Spring Favorites List Recipe

A list of favorite things from Spring 2007.

Spring Favorites List

I'm at the IACP Conference in Chicago until Saturday. If any of you happen to be attending (and see me), please say hello. I should mention that for the first time ever, IACP is opening its popular cookbook expo to the public. So, if you're from Chicago and want to get some books signed (by me or any of the sixty other authors participating), this is the time to do it - Friday, APRIL 13. For those of you not familiar with IACP, you can read about my past adventures, last year in Seattle and the year prior in Dallas.

While I'm out of the kitchen, I thought I'd hit you up with my Spring favorites list.

Mono Filio Teapot: Wayne bought me a beautiful Mono teapot for my birthday along with a selection of teas from the In Pursuit of Tea website. The teapot is their smaller 20 ounce teapot, they also make a 54 ounce version. It has an ultra widemouth which allows whole tea leaves to leisurely unfurl and steep without being cramped.

Meredith Allen Melty Ice Pop Photographs: I love these. Snoopy, Tweety, Marvin the Martian, Powerpuff girls and Pokemon - in popsicle form. Melting.

Wine pick: My wine club got together last week to taste about a dozen New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noirs. This 2006 Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc was a favorite for its tangy pink grapefruit finish ($15).

Monogramed Stamp: I love being able to personalize things. Check out these custom stamps on the Russell+Hazell site. It looks like they are self-inking which is a bit of a bummer. It would be great to choose your own ink preference. My vote, metallic silver or gold.

Bread: This one is for my San Francisco readers. Have you tried the Seeded Whole Wheat Loaf from Acme Bread Company? It makes the best toast ever, its the bread in this Egg Salad Sandwich recipe from last week.

Quite possibly the cutest food blog of all time: kokblog. Johanna must be busy with life outside of the blogosphere lately, but I look forward to her posts and delightful illustrations.

Small Magazine: My friend Hadley sent me a link to the Melting Moments cookie recipe on the Small Magazine site. While you are there check out the other pages - it is really well done. It is focused primarily on small things for the small-sized. But one of the cool things is that its not just a kids magazine, they also focus on things done on a small production scale.

And last but not least, I'll leave you with some springtime recipes from the archives. Hopefully I'll come home with a suitcase of new inspiration!

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The "melting moments" cookie recipe sounds wonderful, but can someone tell me what custard powder is? Thanks!


I stumbled upon this blog thru mybloglog and I got myself a treat. Lovely blog and now I am off browsing some recipes here!


Re: Rubber stamps -- There are many companies out there which will cut/press a rubber stamp for you, given a design. Actually, sometimes your local copy shop has the ability to do it or has a company which does it for them they send it out to, or any large stationery shop of the mom & pop variety should be able to refer you to a stamp presser, too, or check with the finer arts stores (i.e. not Michael's or A.C. Moore.). And it's worth checking with Staples, too, since companies are often in need of their own rubber stamps. This way, you don't have to get a self-inker! Also, even if you do have to go with a self-inking stamp from a company who hopefully charges less than $46 flipping bucks (shouldn't be more than $20, tops!), you can always ring up and check to see if they can ship it without a charger in, and you can then use your own stamping pads, just load it up with ink and stamp quickly since you've got a full stamping movement to go through. Also, this company you linked to may allow for you to request just the rubber portion of the stamp, uncut from the rubber square, which you can then mount to your own block, or if all else fails, order the stamp, disassemble it, superglue it to your own block and et voila, personalized stamp you can stamp with any darn colour you want!


Glad you enjoyed the Saint Clair !

Mark Shaw

I love kokblog too--it's one of my very favorite sites. Don't feel bad Johanna, we all have lives and I have a friend who regularly gives me a hard time on his site for not posting enough! Sometimes we just have to get the food on the table, don't we? Then the blog has to wait!


I LOVE the Acme whole wheat breads. I used to live in SF, and the first thing I do when I visit is stop by the closest Whole Foods and buy a loaf of Acme's Whole Wheat, or Seeded Whole Wheat. It's also amazing with Mountain Jam -- blackberry is my favorite. I'm in Atlanta now, and these are definitely two things I miss most (along with the ocean).


JustRite Stamp company makes a customizable monogram stamp that allows you to use different inks. It actually looks just like the ones from Russell+Hazell but the fonts are quite as beautiful. However, you can change out the letters based on what you are making. Add-on kits with small letters are also available. http://www.justritestampers.com/category.aspx?categoryID=100


Thanks Heidi, You are totally right I am busy doing other things... but I promise there will be more on kokblog.


The artichoke pancakes look amazing! I just printed that one out for weekend fun.


Hi Heidi! Welcome to Chicago! That is where I am right now. Hopefully you will bring some good weather to us. Hopefully you missed the snow we just got a couple of days ago. Anyway thanks for the recipes! I will be sure to read over them again and try some. Hope your having fun in Chicago!


I love Acme Bread Co! I think my favorite is there Onion Slab! So good broiled w/garden fresh tomatoes & a little cheese. Have a great weekend one & all!!!!

Cali Girl

oops, nevermind... that's just her sketching blog. Cute drawings though!


Heidi - as of 3 weeks ago, that is now my favorite bread, too. I only wish I could eat it fast enough...inevitably the white dots start to proliferate before we're done with a loaf. Enjoy IACP.


ohhh a favourites list. these are my favourite things to read on this blog. long live honey icecream and kokblog, the latter of which i had never seen before, but it is surely right up my alley.


I'm jealous - you're going back to my hometown! I don't get back often enough. But it did snow there this week, so be prepared!


dear heidi. that russel & hazell stuft is so gorgeous - did you check out their audrey collection? the fine finishing touches are just sohohoho gorgeous. and the social labels just to cool for school. have a good time in chicago. it always rained when i was there. always! rained!


Thanks for the tips Heidi - I've just added a few more sites to my ever expanding list of favourites. I spent some money on Russell & Hazel binders after seeing your link to them last year but buying stationery from the US is probably not a good budget conscious habit to get into even if it is gorgeous!


I second the Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc recommendation. They have it at our local wine bar/wine shop and it's my absolute favourite. Our friends keep making me try something different but if the sun is shining I always go back to this one - its fantastic! Enjoy the conference Heidi!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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