Super Natural Every Day: Published Recipe

It's a big day for me, my new cookbook is being published. I always forget how long it takes! I've written quite a bit about the process along the way. To that end, I thought it might be helpful to wrangle all the Super Natural Every Day info into one round-up post.

Super Natural Every Day: Published

I want to start this post off with a thank-you. Today is the day my new cookbook will be released, and I feel like a huge thank you is in order. I wouldn't be celebrating a day like today if it weren't for your support for my last book. Please, just know, I think about that often, and I couldn't be more appreciative. Those of you who have been long-time readers know how much I love the collaborative spirit of the book-making process, and I feel very fortunate to be able to share what inspires me in my own life and kitchen, not only here on the site, but also in book format. So, thank you. I hope this new book finds its way into welcoming kitchens near and far.

Super Natural Every Day Round Up

I thought it might be helpful to wrangle all the Super Natural Every Day info into one round-up post. I've done a good number of posts related to the making of the cookbook - and they're sort-of sprawled across the site right now. So, here it goes:

- Super Natural Every Day website.

- The cover image on Amazon got a little janky - but the good news is, you can now search inside the book.

- Events! Here's the event/signings page: Hope to see you in San Francisco, Berkeley, Portland, or Seattle.

- Six recipe sampler: includes the Millet Muffins, Ravioli Salad, Avocado & Mustard Seeds, Black Sesame Otsu, Tinto de Verano, and Tutti-Frutti Crumble.

- Desktop wallpaper and iPhone backgrounds.

- Book-in-progress series of posts: A First Look, The Manuscript, Choosing a Cover, Preview, and the Recipe Sampler, Making Postcard Packets.

- Green Lentil Soup at Little Flower School. If you're interested in pictures of the lovely class, have a look here and here.

Some of my favorite people have also started cooking from Super Natural Every Day, and I've done a number of Q+As this week - here are a few links to start. I'll do my best to keep it updated in the coming weeks! If I missed you, it was unintentional - give a shout in the comments please.

- Completely flattered to be featured on joy+ride.

- I answer a few fun questions for my young, inspiring friends at The Kitchen Generation.

- Lottie + Doof features one of my favorites, the Baked Oatmeal.

- Jaden takes on the cover recipe. White Beans & Cabbage on Steamy Kitchen.

- I love seeing how other photographer interpret my recipes through their lenses. It's a lot of fun. Have a look at the beautiful shots Helene posted along with the Macaroon Tart & Shaved Fennel Salad recipes.

- Quite honestly, my Baked Stuffed Tomatoes have never looked this good.

- The Cooking Channel shares a trio of salads - Mostly Not Potato, Orzo Salad, & Kale Salad.

- I always love seeing how Shauna goes about making my recipes great & gluten-free. Thank you friend - the crepes look delicious, your kind words made my morning.

- Lara Ferroni makes the pita chips, and reminds me again why I'm so lucky to do what I do.

- Sprouted Kitchen shares a twist on the Orzo Salad, and posts my favorite zest photo ever.

- I love the idea that a copy of my book lives in Margaret Roach's rural house in the woods. I very much hope to visit it there someday. Thank you, Margaret for your wonderful write up, and for generously giving away two copies on your site.

- I love, love, love this - the Cucumber Coolers get boozy with Tracy on shutterbean. With great pictures too.

- For those of you with a bit of patience, Jennifer Perillo gives the homemade whole grain mustard a go.

- Nine questions about Super Natural Every Day with Naomi Starkman on SFGate's Inside Scoop.

- I sometimes think roasting strawberries isn't quite right, but these are a favorite. They're on Design*Sponge in one of my all-time favorite food the kitchen with. I've lost many an hour in the archives over there.

- Also on also on Design*Sponge - I field some fun questions from the smart and lovely Kristina Gill about the book, photography, and cameras.

- Tara at Seven Spoons shares the Quinoa Patties, and manages to sum up what I try to do better than I ever could. Thank you.

- Aran does a lovely gluten-free take on my Tutti-Frutti Crumble.

Lastly, my friends at Terrain asked me to highlight a few of my kitchen favorites on their site in support of Earth Day & Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture. If you use the promocode STONEBARNS between now and April 24, you'll get free shipping at and 10% of your order will go to Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture.

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I’ve been a long time blog reader but just recently purchased Super Natural Every Day. Today I made my first recipe from it and was so pleased with the outcome. I made the bran muffins and I hope to make them more often. Thanks!!

Maia McDonald

I checked out SNED from the library and loved it so much, I just bought it. I am addicted to the quinoa patties but also wondered about the lack of goat cheese in the recipe. I’m sure there’s a story there. Also, the bran muffin recipe calls for plain, unsweetened bran cereal. Is this bran flakes or something like All Bran? Do you have a brand you usually buy?
Thanks again for the wonderful cookbook and website.


I received this cookbook from my husband for my birthday, he knows how much I love your website. It is absolutely beautiful and the recipes look amazing. I love how simple and delicious your recipes are, and how flexible they are…I like to add new ingredients or substitute with what I have on hand and it still always ends up healthy and delicious. Thank you for inspiring me to spread my little chef wings 🙂

HS: Thanks TD! 🙂

Td noe valley is super, bookmarked!
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I just got this from the library yesterday and am convinced it will be the next book I add to my collection. Beautiful recipes, photographs, and writing. Love it.


Congratulations on a beautiful cookbook!
I received my copy a couple days ago and have reviewed it on my blog.

Hanna @ Swedish Meatball

Bought this at the Omnivore signing and have been trying recipes every week since! We and friends have so enjoyed everything we’ve tried. Question: where to find Pomegranate Molasses in SF? I could drive around endlessly and probably find it somewhere, but if anyone out there wants to help me save gas your tip would be much appreciated!
HS: Hi Jennie – I think the last bottle I picked up was from Rainbow? And I’d bet that Whole Foods carries it too – although I might call first to be sure. And when you find yourself with a bottle of it, I use it often in the muhammara dip/spread as well – love it in this.


Congratulations on your new book Heidi, I just got my copy two days ago. I have both your books and want to ask you a question, in the SNC, you listed agave nectar in the list of sweetener but not in SNE. Any particular reason?


Heidi! I just got your cookbook in the mail last night. I bought two right away so that I can send one to a friend in Norway. I stayed late looking through it. I LOVE it. What a beautiful book. I can’t wait to get cooking.
HS: Thanks Catie – I hope yo enjoy it!


just bought this a few days ago. i can’t WAIT to rip into it…just amazing. your photography and design background is also much appreciated…not only amazing looking recipes, but just a gorgeous table book!
101cookbooks is my favorite website ever.
lots of love from bermuda! you deserve all the praise in the world for your lovely, creative, beautiful recipes. 🙂


I just made the yogurt biscuits – really delicious. I’ve never worked with spelt flour before and it has such a lovely, fragrant sweetness. I look forward to making these many more times, experimenting with some of the mix-ins you’ve suggested. I’m loving SNE.

Linda NYC

From the comments on your pages, I understand I am not be alone around here. I wish I could have a website like yours.

Martin Coxen

Heidi, I’ve just got your book and made the green lentil soup. Amazing! Thank you for all the recipes which make me hungry all the time.


Just picked up the book! Love the breakfast section so much I haven’t been able to pay proper attention to the remaining portions! 🙂 Love love love the millet muffins and had fun with bulgar wheat for breakfast! I love your cooking style as well as your attention to each ingredient, where it was grown, how it was cared for…..etc! Thanks for incorporating so many ‘near to my heart’ values into your tasty and delightful cookbook! love it!


Hi Heidi-
Just a thank you. We came to your book signing in Berkeley. It was so strange to meet you- I’ve never been to a book signing before and though I’m a total stranger to you, I feel like I know you, at least in a way. Reading your blog and loving it so much, surprised at how consistently amazing and simple and yummy the recipes are, and delighted by how much we have in common, I was so excited to see you and buy the book but bummed that although I have enjoyed “knowing” you, we’re still total strangers! It was wild to have that experience. I laid down in the sun with my boyfriend the next day and thumbed through the book happily – it’s so beautiful. Thx for everything. Lindsay

Lindsay Hegg

Hi Heidi,
I absolutely love your book! I recently just started my own food blog and made your blackberry macaroon tart for my first post. It was super delicious and everyone devoured it in minutes. You are a true inspiration to me, thank you!


What inspiration! My cookbook has been put to the way-side as life events have unfolded (the birth of our first son)…now I’m in a place to pick up where I left off. I just purchased your new book on Amazon and can’t wait for it’s arrival. I was recently on where I made a modified version of your Tapioca pudding. Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for years now and love seeing new posts. You produce stunning photography. Can you teach me? hehe


Absolutely LOVE your new cookbook. Post-its are sticking out all over the place and I can’t wait to dive in! Thank you for your wonderful work and your humane/delicious/healthy approach to food.


Dear Heidi,
Thank you for your inspiring work. I really appreciate your sense of creativity and style in cooking. I read your blog regularly, just bought the new cookbook, and made the wild rice casserole for dinner tonight. It was great as usual. (I’ve also become a regular Massa Organics and Rancho Gordo bean customer as a result of reading your blog.) I was disappointed that I could not make it up to one of your book signings to express my appreciation in person. I look forward to many new recipes to come. Best of luck.


Congratulations! Super Natural Every Day is as lovely as Super Natural Cooking, both books have made their rounds in the house—from the coffee table, to the kitchen, and onto the night stand. I just bought two copies of the book, for myself and one to give away. Thanks for the endless inspiration with your photographs, stories, and recipes!

art and lemons

Congrats on the book…it is wonderful! I have a quick question. In the quinoa patties recipe on p. 121, the subheading for the recipe includes “goat cheese,” but the cheese listed in the ingredients section of the recipe is parmesan or gruyere. What do you usually use? It would seem to me that a semi-soft chevre would impact the texture of these patties very differently than a hard cheese like parmesan. Now that I’m thinking abou this, I’ll probably try both ways and compare. But I’d love to know what you typically use!


I bought the last two remaining copied from Barnes & Noble on fifth, NYC…!


Just bought my copy today! WOOOOT! It’s absolutely gorgeous and we are dedicated to making every single recipe in it! The granola is in the oven right now actually… 😉 Thanks for making it an affordable purchase too. You are tha bomab lady.
HS: Thanks Bethany!

Bethany Orbison

Hi Heidi, a great big congratulation on Super Natural Every Day! I’ve ordered my copy. Looking forward to receiving it soon. 🙂


Its wonderful! Made the buttermilk pancakes (sinful), cabbage/pots/beans (easy & fast), harissa ravioli (uber fast & delish), tempeh/eggplant/sweet pots (YUMMA!), & the millet muffins (fantastic snack). I’m crazy about your third book! It’s great! Nicely done.
HS: So glad to hear you like the recipes! You’ve definitely picked out a number of my very favorites. 🙂


I just orded your 1st book & the latest: I can’t wait ! SUPER excited !!!
Congratulations !
(from Geneva, Switzerand)


Great cookbook! Can’t wait to try the recipes.

Hari Rao

All my best to you, Heidi! Also…just wondering where you ordered the self-inking stamp for your postcard packets. Thanks!
HS: Hi Maria, I uploaded my file to Have fun!


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Thank you for posting all these links! Such awesome blogs, I don’t know how I’ve missed them until now.


Congratulations Heidi! You are a total badass. I love my copy 🙂

Olivia de Santis

Congratulations!!! Going to order two now, one for a gift.


I just ordered the book today. SOOO excited to get it! Loved reading your other two. :]
Just saw Deb featured your scrumptious-looking macaroon tart over at too! You’re all over the place. Congrats and I hope to see many more healthful, fun, unpretentious recipes come our way from you!!


Congratulations Heidi. Much success.


Congratulations – I heard good things about your book and came to check out the website. I am excited to try some of your healthy veg recipes.


Heidi, I made the white bean and cabbage last night with leftovers for lunch today. Very good, did not miss the meat. Next time will add peas and carrots! Love your book.

Karen Albro

I became a vegetarian (to my parents horror!) when I was 10. I staged a little protest outside of a lobster tank at a local supermarket. That was just the beginning…
For the past 25 years I’ve always been annoyed when “vegetarian cooking” meant rabbit food or was somehow synonymous with light, flavorless fare.
You cookbook is a TOTAL inspiration. Wonderful dishes, great combinations, flavor galore and not necessarily fat-free. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please do a book signing in Brooklyn. You’ve got fans!
BTW, I posted your wild rice casserole on my site. It got rave reviews at a recent dinner party. Congrats on your success.


I made the baked oatmeal yesterday and it was so delicious! I’ve never thought of baking it, and the combination of oats, walnuts, berries and banana was perfect. Just finished a bowl of leftovers this morning and it’s still delicious.
I’ve also made the millet muffins, which I adored, and the tutti-frutti crumble. 🙂 I guess now I need to by the book to see what else is in store!


Heidi, when I received your new book in the mail last week, I was ecstatic. Like many others, I read it in one sitting and have bookmarked many recipes to try right away. Thank you for inspiring me to cook new things and experiment with different flavor profiles. My husband also thanks you…he is a happy beneficiary of all of this cooking inspiration!


Long time lurker, first time posting. Big Congratulations to you! And a big thank you for being an inspiration to many a meal at home here. Love, love, love what you do and am so grateful that you share so much here. Will be looking for your cookbooks.


I love your website and couldn’t stand it any longer – I just ordered both of your books on amazon and am patiently waiting by the door. We reference your recipes all the time on the website for our CSA-type club.
On a side note, thank you, thank you, thank you for making your books affordable! Congrats!


Congrats on your new book. I love your site and I’m sure the book is fantastic.


heidi, i just got your cookbook, and read it through in one sitting. it is beautiful. i so look forward to cooking from it and sharing recipes with my family. thank you for your hard work, and congratulations!


I’ve been a steadfast and admiring reader of this blog for a long while, so I knew that I’d like your new book…but I finally got my copy in the mail today and was blown away. It’s so gorgeous–from the way the recipes are laid out to the meditative photo-spreads between sections. And of course, I can’t wait to start cooking from it! Congratulations.


I got mine in the mail today and made the pepper tempeh for dinner! It was delicious!


I just got my copy today and it is WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to try some of the many recipes I have earmarked, starting with the Ravioli Salad (I picked up the ingredients at lunch!).

Beth Anne

Congratulations!! I don’t often comment but I read every post. So happy that your new book is now out in the world…even happier that I already got my copy! And thrilled that you mentioned Philippine sugar in your introduction!!! I’m from the Philippines and a big fan. Know that your gorgeous book has reached our sunny shores and that one dedicated reader is enjoying it very much 🙂


I work at a local kitchen store in central PA and we just got your book in the other day! I saw it sitting on the table and immediately recognized it–I flipped through the recipes and they look amazing. Thanks for sharing your recipes–and your talented photography–with us!!
HS: Thanks for the note Lorie, I love hearing where the book is popping up.


Just ordered your book! I’m sure I’ll love it! 101cookbooks is my go-to website for recipes! Thanks so much!

Jessica @ Better World Buzz

Congratulations!! It must be so gratifying to see your hard work in to a book, I can not wait to read it. Hope you and wish you much success.

Pam @ Cookware Guide

Holy Lord, that kale-coconut salad thing is delicious.
Thank you, Heidi, for my new favorite cookbook.


Just received my pre-ordered copy! It is very beautiful with great recipes. As spring brings me new vegetables, I’m sure this will be a constant companion in the kitchen.


Your book arrived on Saturday and I brought it with me to my son’s basketball tournament knowing I would have three hours between games to read it. I started turning down the corners of the pages of the recipes I wanted to make and before I knew it almost every page had its corner turned down!
Thank you thank you for a wonderful book!


I love your first book, and just got your new book. I made the buttermilk cake with peaches I froze last fall. It was perfect! Thanks for the great recipes.


I just got the new book and tried the buttermilk cake. I made it with peaches I froze last year. It was perfect. Thanks for the great recipes.


Love the new book! Thank you Heidi! I just made the Cabbage Soup from Super Natural Every Day. It only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Delicious!

Terri Torpin

Congratulations! I’ve been a reader for a while now, and just love your blog. I have been seeing so much good stuff written about you on a lot of the other blogs I read, and it gives me such a good feeling inside. You deserve all the praise that is coming your way!


Congratulations!!! Hope you make it out to Brooklyn – powerhouse arena or book court maybe…but that’s just wishful thinking.

Hungry Sofia

The new cookbook is great! Just had the kale salad (with farro) for lunch and it was AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to make more.


Congratulations! It’s me who’s the lucky one.
I’m excited. I gave away my copy of Super Natural Foods, and just replaced it this past weekend. And, I’ll be adding Super Natural Every Day to the house in the next few days. So much goodness in such a short time!
I’d like to purchase it through a link on your site, but I don’t see any Canadian options. Would you add or, please?

Deane Ross

Picked up your book this past weekend. LOVE IT! Congratulations! The pictures are amazing and I can’t wait to try the recipes.


PS. I can’t wait to add a recipe to my site
I’m ordering my copy from Amazon now…

Lisa @

I’m sooooo thrilled about your new cookbook!
I LOVE printing recipes from blog/sites, but I LOVE an actual cookbook even more!!!

Lisa @

Congratulations! Your book looks great!


Congrats, Heidi! Last Tuesday I was in a major Barnes & Noble and saw a stack of your books on a display table by the entrance!


I followed the links, read through the available recipes, made the baked oatmeal and ordered two: one for me, and one for my best friend who lives in New Zealand. We will both love it! I’m inspired!


Heidi, thank you for all the inspirational cooking. i received your new book yesterday and already i’m so excited to dive right in. your style and passion come through in your recipes and photography…keep doing what you’re doing girl!


I made the Greek yogurt biscuits for dinner tonight to serve with soup and they turned out really well. I was a little concerned about the texture when mixing, as I don’t have a food processor and didn’t think at first that the ingredients blended very well, but it all came together after I turned out and kneaded the batter.
I also added some feta between the rolled layers and they really hit the spot. Super light and tangy with the yogurt and feta. i think my boyfriend ate half the batch and i had to hide away the rest to save for our lunches tomorrow.


I just got your book in the mail yesterday. Already made the Baked Oatmeal this morning. It was AMAZING! Love it!


I have tried many recipes from your blog/website. Just got both of your Supernatural cookbooks and I so excited to try so many more recipes.


Congratulations, the book is simply wonderful….cooking has been sheer bliss since I received my copy on Tuesday:)
I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks how I could make it to one of the signings. Unfortunately,a trip heading
West from Ohio is proving too big of a task for my bank account. Is there any chance you’ll be visiting somewhat close to the MIdwest?
I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Allison Bradley

I got mine in the mail on Thursday and finally made my first recipe this afternoon (the chickpea wraps). They were absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to keep working my way through the book. My bf, a lover of all things bread-like, as been begging me to make the yogurt biscuits. Congrats! It’s an amazing book.


Just ordered my copy from here in the UK, cannot wait for it to arrive!!!


I got my book earlier this week and have been saving it up for the weekend and some uninterrupted reading time. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to decide what I am going to make from it first – I think dinner tonight will definitely come from it! Congratulations! What a beautiful project to share with all of us!


After months of waiting the book showed up at my door on the 6th. Planning my grocery list right now of all the things I’m going to cook this week from the book. Can’t wait!


Thank you so much for including me in your list! I am TRULY inspired by your new book. I have sooo many post it notes sticking out of the sides. THANK YOU for all of your hard work.


GOT IT!! I am so excited! It is going on vacation with me.


Congrats on the new book! I got my copy last week, and I absolutely love it. I’ve already made the baked oatmeal, millet muffins, rye soda bread with dill butter, and spinach chop. In fact, there are so many great recipes in the book that I’ve decided to just cook my way through it. Thanks for all of your hard work and inspiration.


Congratulations Heidi – this book is beautiful – a great addition to your collection! I can’t wait to go out and get a copy!


This is so exciting Heidi! Congrats on your third cookbook! I cannot wait to purchase it and start making some of your delicious recipes!


Congratulations, Heidi. The book is tremendous. I made the Kale & Coconut Salad today (on farro) and I am already hooked. Thank you!

amy selwyn

Congrats on the new book. Just received it and can’t wait to cook from it. I cook a lot of eggs and want to ditch my nonstick pan in favor of something healthier, but have struggled with alternatives sticking. Need something faster to clean up than a cast-iron skillet for quick mornings. Wondered what you use for delicate eggs and what you recommend. Thanks so much!


I just recently found your site last week and was really impressed by alot of your recipes. I got on today ready to print out a recipe to try when I noticed this announcement and got super excited.
Cogradulations!!!! I always love to see food bloggers that I read get published 😀


Congratulations! The book looks amazing and cannot wait to get my own copy. I am glad to see this project finished. I enjoyed all the previews and photos as well as the cover choosing. I think you have done amazing work sharing your culinary inspirations. So from the south, we say thank you for this awesome book!


Congratulations (from Switzerland) !


Wow! What an amazing thing to publish such a beautiful looking book. This is my first time on your site and I am IN AWE. Feel much better now moving to middle-of-nowhere Africa, because I can take you with me! Thanks for being here 🙂

Kristy Carlson

Congratulations! How very exciting. I even have a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. Guess I know how that’ll be used…

Lady Amalthea

Just got mine from Amazon today. It’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to start cooking. Congratulations and well done!


congrats congrats! heidi, what a beautiful book. i can’t wait to get cooking! i also look forward to meeting you at the berkeley book-signing. you truly are an inspiration – i have come to rely on 101coobooks in order to feed my family delish, healthy meals – so a big thank you!!

Mary McQueen

Congratulations on the new book. I loved your original book and I look forward to reading this one and finding new and inspiring recipes.

Jonathan Goldstein

i was so excited when i checked my email earlire today to see that my order had shipped!!! yay!

mary (sisters running the kitchen)

I can’t wait to get it!


Congrats on another lovely book! Your point of view, recipes, and photos are a great resource when I’m short on inspiration, and often reawaken my own creativity. I’m attaching my friend’s blog, which I think you’ll enjoy. She posts accounts of her life cooking on a schooner, under constraints of budget, time, energy, storage, and a small confined crew. She loves it.


Congrats on the 2nd book. It looks absolutely beautiful. I’ve enjoyed your website for years, and your first book has a permanent place on my bookshelf (although it’s pulled down often and well-worn from cooking from it). Good luck, and enjoy the ride!


What a great party at Omnivore last night! Congratulations on the book and the great people who turned out for the party. Read through to “Lunch” when I got home. What a joy to meet you.


Congrats on the new book, and thanks to you and all the wonderful people at Omnivore for hosting such a wonderful event last night!


Your book arrived this week. It’s a beautiful book and everything looks fantastic. I will be ordering more as gifts!


I can’t wait to add both of your beautiful cookbooks to my collection. Congratulations on a job well done. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes 🙂


i’m making my way to SF tonight and can’t wait to pick up a copy at omnivore… i’m so looking forward to getting lost in your cookbook! congratulations!


Heidi–It was so nice to meet you at the Omnivore Books signing yesterday. I’m drooling over the gorgeous photos in your book. Can’t wait to cook this weekend!


I went to my local bookstore yesterday to order your new book (I had to special order your first book) and was surprised to find that they had it on the shelf already! I had prepared myself to wait, but I didn’t have to! Another beautiful book with delicious-looking recipes I can’t wait to try them all!


Many congratulations! I cannot wait to get my hands on the book. Linking to this


This is amazing! I think I might actually – yes – buy this. (Unlike you, I’m not so much a cookbook-buyer. ;)) Congratulations!!


I’ve read your food blog silently for the last few years. Yours is the website I refer to for inspiration when I have a lonely ingredient in the fridge! I received your book yesterday and have already successfully tried three different recipes. Delicious! I can’t wait to try the rest! Congratulations!


Hi Heidi. My twitter was recently going mad with tweets and mentions about your new cookbook. Needless to say I was intrigued and visited your blog. One word – WOW. Very inspiring. I had a look around the bookstores here and online bookstores – but I don’t think your book has made it to New Zealand yet. This may have to be an Amazon purchase!
One question – was reading your post about the oils you cook with. There was no mention of rice bran oil. We have local producers here that make this and its been touted as a very healthy oil to cook, bake and use as salad dressing with. I’m a convert and its really versatile and suits most of my needs. Have you used it?
Anyway – congratulations on your cookbook and I look forward to reading your posts!

Shirleen Oh

What a lovely book with mouthwatering photos. I am new to your blog and am excited to try your recipes. It helps me figure out how to use the greens in my CSA box


Just got your book for my wife. $30 shipping to Australia :X. At least it’ll be here quick!
Love your recipes. Thanks again!


Just ordered my copy! As always Heidi, your recipes never disappoint. Congrats to you!
We would love to see you in Charleston S.C.


congratulations on the book, heidi!
it was lovely meeting you the other night at ragazza. cheers!


Please have a book event in the northeast!


Congratulations! I just received my copy from Amazon. It’s beautiful. I hope you will be coming to NYC/Philadelphia/Princeton, NJ sometime in the near future. Thank you.


I’ve been trying recipes from your website for a couple years now….I’m excited to say your new cookbook is on it’s way to my house. Thank you 🙂


I love you website and hope your book does really well. 🙂


Congratulations! Can’t wait the delivery. Many regards from readers from Poland 🙂


Congrats Heidi! I received my copy earlier this week and am in love with the entire book. I can’t wait to cook my way through it. Your photography makes me oh so happy! 🙂

Lindsey Joy

Wow! What can I say other than you are truly inspirational. Congratulations!! You make it look easy!


My copy just arrived in the mail! I’m so excited!!!
(It looks beautiful…)


Your book is absolutely beautiful. I work at a bookstore, and have hand-sold 3 copies in addition to buying one myself. I can’t stop telling people about how wonderful it is. I’ve already made 3 of the recipes and they are amazing. Thank you, the book was well worth the wait.


Hi Heidi—I loved your first book and I think that I will love this one even more! First of all, it is just beautiful to look through. All of the recipes look amazing. I can’t wait to get started cooking. Congratulations!!


I’ve only just recently started following your blog and it was very interesting to me that you have published a cook book. My 8 year old daughter and I just decided 2 weeks ago that we want to write a cookbook. I started seeing a nutritionist in the fall and we have been trying many new recipes and so we thought we should share the recipes that worked, that were healthy and that a whole family would eat. Jasmine wants to include little cartoons and I want to include little tip options about how to adapt the recipe.
Anyhow, we brainstormed our list of recipes and she brainstormed a list of cartoons and we’ve started taking pictures as we make the meals (I’ve realized a need a better camera if we are serious about this). So, first, congratulations, because I am only just beginning to see how much work this is going to be and I guess my question is, how do you get published? What kind of quality do you have to have the book in for them to consider it? Like to I have to have it all typed with photos and layout done, or just all the ideas and pictures? I don’t even know how to start, but we love the idea. I’m sure it will take us years to get it off the ground, but we would like to try. Any advice you have would be fantastic! I hope you sell tonnes of books and I am certainly going to go see if I can find it this weekend.


congratulations on the new book! my friend t and i (who both live in the neighbourhood) will be at this evening’s SF book signing and potluck with our amazon pre-order copies in hand. can’t wait!

Simran Thadani

Gorgeous!!! It is stunning. Congrats Heidi! I can’t wait to meet you in Portland!!!!


Ms. Heidi,
I have to say that I am HOOKED to your cookbooks! I think they encompass exactly what a vegetarian cookbook should be: a little dairy, a little egg, and a lot of wholesome! 😀
I will be giving the book as a gift time and time around! So excited! Thank you so much!

Sandra M

Congrats! I’m definitely getting your book as soon as I can.
Love this!


I bought my copy last night and already LOVE it~ The introduction alone is fabulous – it is always so fun to sneak a peek into someone else’s pantry! I also love that you use weck jars, something I discovered on my last trip to SF.
Can’t wait for your Seattle signing,

Kimberly Taylor

Your cookbook is beautiful! I can see from the other comments that you have some very unique recipes. This is so refreshing! I tend to get stuck in a rut of the same meals over and over. Thank you for writing this book with some unique ideas!

Hannah Noel

CONGRATULATIONS, Heidi! I’ve just ordered mine and can’t wait for it to arrive!!! 🙂 Looking forward to some delicious super natural treats!

Lindsay at Kitchen Operas

Congratulations, Heidi! Thank YOU for creating such a beautiful book and putting so much of your heart and soul into it. I received it Tuesday (my birthday – what a GREAT gift) and then last night, proceeded to read aloud to my friends from it 🙂 Can’t wait to dig into the recipes – they all look fantastic (homemade mustard!? I’m so in) – the only hard part will be deciding which to cook first. All the best and continued, well-deserved, success.
PS – just sayin’, we’d love to see you in NYC 🙂


Happy Birthday, Heidi!
I love your cookbook, Super Natural Cooking and your website. I live in the Midwest, so I’m not able to attend your book signings. How do I get a signed copy of your new book? Thanks, Lisa
HS: Hi Lisa, thank you! I’ll be signing books this evening at Omnivore Books, so I suspect they will have signed copies after the event.

Lisa Morales

Received mine thru Amazon two days ago and it is really, really lovely (I had a hard time not leaving work to go home and start cooking). The baked oatmeal is fabulous and I’ve got the spinach strata “marinating” in my fridge until I bake it tonight. Congratulations to you Heidi–you are a woman after my own heart!


I had the honor of testing recipes for heidi’s latest beautiful book and I can tell you that the whole grain rice salad is one you will want to make over and over. I just wish cherries had more than a “moment”….. :).


Finally my copy arrived! I haven’t let it go, carrying it around like a teddy bear hoping to read it at any chance. Can’t wait to start cooking. It’s really lovely Heidi, thanks.

Kathleen Curran-Cheng

Dear Heidi,
Happy Birthday! I wish you continued success, much happiness and good health. I would love to attend the book signing tonight, but I’m on of your fans who’s sending greetings from across the ocean (Switzerland) 🙂


Ahhh…it’s so beautiful. A group of my lady friends are coming over to try out a bunch of the recipes this weekend. The photography is stunning. I’m tempted to buy another copy to frame some of the pictures from, especially the fruit salad. I’m sick right now and it’s pouring rain in Portland. That cheerful summer fruit totally cheered me. Thank you for such an inspiring, well-written piece of art.


I haven’t gotten hold of a copy yet, but I just made the millet muffins from the lovely little sampler — and converted them to gluten- and dairy- AND egg-free — and they are completely delightful! They are supposed to be for breakfast tomorrow but I’m eating them for dessert. Thank you especially for the weight measurements; they make it so easy to bake even with all these restrictions.
I just read as much of the book as the Amazon preview would allow, and I think I shall have to buy it very soon. It looks beautiful and inspiring.


Oh my gosh, Heidi… Your cookbook is so extraordinarily beautiful and inspiring. I wish you every success with it!


Got my copy today from Amazon – looks terrific!


YAY!! It’s beautiful! Congratulations!
I’m going to attempt to squeeze one more thing in on April 30th…cause I’ll cry if I miss you up here in Seattle.


Got it………..Love it!!!
Thank you for all your hard work.


Heidi, I had never been so excited for a book in my life. Your previous book is splatter stained and falling apart I have loved it so much. I’ve been devouring the new one all day. Congratulations! Baked oatmeal is a genius idea. I had never thought of that. Literally cannot wait to try everything. Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful book.


My copy JUST came to my door!!!
Heidi, it’s stunning and I’m so very excited to start cooking from it. I have used your first book so often my husband refers to you by your first name, and knows which recipes are your inspiration. Thank you in advance, I know this book will get the same place of honour in our kitchen. 🙂


Just bought my copy! So so so gorgeous! I can’t wait to jump in!


Congratulations! Can’t wait to check it out. Mother’s Day gift list, here it comes. 🙂

Stephanie Brown

I’m picking up my copy this weekend, Heidi! Congratulations and thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you do with food with us.


Congrats! I pre-ordered your book and I looking forward to receiving it soon! I can’t wait to dig in!


Congratulations to you!


Hi Heidi:
I just saw the book cover and it invited me to come in, sit and browse. I can’t wait to start discovering the recipes and listening to my mouth saying hello to the delicious offerings. Thank you so very much for providing your recipes and inspirations. When are you coming to Massachusetts? I know we will welcome you. Thanks.


I ordered my book yesterday! So excited to get it!


yeah! What an accomplishment…

Rocky Mountain Woman

Oh Happy Day!
Love love LOVE your site and all the wonderful cookbooks you have turned us on to!
We are so looking forward to seeing you in Portland, and getting you to sign our book!
Marie O:-) & John


Congrats Heidi! I’ve been following your blog and building my own cookbook collection for about 2 years now. Your first book completely inspired me to cook every day using natural ingedients, I can’t wait to get the new one. Thanks for everything you are doing!


Yay! Just got mine today from Amazon! It’s just gorgeous and so wonderful to actually hold it in my hands, after following the production along on the website for the last few years! Congratulations, Heidi!


HEIDI!!! I am so excited….my two copies have shipped and should be at my house today! I pre ordered back in Jan. from Amazon!!
Sorry to miss the book signing in SF tomorrow, but congrats and again, you are such an inspiriation to me!!!!
Sincerely, Roe Griffith

Roe Griffith


Denise | Chez Danisse

Cheers, Heidi! I’ve been a reader since way back in 2006, and I still look forward to reading your new entries. SNC is a staple in my cookbook collections, and I’m excited about SNE!

Aubrey A.

big congrats, heidi! you inspire me with your graciousness and kindness to others, especially at a time when many would make it all about them. and your recipes constantly inspire me.
my two favorites, on constant rotation in our home, are the simple cauliflower dish and the lively up yourself lentil soup. but so many others have graced our table and continue to do so. you have opened up my mind and heart to new ingredients as well.
also, i just sent the link of your gluten-free recipes to my sweet friend who just found out she’s most likely intolerant to gluten … thank you for being a great resource, in this and in so many ways!


Congratulations!!! I just got m copy last night…Its beautiful..Can’t wait to try the recipes…


I only recently found you and was immediately smitten! I hope you don’t mind but I posted about you + your new book, which I can’t wait to get my hands on. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy your wonderfully inspiring blog! Congrats on your book – what a wonderful accomplishment!
p.s. Here is the link to the post:

Tiffany from HOLIDAY

I have been feeling under the weather this week and have not been keeping up with what’s happening in the world. But, surprise, today I receive your book in the mail! Looking through such lovely and inspiring pages, I could not have asked for anything better today. Congratulations Heidi!


Congrats on your new book. I will have to look into buying one of these. I’m sure all of the recipes will be fabulous!


Hi Heidi,
I just found your blog recently and I’m addicted! Just love your site and can’t wait to check out both your books as well. Congrats!


Heidi –
Congrats…I’m so happy for you….I relish your recipes and love your lust for all that is grounded.
As an ex-pat now living in Nova Scotia Canada, your blog helps me to fill the void of my Cali that I miss so.


With regard to the new book, I have just 3 words: Little Quinoa Patties.
Well actually, 2 more:
Thank You!


Looking at that stack of books must just take your breath away! Congratulations!


Your blog is one of my all time favourite. I loved your first book and cannot wait to get my hands on the second one. Two or three of your recipes are staples in my house. My boyfriend loves natural foods.Thank you for keeping my fire and passion for cooking alive Heidi.


Congrats! I received my copy and it is just beautiful. I read every single word of the introduction, which is really lovely, and am now making my way through each page of the book. Our cooking style is quite similar and I can say that I love everything I’ve seen so far and cannot wait to make something from the book.


Dear Heidi – thanks to super quick Amazon Germany i already got my copy yesterday and just spent a free hour in the Spring sun bookmarking almost every recipe. I am so amazed by your work! Congratulations on this stunner of a cookbook! Thank you for sharing your recipes with all of us!


Just recieved my copy last night. What a beautiful beautiful book. Thank you for your inspiration! Can’t wait to cook this evening.

Maria Brown

Please, tell me that you will be featured on Martha Stewarts TV program promoting this book and a recipe with her. She would LOVE what you do. You are so fantastic, and your first book changed the way I cook forever. Thank you so very much for sharing it with the world. It has been my “go-to” gift to give since I discovered it years ago. I just respect all that you do, Heidi.

Lisa Marie

Look at this!! How exciting!
There are already 49 holds on the five copies in my library’s system, which aren’t even at the libraries yet, they’re on trucks happily speeding on their way.
So I’ll be number 50 waiting patiently in line.


Hooray!! This is so exciting! You should be so proud of yourself… well done! Congratulations!!


I’m in Seattle the same day you are….it would be great to meet you but my son is getting married that day. So, I’ll be there instead. Congratulations on the book! I can’t wait to get mine, it shipped today!

ann in indy

Congratulations, Heidi! A wonderful accomplishment and I can’t wait to get it myself. Kudos!!


My book is ordered and on the way! I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to your blog, but it has certainly won me over with your nurturing words, beautiful photographs and inspiring recipes. The great care and pride in what you do and love really comes through, thanks for sharing with all of us!


Congratulations! I just ordered your book and am anxiously awaiting to receive it. Someday I plan to write my own cookbook as well. You’re an inspiration!

Vicki Bensinger

fantastic, congratulations! can’t wait to pick it up and start cooking – i love your recipes!

effing delicious

Congratulations Heidi!! Your beautiful book is on its way to Canada as I type and I cannot wait to dive in!! Thanks for all you do!!


Congratulations-can’t wait to put it to use.

jeri kim lowe

wow! just received my copy today and i am so impressed. the book is beautiful and the recipes, well, i cannot wait to get in my kitchen with it!
congrats! and thank YOU for another lovely book whose pages i know will be well-worn in no time! 🙂


congrats! can’t wait to start cooking with it!!


Heidi I am a big fan! My son’s ex girlfriend goes to Berkely and we live in Georgia. I may ask her to drop by and get your autograph on the 7th! I won’t ask her to buy the cookbook – I will find it here or order on Amazon. Congratulations on your new Cookbook! I am sure it is fabulous!

Julie Curnick

Congrats, Heidi. Mine is on its way. Yay!


Congrats on the book being published! I just ordered my book and it’s on it’s way, so excited! Thanks for always giving us such amazing insight into the whole process, and most of all- incredible recipes!

Kristin (Cook, Bake, Nibble)

Congrats!!! I got the book yesterday and went through it marking out the recipes I want to try right away. Celebrated by making your Unda Quesadillas which my kids LOVED! Hubby needed to add lemon pickle which really complimented the capers and lemony yogurt!


Congratulations Heidi!! I am so excited to get my copy. Love your wonderful recipes and photos…keep up the great work!

Becca @ Peace, Love & Bagels

Congratulations Heidi!! I am so excited to get my copy. Love your wonderful recipes and photos…keep up the great work!

Becca @ Peace, Love & Bagels

I know your book is on its way to my mailbox in Montreal, I can’t wait!
Thank you for all the recipes you share so generously on your blog, they are a great inspiration each time.


Yippppeeeee!!!! Mine is on the way from Amazon. Plus I think I’ll pick up a copy tonight at Omnivore when I pop in.
And, Happy, Happy Birthday Heidi! See you soon.
HS: Lori, I was planning a hand-delivery on Friday!


Congratulation .
i admire you for your work and love for cooking and photography. I’m from Iran and i just open my own website and Facebook page and i have my own recipes in my language Farsi.
You and Jamie are my heroes in cooking.
keep up the good work.

Mahroo Amiri

Mine is in the mail – flying over the big pond to Norway from Amazon
Can’t wait to flip the pages and enjoy the “new book”-feel!!


I am a bookseller at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, North Carolina– and a long time reader. We got your book and sold it yesterday! It looks GREAT!
HS: Thanks for your support Kimberly.

Kimberly Daniels

That’s fantastic, Heidi — CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! I discovered this site abut a year ago and since the have made it a regular stop in my online travels. Can’t wait to pick up your book too. I really enjoy your unique, delicious and healthy recipes and wish you the VERY BEST with your new book launch.

Cindy Douglas

Just received my copy from Amazon in the mail yesterday, and I couldn’t be more excited to try out the recipes! Here’s to another gorgeous cookbook, Heidi!

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

I pre-ordered mine and it came in the mail yesterday! It’s absolutely gorgeous. A real treasure to own!


I am looking forward to getting the book so much but will have to wait a little longer as UK Amazon seems to be saying it won’t dispatch until the end of April 🙁 Hoping it’s sooner than that!


So excited for you Heidi and congratulations again – it must feel like today has been a long time coming! Can’t wait to see it and can’t wait to cook from it! Have a wonderful time at your signing events, sounds like a pretty busy few weeks ahead for you….!


Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my copy of the book – it’s on it’s way to Denmark now.
I loved your first book – inspiring recipes and beautiful photos. Thank you!


I LOVE this book. I actually found you at Costco and it was like finding a treasure! It is beautiful and I already have several recipes bookmarked. Thank you so much!


Congrats Heidi. It is beautiful!
Don’t you want to do a book tour in Europe?, too?
Hopefully one day we will see you over here with Super Natural Every Day on tour.


I can’t tell you how excited I am! I have had this on pre-order at amazon UK for what seems like an age! Bring it on!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. 🙂


Congrats… and thank you! My cooking friends will all be getting this book for their B-Days this year:)

Cassandra Potier Watkins

Congratulations, Heidi! 🙂 What a wonderful accomplishment! I feel so happy for you can couldn’t wait to get this book!


Huge congratulations Heidi! I’ve been tossing up whether to wait for up to a month buying it on amazon or to just wait until it’s released here in Australia. I’m still deciding, I just wish I had a copy in my hands right now! All the best, arohanui xx


Congrats, Heidi! I pre-ordered through Amazon and they came in the mail today! YEAH! I’ve been so looking forward to going through it cover to cover. I loved your first book so this time I ordered 2 and am sending one out to my son in Portland tomorrow. It’s a surprise! Best wishes and enjoy your signings. Who knows, we may end up in Portland during your Portland signing! Here’s to natural healthy eats!


Congrats !!

Hari Chandana

Am waiting for my copy in the mail as we speak 😀 I pre ordered it, it seems like, ages ago and I can hardly wait to get it also.


Congratulations, Heidi! I can’t wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive from Amazon! It looks absolutely stunning! I’m so so excited to receive it! i know i’ve said it before, but please please come to NY on your book tour! Hope you’re celebrating! You deserve it 🙂


CONGRATULATIONS on another beautiful book…!! It looks like one of those books that would nourish and delight without even having to make a single thing!
All the best!


Congradulations on the book! I can’t wait to get it!

The Garlic Rose

I want this book! 🙂 Seriously!…


Congratulations, I am a big fan of yours…
all the best and lots of love from India 🙂

shaleen mohan

Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my copy and start cooking!


Do you happen to know if we have to buy the book AT the store hosting the book signing? Can I buy it somewhere else and bring it to Omnivore, or do they have rules about that? Thanks!


Congratulations! I’m looking forward to your book signing in Berkeley!


I’m so excited to get your new book! I love your first cookbook and gave it as a gift to several friends. I hop on your site when I’m in a funk of what to make and your recipes always save me;) I also like to look through your recipes before I go to tge grocery store. Thanks for making another cookbook.

Melissa missing Cali

Congrats Heidi! I’m very excited waiting for my book. I pre-ordered it at Amazon’s some months ago and today I’d received the delivery confirmation. I´m pretty sure that this new book will be as good as Super Natural Cooking is!
Arrivederci and God Bless you!

Gino Mandoloni

Congratulations Heidi. Thanks for sharing the journey, your lovely images and great recipes along the way in your light, warm and generous way. You deserve success.

Sally - My Custard Pie

Yay! I am so excited for you (and for me to try everything) 😉
Wondering, will you be doing signings locally? I think we may live in the same district, or very close ,based on your photos– I have read your blog for many years, and a fellow SFn for 2. Thanks for loving food like you do– it makes everything more beautiful and delicious!


Hooray and big congratulations. I live in Laos so your site has saved me from cookbook buying withdrawal!! I have been a fan of your site for a long time and make something from it a couple of times a week- everything I have made has been delicious. Lack of available ingredients (grains etc) has meant a bit of imagination has been needed though the veges and herbs here are amazing. I couldn’t resist ordering your new book from Amazon so fingers crossed it makes it here! I am so excited! Thanks Heidi for the inspiration and the delicious food you have given us


My preordered book has shipped from Amazon, can’t want to get it! I already made the millet muffins and they were delicious. Super Natural Cooking was my doorway to natural foods and I can never offer enough thanks for that.


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the process with us!


I just got your new book today. It’s lovely. Looking forward to using it often- the buttermilk cake looks delicious. Thank you and congratulations!


Congrats, Heidi! As luck would have it, I’m traveling to San Fran on Thursday from my home in the desert of New Mexico, and my dear friend and host has agreed to get me to your signing!!! I’m so pleased to be supporting you and all you share wih us in my small way 🙂 See you Thursday! A pot-luck book signing about says it all.

Nanny Goat

Congrats, Heidi! I have your first book and flipped thru your new one as soon as it arrived today from Amazon. Just got back from the store and am planning on making the rice casserole and the mushroom sauté this week! I love the tone and organization of the book… so simple to follow and plan out. Can’t wait to keep using it! Brava!!

Jessica Grubea

Heidi, congratulations! Your cookbook and blog are a staple in my kitchen and the inspiration for many gatherings of friends and family. Can’t wait to gift myself a copy of Super Natural Every Day, thank you for offering your love of good healthy food and the beauty of your photos and design.

Melinda Johns

The recipes on your website are broadening, and I learn so much from them!! Not just increasing my recipe index but learning how to create and branch out myself. Thank you for the insight!
We also love and eat meat. Do you know of any sites with a similar approach to meat as you have to veggies, grains and fruits? It’s important to get the feel for the ingredients and not follow black and white recipes. Thanks so much!

Sarah Wayne

Congratulations Heidi!
This is such wonderful news and I’m so thrilled for you. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.


I got it in the mail today and already read it cover to cover and it is fantastic!


Woo hoo, it hit my doorstep TODAY and is now in my hot hands. I’m gonna make a cozy night-in of it. Every. Last. Delicious. Page. Thanks to Lottie+Doof, I’ve already made your oatmeal! Congrats… hope you’re celebrating!!!


The new book was delivered today! It is so beautiful – I made the recipe for White Beans & Cabbage (pictured on the cover) for supper tonight (along with a Chilpotle Turkey Meatloaf). So Good! The Ultimate comfort food. Simple ingredients, prepared simply – and a genius combination. Congratulations! I love it!


Mazal Tov Heidi!
Yesterday at 8pm walking on the Upper West Side (NYC) to the subway I saw your book at the window of a local book store. First I just rushed by not paying attention but then when I noticed what I have seen, I went back to make sure I saw what I thought I did. I was a little surprised since I was sure you would post about it once it’s in the stores. But I didn’t have to wonder about it very long… They probably got it in last night and put it on display immediately!
I can’t wait to buy it!

dania @ the cookery

I’m your long time fans in Hong Kong. What you’ve been doing is an inspiration to me. This is a huge success. Big good news to all food lovers.

Angela Chan

Congrats on the new book! I was so excited this afternoon to get an email from barnes and nobel saying that ore-ordered book has shipped!!! i cant wait to start cooking!!


Received my copy today. It’s beautiful! Congratulations. Super Natural, indeed!


Your beautiful book arrived today – Dinner Party this weekend! It’s wonderful!


Congrats on the new book..It looks fantastic and wonderful! I will check it out!!


Congratulations! Can’t wait to add this to my cookbook collection.

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

YAYYY!!!! I’m making your PB Cookies for a bake sale for Japan this week. Congratulations, Heidi.

A Teenage Gourmet

I’m so glad to have finally received the book 🙂 I opted not to post-it any recipes because I literally want to make them ALL!!
Funny thing – I made the “Grain-ola” from SNC once. I didn’t have some of the stuff, so I used currants and walnuts. They went so well with the coconut and orange zest. I laughed out loud when I saw your Granola recipe in the new book – it’s basically what happened when I adapted your other recipe to the ingredients I already had. Great minds…!


Amazon assures me my copy (and the one I got my best friend for her birthday) will arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait!


Congratulations!!!! Will definitely be going out to buy a copy!

Happy When Not Hungry

Hello, Please give Amazon the ok to have this in Kindle Format. I would love to have a digital edition.


Heidi, it looks wonderful. I saw a picture of it on Borders website. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. You did a great job.


I just received my copy and can’t wait to start cooking. SNC inspired me to revamp my pantry and my cooking style … and just when I need a little boost again, here’s your book! Please keep doing what you do! Nipa


PS: Come to Boston! We’re finally getting weather that’s not completely dreadful.


How exciting! My cookbook is coming out in a couple of months too! It is a very busy time, but very exciting! I am happy for you! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

I’ve seen your book available for pre-order for awhile and have been so tempted to buy it. Today I finally did! I rarely let myself buy cookbooks since the internet is one vast cookbook, but I trust your recipes to the point of wanting your book in my kitchen. I appreciate how interesting, well thought out, and healthy your recipes are, and I so look forward to cooking from it. Thank you for sharing your love of food and photography with all of us.


Congratulations Heidi. I can’t wait to get my copy. I just wanted to let you know that yours was the first food blog I ever read. It opened up a new world to me and you have been an inspiration to me ever since. Thank you.


Congratulations on your new release! I can’t wait until my copy arrives in the mail.


Congrats to you!! The book looks gorgeous! I will be buying a copy right away…I’m a big fan!


I have been on your email list for just over two years now and want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed your recipes and to tell you Congratulations on the new book.
Can’t wait to get my copy

barb thompson

Congrats! This is so exciting!

Simply Life

When will the Kindle or iPad version be available?
HS: Hi Christopher, hopefully not until it looks really nice across all platforms 😉 It might be a little while. But know it is an ongoing conversation.


Got my copy today – it’s a gorgeous cookbook and I already have flagged a bunch of recipes to try.
I really enjoy your website and am looking forward to making better choices in the kitchen.
Thanks for the inspiration!


Congratulations on the cookbook! I can’t wait to pick up a copy!




Many congratulations on the new cookbook; it look stunning. I have so enjoyed following your blog and perusing your recipe archive — I’ll definitely have to add S.N.E.D. to my shelves.

Meister @ The Nervous Cook

Heidi can you feel the love?!!?! I’ve had your book on my wish list FOREVER, and was so excited that I saw it was waiting for me at my doorstep when I came home tonight – on release day YAY! I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for changing what and how I cook – I’ve been a loyal fan since Cook 1.0 – I’ve repaid the favor by telling everyone that will listen to me about you…THANK you for being you
HS: yes! Thank you 🙂


Found my pre-ordered copy waiting for me when I returned from grabbing my kids at school. Farro Soup is on the stove for dinner tonight. Looks like there are lots of quick weekday recipes perfect for our busy family! Can’t wait to explore more.
HS: Thanks Jess, I tried to include as many of those as possible. Hope you enjoy the book.


Congratulations, Heidi! It must feel so satisfying to see your books piled up like that. I can’t wait to get a copy to have a home in my kitchen!

lauren @ spiced plate

I cannot wait to have this cookbook in my anxious little hands. I’m afraid to say my copy of Super Natural Cooking is used and abused…and loved.

Chandra Paton

Heidi, Just got my copy (&the ones I’m giving as gifts) today. I was just sitting out on my balcony enjoying a glass of wine and perusing your cookbook while my dinner cooked. I’m so excited!! It’s wonderful and I can’t wait to to finish so I can ‘review’ it on 101cookbooks. Thank you!
HS: Can’t wait Helen. Hope you enjoy some of the recipes. 🙂


Congratulations Heidi! Amazing journey you’ve been on and always delighted by your wonderful accomplishments! Looking forward to buying a copy!
HS: Miss you K. It has been way too long. I so hope we can figure out a way to cross paths in person sometime this year. xoxo

Katherine McCartney

See you on Thursday in SF! Can’t wait to buy the new book and start cooking!
HS: Looking forward to it Cindy.

Cindy Graham

It’s been such fun reading all about SNE from bloggers over the past week or two. I ordered my copy this morning and can’t wait to start cooking from it. Congratulations on another beautiful work, Heidi!

Hallie @ Daily Bites

I”m so excited. I have absolutely loved Supernatural Cooking. It is the cookbook I turn to most often. So can’t wait to dive into this one!


Tremendous congrats to you. What a lovely accomplishment!
It’s so weird but today my young daughter (who knows nothing of your book) and doesn’t yet know how to read was pretending to read a label for jam that I’d made (which was just housed in an old all-fruit jam bottle) and she said, ‘Super…super natural!’ which I thought was hilarious and then it reminded me of your book! Funny…
Congrats again!!!

Hannah S-Q

Congratulations Heidi, I now have all of your books, Mine arrived from Amazon today. I have loved cooking your recipes and have had such fun adapting them to a vegan diet. They are delicious and healthy, being based on whole foods. A cook after my own heart! Love the photos- wanted to stop everything and start cooking. Beautiful book, thank you for creating it. Can’t wait to dive in.

Kristina Eating Skinny



Congratulations again! I’ve been liking your blog for years and cooking from your first book happily. Though I’m not a vegetarian your dishes easily compliment omnivore meals or make great full-filling lunches and snacks.
I just went to a signing at Powells for a quilting book and can’t wait to head down the street to Ace Cleaners for yours.
HS: Looking forward to meeting you Jen.

Jen S

I am a big fan of yours! Congrads on your new book launch! Here’s to it doing really well, as i know it will!
In good health, Ann Gentry
Real Food Daily
HS: Thanks so much Ann. So wish we had a RFD in SF.

Ann Gentry

I’m looking forward to picking up a copy at the SF event this week! My partner and I cook out of SNC a lot and I’ve been excited for the followup for quite a while. =)
HS: Looking forward to meeting you Mo!


my copy of your wonderful new book arrived in the mail today, I love it and was soooo excited to see it in the mail box. well done


Most excellent! Can’t wait to read the new book. When is the east coast tour happening?
HS: Heh. I’m working on it :)!

Heath Brockwell

i was so excited to get mine in the mail today! i can’t wait to start cooking out of it!


So excited to make this purchase! Congrats!


Congratulations! Wow two books, what an accomplishment! Your photos are so beautiful and your recipes are always delicious! I can’t wait to get this book 🙂

Anne @ Baking Me

Hi Heidi,
I just came across your blog today searching for tapioca recipes. My daughter and I have been surfing through your recipes and come to find out today your book comes out! I guess that’s a sign I need to get it 🙂
HS: Welcome Jenn!


Excellent news! Can’t wait to get my copy!


I am so looking forward to your second book! I just got an email stating my order shipped today (woo hoo!) Love your blog & your first book =)

katie zaboy

Eeeek! I’m so excited for you. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get home and see if mine is waiting for me on the porch!!!!


Whoo hoo! Fabulous, Heidi. Many many congratulations on your new book. I’m so looking forward to it. Very best regards..Deb


Bravo and thank you Heidi! I can’t wait to receive the copy I pre-ordered long weeks ago!!!

flo makanai

I received my copy of your new cookbook today and LOVE it! I am headed to Whole Foods to pick a few items so I can make a few of your recipes today. Thank you for sharing with all of us and congrats on the new cookbook.

Abby White

I cannot wait to get the book, it sounds lovely. My mouth was watering after Lottie + Doof’s post on the oatmeal.

Caroline Shields

I love your site! Thanks for so many inspiring recipes and tips! Congratulations on your new cookbook! Can’t wait to get my own copy!

Sarah Gustafson

Yay! Cant wait to get my copy!

Jess (Sweet Potato)

More to see………….more to read………….more to make …………..more to eat……:0
What could be more Better than that!!
Oh! A book signing in Portland 🙂
Were waiting………….!!
Cooking your meals…….every week……….is a pleasure and insight to my own exploration!

keli aiello



Congrats!!!! There is no better feeling than seeing your own work in print!!


Huge congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to see you in Portland!!


Congrats Heidi! I’m so excited to get my new copy! Wish I could make it to Portland to meet you!

Melissa V

congrats on the official book release! i know i will be cooking from it for years to come. also, we’re so honored to have your gorgeous photos at joy+ride. xox
HS: I’ve been such a fan for so long, thank you for inviting me.


Congratulations Heidi! Book looks beautiful, waiting for my copy to arrive 🙂

Sneh | Cook Republic

Got my notice from Powells Books that my preorder is ready for pick up – hurray!! Can’t wait to see you in Portland at the end of the month!!
HS: Kim & I can’t wait! It should be good times.

Alesia Zorn

Best to you. I will get many a copies ordered for my library system. love your style of cooking and presentation.
HS: Thanks Raag. I love my local library!


Yay! Yay! Yay! Mine arrived yesterday and I saw on the invoice that I pre-ordered it October 4. I think that was the most excited I have ever been about receiving a book in the mail. Already planning my cooking strategy for the weekend.
Many congrats and thank yous, Heidi. If you want to do some signing/selling in San Diego, let me know. I’ve got a great connection for you.
HS: Will do Torrie, and thank you.


congratulations!!! thank you for the inspirations and a fantastic journey into super natural cooking! Yours recipes have changed my cooking up side down! 😀
Polish cook from London 🙂


LOVE the book! Can’t wait to cook from it tonight! My 6 month old daughter loves it too. She wouldn’t let go of it. I got a picture of it, wish I could send it to you.
HS: A friend sent me the cutest pic of her daughter with the book. I’ll start a collection 🙂


Congrats Heidi!
I got the book from Amazon yesterday and it’s
like a big warming gift for spring 🙂
There are so many things I’d like to try!
I’m a long time reader, I find your recipes and methods pure and “clean” – if you know what I mean, it is special and rare.
I have just about 500 cookbooks which I use for inspiration and Super Natural Cooking is one of my favorites, I’m sure this one will be too.


Congratulations! The book is 100% beautiful. It’s perfect!

Jackie Alpers

Woohoo! Congratulations, Heidi. Well-deserved, and long-awaited. 🙂


Congratulations Heidi! I have a feeling this cookbook will be your best on yet! I’m excited!

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

Congratulations–I’m so excited for you–and for us–the culmination of so much work for you, and so many yummy meals to look forward to for us. If you do an East Coast signing–I’m there!


Congratulations! I’m dying to go to the States and buy my copy. Best for you, from your biggest fan in Venezuela.


I’ve been waiting so long–I can’t believe the release date is here! Thank you, Heidi, for transforming the way I eat and for charming me with your lovely writing.


horray! congrats, heidi! i can’t wait to get my copy. you are a constant inspiration. thank YOU! i look forward to meeting you at the book signing in portland! all the best.


congrats, heidi! i just got my copy in the mail last night 🙂


Congrats Heidi!!! I pre-ordered in Dec and will be rushing to my mailbox every morning~come on amazon!!


woohoo! i am so happy for you and so excited to get my grubby little paws on the book! will definitely be attending the seattle book signing!


I love your blog and can not wait to get my pre – orderd book.. A big thanks for all what you do!!

Nancy O'Reilly

Congratulations. It looks beautiful.

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

The book came today (I’d had it on pre-order since January). It is beautiful, page after page of gorgeous photographs and wonderful sounding recipes.




Mine just arrived! Thank you Amazon pre-order! I am so excited to get started reading it. I love your simple, tasteful recipes. Thank you for sharing them!


I tried your black sesame otsu (with salmon) and it was so good I ordered both of your books right then and there. Your photography is beautiful.


Wooo. My pre-ordered copy arrived this morning. Beautiful!


Congratulations on your new book, Heidi, and best of luck with your book tour!
I’m new to your blog, but I wanted to tell you just how much I love it. I moved to eating whole foods a year or so ago, and went vegetarian at new years, so your recipes are for exactly the types of food I want to eat. I’ve tried two of the blog recipes thus far, and I can’t wait to buy your books.


Congrats! I look forward to cooking from it.

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

Félicitations! Heidi
I am SO looking forward to receiving my pre-ordered copy. And life wouldn’t be the same without 101 cookbooks. Thank you so much!

Monique Léger

congrats can’t wait, i just got an email saying my preordered copy was on its way!


congratulations on your new book I love the first one and cannot wait to get this one your recipes and photos are so incredible!


Huge congratulations form the other side of the pond – the book looks terrific – come do a book signing in London!

Debbie T

I just got it today and can’t wait to start cooking! I’m also looking forward to your book signing at the Ace Hotel in Portland – it will be my first ever. 🙂

Beth H.

I received my copy today! So exciting. Thank you for all of your hard work. I appreciate your commitment to local organic farmers (like Andy & Julia) and for your thoughtful & creative recipes as well as your beautiful photography. Well done!


Congratulations Heidi !! Awesome job. Hopefully you get a day off now that it’s published. It’s an achievement to be extremely proud of.
Looking forward to more great, unexpected, and delicious dishes from you.

Kartik @ Bakeology 101

Congratulations Heidi! I am a big fan of your books and photography! I love your passion with food and how you capture it with the camera! Darn..missing your book signing by a week in Seattle!!
Please let us know if you will ever be in Honolulu for a book signing! Aloha kakou!


Congrats!! So inspiring. 🙂

Beth Hirsch

Congrats!! I’m just as excited as you are. I got an email yesterday that it’s been shipped to my house. I can’t wait to see it in my hands. Looking forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks!

Kitchen M

Yes! Off to pre-order a copy!

Maegan @ The Two Tables

ya! I pre-ordered and I’m so excited.


Your book was delivered today through Amazon. Can’t wait to get started on it! I went through it quickly and thought it was beautiful! Congratulations!


Hey Heidi! I just pre-ordered your book. I am a 22 year old college student. I recently began to become much more conscious of my eating habits. With your website and a few other assets I’ve been able to really change my eating and lifestyle in general. Whether its your veggie burgers (now a personal staple recipe) or the decadent basic chocolate cake I made for my girlfriend and her friends, I always have success with your recommendations. Thank you so much!


We’ve already purchased our copy at Costco and made 3 dinners from it – FANTASTIC! We’re telling all our friends and family.
Thank you for this wonderful treat.


Just ordered 2 copies through barnes and noble. One for me here in CA and one for my daugter in Montana!


There you go, congrats on 2nd book, just got an e-mail from Amazon-Canada and my pre-ordered copy has been shipped today!!! Also, just got back from long weekend in Portland and thank you for your city recommendations, visited lots of places from your list and we had a great time. Enjoy your “Heidi-Tuesday” day……….Sonja


Congratulations. Looking forward to Thursday in SF. Finally get to meet in person!


Congratulations! I adore your first book and can’t wait to get my hands on this one!


The book couldn’t be more beautiful. My copy is swollen with bookmarks because I don’t want to fold any of the pages! Can’t wait to try one of the recipes in my college kitchen – trying to narrow it down from the Honey & Rosewater Tapioca Pudding, the yogurt biscuits, the baked oatmeal and the tutti-frutti crumble.


Congratulations, Heidi – I’ll be ordering my copy! I wish the PDX signing was a few days later – moving there early May and can’t wait! 🙂


So happy for you!!! Congrats on this book, I know how hard you worked on it. Thanks for sharing the steps along the way


I have followed your blog mostly silently for at least four years and a half. Congratulations. your work is beautiful and very inspiring. it has a face of its own. I’ll drink to your success

valentina jacome

Just got my copy from Amazon and can’t wait to sit down tonight and go through it page by page.
Hats off to you!!


I just got your lovely new cookbook in the post today and am enjoying paging through it and thinking about what I’ll cook first! My boyfriend and I were just in San Francisco and had a great time at various eateries – what a perfect place it is to live for someone so inspired by food and cooking. Best of luck with the book and the various events!


Preordered your cookbook months ago and was so excited to get the email saying I will receive it in a couple days! I cant wait to go through it and pick out what Im going to make! Congrats on all of the success and the wonderful recipes!


My copy should be in by the weekend. Hoping to give a couple recipes a shot!!!

Brian @ A Thought For Food

It’s beautiful, Heidi. Congratulations!

The Italian Dish

what a rewarding feeling that must be! a big congrats to you!!! the pictures are out of this world. can’t wait to get my hands on the book. any plans to travel to austin?

not that martha

Congrats Heidi. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Any plans to make it out east?

Jason Stemm

Congratulations, Heidi! How exciting! I can’t wait to get my copy; the Macaroon Tart is one of my absolute favorites!

Katy from DiningwithDusty

Congratulations on the release Heidi! So very happy for you :). When my book arrived, I was like a kid in a candy store. It is truly a work of art, and you are so inspiring. It was an honour to feature you on The Kitchen Generation! I can’t wait to cook my way through the book :).


Congratulations on the book! I’ve been eagerly waiting until it was released and shipped, so I’m hoping my copy will be waiting for me when I get home tonight!

Dawn SC

Congratulations! I’m going out to buy one tonight. Can. Not. Wait.


2 month delivery time from ?????????????
HS: It looks like it is going to be published in the UK – I think soon? I’ll post more details when I know – so you should be able to get it locally. Same goes for Canada & Australia.

r. wettach

Congratulations Heidi. I loved your first book and know I will get so many wonderful ideas from your new one. You will contribute to many more happy and tasty times around the table at our house.
Another job well done, you are a true inspiration.
Be sure to enjoy your accomplishment.


My copy came in the mail today–it’s beautiful! I’m looking forward to trying the recipes and to meeting you at Mrs. Dalloway’s later this month!


Congratulations, I am a big fan of yours and your book is on its way to Spain at the moment. I can’t wait to getting it.
all the best with the book and everything else

cristina camarena

Wow. What an accomplishment! I love the book design cover and color. I can’t wait to purchase it! Congratulations!!


congratulations, heidi! my book arrived yesterday and i felt super-special to get it a day early from amazon. 🙂 it is gorgeous and there are so many recipes i can’t wait to try.

laura @ alittlebarefoot

Heidi- A big congratulations from me and from The Kitchen Generation team! We’re honored to have had an early look at the book, and we must say that the book is a must in every kitchen! You’re truly an inspiration! 🙂
HS: Thanks guys. Keep at it.

kamran siddiqi

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