Soba Recipes

soba recipes

Soba, Chives and Crème Fraîche

The quickest and easiest of lunches. Soba noodles tossed with dollops of crème fraîche, and showered with lots of chives and grated hard-boiled egg yolk.

soba recipes

Last Minute Everything Bagel Noodle Bowl

A perfect one-pot meal. Noodles, tofu, and broccoli boiled in one pot, drained, tossed with splashes of olive oil and ponzu, plus a generous showering of everything bagel seasoning to finish it all off.

soba recipes

Super Natural Every Day: Six Recipe Sampler

A six recipe PDF sampler from my new cookbook, Super Natural Every Day. It includes a few of my v. favorite recipes - Millet Muffins, Ravioli Salad, Avocado & Mustard Seeds, Black Sesame Otsu, Tinto de Verano, and a Tutti-Frutti Crumble. Enjoy!

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