup to take home. I love your site and your books... if you ever make it out again, come by the Get Go!

HS: Are you kidding Gina! I went to the Get Go every day we were there. And totally loaded up on ingredients for the drive back to SF - thankfully! I promise to let you know the next time I'm there. Really looking forward to another trip to Marfa at some point! And likewise, please let me know if you find yourself in SF.

Gina in Marfa

Heidi, these pictures are incredible and those little taters are mouth-wateringly gorgeous! Thank you!

Jenny Sansouci - Healthy Crush

When I was little I had this weird fascination with twice-baked potatoes. I have no idea where it came from, but I basically thought they were THE definition of classy eating and used to beg my mom to make them. I remember being ecstatic when my mom (who doesn't really cook) came home from the grocery store a package of frozen ones. And...basically that's my last memory of eating a "baked potato". Your classic recipe looks lovely - I might have to revisit.

Caroline @ French Ponytail

This looks gorgeous and a perfect nearing-the-end-of-the-week-want-something-yummy-and-easy meal. You know?

Jamie @ charminglyordinary

A perfect example of why I love this blog. A simple, clean meal that sounds so satisfying. I mean, how can a baked potato not make you feel comforted? I bake and dress them simply often, but I never thought to top them with arugula...and a fried egg :) Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

Hannah at FleurDeLicious

I read this recipe today and I knew I HAD to make it! I whipped them up tonight for dinner with my fiance and topped the whole thing with a fried egg, a drizzle of the dressing, a pinch of shredded parmesan and fresh ground black pepper. Not only was it so completely satisfying (comfort food without the guilt? yes please!!!) but it looked amazing too! Thanks again Heidi for another wonderful inspiration!


This looks particularly appealing to my taste... have to try it asap. U bring out the best in simple recipes.


Baked potatoes are so simple and satisfying, but so under-appreciated. I love that everyone can dress them up his or her own way. I posted a similar baked potato recipe adapted from an old Nancy Silverton cookbook where you rub the potato with butter or oil and bake it on a bed of kosher salt. Fluffy, moist, delicious!


I haven't made baked potatoes in years! Seeing as Australia is now getting cold, it's the perfect time...


Comfort food at it's finest! Having some cooler days in the bay area, I was able to bake these up over the weekend! Score! I've baked potatoes in kosher salt before but the addition of the greens and dressing, it's heavenlyl. I hope to someday meet you at farmers market in SF.


I made these last night - the skin on the potatoes was crispy and delicious! (I love eating the skin - very nutritious too!) I topped the potatoes with a smidge of butter and a sprinkle of Lincolnshire Poacher cheese and had the arugula on the side with just some good red wine vinegar. I'd love to try your dressing next time - anything with an egg yolk in it is right up my street!

Tamsin Harriman

Thanks for a lovely idea. I was wondering what potato dish to serve at a bbq this Sunday and now I know exactly what to offer! We always used to have jacket potatoes (potatoes still in their jackets!) on Saturday nights when we were kids and I still love them. Haven't had an oven for about 15 years (due to extensive travels) but now I do and I can bake potatoes once again.


Heidi, where's "gribiche" in super natural every day? The potatoes are in the oven, and I now wonder if there might be a typo in the recipe above? Can't find it in the cookbook index or by flipping through the pages... any other hints?

Note to Monica: arugula also goes by "roquette." Happily, it's exploded this week in my garden and I'm so pleased to find something good to do with it tonight.

Julie H

Oops, nevermind, I found it as soon as it was too late to delete the question: Gribiche is found on p. 88, "Broccoli Gribbiche." Sorry!

Julie H

Loved these, the sea salt really makes it for me!! Dressing was great, my arugula was not from my garden and not the freshest but it had to do! We are have a rash of coldish weather here in Chicago and I made the red lentil coconut soup last night, potato's tonight and those boozy cherry brownies last weekend! All a huge hit, so happy I found you- a little late to the table but happy to be here.


Love that you went to Marfa - I just vacationed there in April. Such a nice place - did you see/go to the Chinati hot springs? Gorgeous. It is hard to explain what is so charming about Marfa but I found it to be so engaging and you are right about the quiet. There was nothing like it. Almost otherworldly.


Baked potatoes are my go-to, too-busy-to-plan-a-meal meal, but mine have never looked so elegant. Arugula! I will try this recipe. Thank you!
And, agreed: West TX, especially the High Plains of the TX Panhandle are uniquely beautiful. Hard to explain to people who'd ask why you went there, though.
~born in Lubbock


These look divine! And very useful because the arugula is growing like crazy in our garden.
I also have to say that I loooove your pictures. That first one reminds me of a painting from Magritte.

PS : Please help me choose from the cooking books listed on The Veggie Eco-Life

Sara (The Veggie Eco-Life)

I love baked potatoes! Though it can be fattening, I just love them! When I have the time, I do bake some for the family but I never tried the arugula filling. Next time I will!! Thanks for sharing!


Wow! This looks fantastic! I grew up in Maine potato country (Aroostook County) so I have a great fondness for all things potato! Just added your blog to my Maine Food Finds blogroll — looking forward to reading all your great posts!


Need to try this. Looks really good.


I too have just "remembered" the lovely baked potato. This spin on it sounds great. Thank you!


Two comments in one day...eep. But I just wanted to mention that the trip sounded AMAZING. Just a wee bit jealous.

Mrs D

my husband and i are embarking on a SW US trip this summer. do you have any suggestions of places to stay in NM or AZ? your trip sounds lovely!

alison b

Found this through Pinterest. These look A-MA-ZING! I totally linked them in my Friday dance!

Marty J. Christopher

I'm dying to take a road trip to Marfa. Maybe in September for the music fest. Did you visit El Cosmico?

Mrs. Green

I'm not ealsiy impressed. . . but that's impressing me! :)


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