Thanksgiving Recipes Recipe

A list of a dozen favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving Recipes

I hope plenty of good food, family and friends are in the cards this year for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm driving to my parents where I'll meet up with my sister, her husband, and a baby with the cutest cheeks I've ever seen. Hopefully a few friends will stop by as well. I picked a dozen of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes to highlight today - it seems to be the only thing you are searching for right now. Also, in case you missed it, I made a list of vegan Thanksgiving recipes and a slightly different list of vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving Recipes

1. Roasted Pumpkin Salad, 2. Caramelized Tofu, 3. Vegetarian Gumbo, 4. Maple Grilled Tempeh

Thanksgiving Recipes

5. Vibrant Tasty Green Beans, 6. Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts, 7. Broccoli Crunch Recipe, 8. Shredded Brussels Sprouts & Apples

Thanksgiving Recipes

9. Nikki's Sweet Potatoes, 10. Spice-kissed Pumpkin Pie, 11. Kale and Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes, 12. Firecracker Cornbread

I'm going to try a few recipes this year, and if all goes well, I look forward to sharing them here with you next year!

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since the comments are closed on some of these recipes, i thought i’d just say that we have made the golden brussels sprouts, brussels sprouts with apples and kale mashed potatoes. like every recipe i’ve found here – all winners!
HS: thanks for reporting back Lisa, glad you like them.




I tried several of your recipes over the Thanksgiving holiday–Cornmeal Crunch, Animal Crackers (out of egg roll wrappers), and the Artichoke Dip. They were very well-received. Alas, no leftovers!


I made four of your recipes as my contribution to my family’s Thanksgiving meal:
–caramelized tofu
–broccoli crunch
–Nikki’s healthful cookies
–Nikki’s sweet potatoes
They all looked and tasted delicious. I was a little nervous about how the different flavors would go over with my v. traditional family, but they loved them and even asked for recipes! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes!
HS: So glad to hear it all worked out Priscilla! Thanks for reporting back!


I’ve read (and drooled over) your recipes for a while, but this week was the first time I actually made one. The Golden-Crusted Brussel Sprouts were one of the best parts of Thanksgiving. Thank you!


Tried your couscous, pomegranate salad last week and it was fabulous. These recipes look great as well and want to try the roasted pumpkin salad.
Thank you for sharing.


Never having been a fan of brussel sprouts, I saw the carmelized tofu recipe and thought I would substitute another vegetable, but decided to try it as written first. Now I’m a fan. It’s so yummy! The key, I think is the freshness of the brussel sprouts. Delicious – and after having made it for friends, I’ve made others new fans of brussel sprouts as well!


Thanks for the wonderful recipes! This was my first Thanksgiving on my own, and though I have hardly any pots or pans or anything in my kitchen, and not much of a budget, so many of your recipes are simple, inexpensive and delicious to make.


Thanks to all of you for the nice comments. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! -h


Veggies are always a challenge since people gravitate toward the starches, but I made a brussels sprouts with chestnuts and shallots!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Deborah Dowd

The roasted pumpkin salad is IT. Thanks!

Stop Smoking

OMG, I think I love you. #2 THANK YOU for this! You’re so thoughtful!


The lima bean soup with chipotle broth convinced me to buy your book. Happy Thanksgiving.


I’m not even close to vegan, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try any of these recipes.


I love your blog so much that I can’t resist visiting 101 cookbooks daily…
The golden crusted Brussels sprouts will be on our Thanksgiving table and while I’ve never made them before, I am sure they will be terrific because all of your recipes are!

Winnie (from Healthy-Green-Lifestyle)

I made the firecracker cornbread tonight and it was easy enough to make with my six-month old baby playing in the kitchen while I cooked. It’s so yummy there may not be any left for Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Anna K.

Thanks for these great food ideas! I also love to cook and have a website where I offer yummy healthy recipes! You should check it out and let me know what you think!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie Webster

As always, everything looks simply beautiful. Have a wonderful — and yummy — holiday!


OMG, I think I love you.


Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas! My husband and I have your golden crusted brussels sprouts at least once a week. They’re a house favorite! =)
Happy Thanksgiving!


that is the most amazing feast. i’m coming to your house!!! well…i guess i’ll just have to borrow some of your recipes…like that mashed potato…um…yummy!!


I really like the sound of the Kale and Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes. I might give them a go but substitute the kale with baby spinach which I have an abundance of at the moment.

Paula from Only Cookware

You’ve got all the traditional underpinnings with a twist of modern foodie. I love the traditional, but yes – let’s update! A whole new take on greens and potatoes is especially welcome.

Rachelle's Kitchen

Thank you for all of the lovely recipes.
Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


Hello ! Just wandered in to your blog and I love it. Great photographs, amazing recipes. I’ll stop by often. Happy Thanksgiving.


Can’t wait to see what new things you try. Those recipes look so fresh and delicious. If only I hadn’t already planned my menu! Next year! 🙂

Fit Bottomed Girls

Oh I love this post. I was trying to find a great veggie side for a work party, these all look amazing!


We’ve been chosen to make the Cranberry Sauce this year and my wife has had her eye one made with Ruby Port and Cinnamon… Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


Looks great! I just did a post about reasons to choose an alternative Thanksgiving (i.e., turkey-free) along with some Thanksgiving menu suggestions.
Do you mind if I link back here? You have such consistently good stuff. 🙂

Laurel from Simple Spoonful

Delicious Thanksgiving recipes!! Enjoy!


I love, love, LOVE the caramelized tofu. I made a few substitutions and adjustments for my taste–spinach for brussel sprouts, walnuts for pecans, skipped the cilantro–and this is my current favorite recipe. I even made it last night!


I will be making your Borlotti Bean Mole with Roast Winter Squash using some native Arizona Anasazi beans for a potluck dinner. My friends’ comment was “Yum!”. Happy Thanksgiving!


As much as I love all the cream, butter, and sugar-laden foods that Thanksgiving brings, it’s very refreshing to come to your blog and find some much healthier, but equally delicious alternatives. Good on ya!

Jessica D

Happy Thanksgiving, Heidi! I’m making that pumpkin pie for my family and I can’t wait. Thanks for keeping me (and friends and family) well fed!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Can I come over for Thanksgiving? All that food looks amazing.


Can I give you my address? I’d like all the leftovers 😉


Your blog is gorgeous! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! I’ll definitely be using some of these recipes for my vegan Christmas dinner next month.


Can not wait until Thanksgiving! Thankfully, I don’t have to do a lot of the cooking as we’re going to a friend’s house – will definitely look at using your green bean recipe though!!

Tabitha (From Single to Married)

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Apologies, comments are closed.

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