Healthy Breakfast Ideas Recipe

Quick, clever, healthy breakfast ideas are something I'm always excited to discover. I landed on what I think of as new healthy breakfast favorite this week, and instead of simply sharing that recipe, I thought I'd list it off with a handful of other feel-good day starters.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Quick, clever, healthy breakfast ideas are something I'm always excited to discover. I'm talking about preparations you can make at home, in the morning, when you're often crunched for time. Nobody loves a leisurely brunch more than I do, but most mornings that's just not in the cards for me, nor, I suspect, for many of you. I landed on what I think of as a new healthy breakfast favorite this week, and instead of simply sharing that recipe, I thought I'd list it off with a handful of other feel-good day starters that are in regular rotation here - with an emphasis on the quick ones. I really love a savory breakfast, but savory or not, I try to make sure whatever I make has a good amount of protein, fresh ingredients, and some fruit or vegetables, and/or greens if possible. For example:

Five-minute Breakfast Tacos: If you plan ahead just a bit, these come together in minutes. This is what I've been eating for breakfast most of this week. Peel a hard-boiled egg*, smash it in a small bowl with a bit of yogurt or drizzle of olive oil. Heat a tortilla by throwing it down directly on a very low burner or gas flame. Flip it once or twice, until it is hot, and blistered a bit. Remove and top with the smashed egg, shredded greens, sprouts, guacamole, micro greens, or chopped herbs. Add a drizzle of hot sauce or salsa. Done. Pictured above and below.

*I hard-boil eggs once or twice a week 6-12 at a time, and then place them back in the carton, so they're ready first thing in the morning.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Miso Soup: It's a traditional way to start the day in Japan, and I love how it makes me feel - warm, calm, cozy. Also, it can be as quick to make as a cup of tea. I put a dollop of good miso in the bottom of a cup or mason jar along with anything else I want, pour a splash of just-shy-of-boiling water in, stir to break up the miso, then add more and more water until the taste is the strength I'm after. I tend to add whatever is in the refrigerator to make it a bit more substantial and filling - a scoop of cooked barley grains, tiny cubes of tofu, cooked mung beans, etc. I did a post on miso soup a while back as well.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Crepes: Don't roll your eyes yet ;) I know it sounds time intensive, but crepes really aren't if you have the batter ready. I sometimes make a jar of crepe batter on a Sunday, and it's good until Thursday or Friday. Just give it a good stir, and into the pan it goes. A favorite version is as follows: make the crepe, when it is nearly done, pour one well-beaten egg on top of the crepe while it is still in the pan (less if you're using a small pan), allowing it to form a thin coating, then cook until the egg is set. Add whatever else you like after that - herbs, a little swirl of sauce or pesto, some chopped spinach, or a bit of cheese, or avocado. Fold and go. Here's the rye crepe recipe I use often.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Yogurt Bowls: (photo above) I think the key with yogurt bowls is to start with the best, plain yogurt you can get your hands on. Then add other ingredients. I'm always shocked at just how much sugar is in some of the pre-flavored yogurts out there. I had a vanilla yogurt the other day that was like melted ice cream - delicious, but not the best way to start my morning. I decide if I'm going to take a yogurt bowl sweet or savory and go from there. Some favorite combinations:

- Plain Yogurt + seasonal fruit + honey + something crunchy - for example: this Pluot & Poppy Yogurt Bowl,

- Plain Yogurt + pinch of salt + brown rice or barley + lots of chopped herbs + a pinch of turmeric + olive oil drizzle

- Plain yogurt + toasted walnuts + some crumbled toasted seaweed +and a bit of granola that is on the spicy/un-sweet side of the spectrum.

That's just a quick brainstorm - if nothing else, try the tacos. Curious about what your go-to healthy breakfast ideas are as well! -h

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These are excellent brunch selections! I especially like the miso soup idea which so many times is reserved for dinner. Beautiful photos make these recipes even more enticing!

Amy - Parsley In My Teeth

I really enjoy making savory grain-bowls with whatever grain I have cooked and ready in the fridge--quinoa, polenta, brown rice, etc. My favorite, favorite version, for the way it makes me feel as well as how delicious it is, is simply: the grains, some greens quickly sautéed or water-steamed in a pan, and then an egg fried in the same pan after the greens are done. A few dollops of pesto, harissa, hot sauce, or whatever finishes it. Maybe a sprinkle of feta or etc. It really takes about five minutes, maybe ten, but it's such a charger-upper for the day to come!

Shannon Murphy

this is a great post, always good to have breakfast choices, especially quick options like the ones here.


One thing that changed dramatically when I went vegan was breakfast. I have really enjoyed transforming breakfast into "anything goes" territory. Some of our fave go-to breakfasts are a tempeh stir fry with lot of veggies (I often use frozen veggie stir fry mixes) and roasted sweet potato tacos with black beans, salsa and avocado. Green smoothies are a must accompany.


Quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes, toasted walnuts and goat cheese. I make a batch of the sweet potatoes one night (spices, olive oil, onions, garlic) and a lot of quinoa on the stove so I can pull it out in the morning. Today I had it with ricotta and then a slice of raisin toast spread with avocado and a pinch of coarse salt - delicious! My almost 1 year old shared with me and loved it!

Molly Kellogg

Sounds good! Except for the yogurt, I have a weird aversion to yogurt with anything in it. I sometimes do a similar breakfast burrito except with one scrambled egg. My normal quick breakfast is a small cup of cottage cheese, half and avocado with sea salt on it and toast with butter or cheese. Never fully analyzed the nutrition but it seems to me it has some good protein, fats and carbs (whole grain).


The idea of ready made crepe batter reminds me of dosas in Southern India, which are basically savoury crepes but made with a batter based on fermented lentils. They are often breakfast foods, and the process to make the batter is rather long so there are bags of batter available in grocery stores. You could do something similar for a quick breakfast but with different flavours.

revolutionary habit

Thanks for these recipes! I have been looking for new breakfast ideas since I gave up eating processed sugar a few months ago. I realized that all my go-to breakfast foods were sugar, sugar and more sugar. I can't wait to try the tacos and miso!

Jamie B

I definitely eat leftovers for breakfast. I'm so not a morning person so I eat my leftovers from dinner for breakfast and then try and find something to make for lunch (I'm fully awake by then). I would love to try overnight oats like some previous commenters have said! All done by morning so I can zombie over to the fridge and slurp it up.

Charity Sarah

Love these ideas (especially the taco)! Most mornings, I have some of the overnight Bircher Muesli ( I make enough for 3 breakfasts) and add some fresh fruit. That, along with the oats, seeds, maple syrup and almond milk, makes a delicious and filling meal.


I always welcome breakfast ideas, thank you! My husband came up years ago with a great simple breakfast dish, which is a bowl of yogurt, diced apple (preferably firm and tarty) and chopped walnuts (or any nut of your choice), with a quick short drizzle of honey and even without. Just a suggestion if you're interested :)


What's your go-to plain yogurt? So many differences between brands and types.

HS: HI Kat - I switch it up - there are a good number of local yogurts I like, and I usually go for one of those.


I also enjoy having miso soup for breakfast. My version is more Korean, and the base is dried anchovies and I use daenjang (darker miso). My kids like to throw leftover rice into the broth, and I enjoy watching them eat baby spinach and tofu for breakfast.

Silvia Chung

I love your recipe for a tortilla and egg done unda-style! I use that one often, it's so quick!

Sarah G

Love these breakfast ideas - especially the make-ahead crepe batter! Quite different from what I normally make for weekday breakfasts but I am intrigued by the idea of miso soup in the morning for the way you say it makes you feel - what a great way to start the day! A quick healthy breakfast at my house is probably a smoothie - blueberry + soymilk or raspberry + soymilk + mint.


Thank you so much for this Heidi. I've been needing a bit of inspiration in the breakfast department for a while. I love a fresh scone (sweet or savoury) or some homemade soda bread and scrambled egg and smoked salmon for a treat (sorry non-meat eaters!) x


Great list. I must say Miso soup and rice for breakfast was my favorite dish when I was in Japan last June. In fact, I'm a big fan of Tamagoyaki (rolled omellette). I'm gonna have to try that tortilla thing though (I also prefer savory in the morning).


Each one looks like a good idea

Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today

What a great doable breakfast list. I like your add-ins for miso soup. It's as easy to make as oatmeal, assuming some prepared items are on stand-by in the fridge. I must make this for breakfast more often!

Katie @ Whole Nourishment

I love to prepare my breakfast the night before. Usually overnight oats - oats + plant based milk + dried fruits as figs or mulberries - to be topped with fresh fruit and yogurt in the morning or chia seed pudding ^_^

valentina | sweet kabocha

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