10 Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes Worth Making this Fall

The best pumpkin recipes currently on my radar for this fall. A hit-list of recipes for peak pumpkin (and winter squash) season.

10 Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes Worth Making this Fall

Because pumpkin recipes can often be so wrong, you need a list of when they are so right. A hit-list of recipes to have in rotation for peak pumpkin (and winter squash) season. Emphasis on dinner, emphasis on savory.

1. Pumpkin and Rice Soup - (101 Cookbooks)
Six ingredients stand between you and this favorite ginger-chile kissed pumpkin soup. Served over rice it makes the perfect simple, soul-warming meal. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

2. Pumpkin Miso Broth with Soba - (My New Roots)
Soba noodles in a pureed pumpkin soup flavored with miso and ginger. Top with lots of scallions, sesame seeds, seaweed (I like toasted nori, crumbled), and sautéed (or roasted) shiitake mushrooms. Or you can simply make the base soup and top with whatever you have on hand. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

3. David Kramer and Hayley Magnus' Squash and Kale Salad - (Salad for President)
Use whatever pumpkin or hard winter squash you've got, cut into thick slabs. Kale represents big here accented with hazelnuts, pickled onions, and cilantro. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

4. Pumpkin Cauliflower Risotto - (Wild Apple)
A beautiful autumn risotto made with pumpkin, cauliflower, and sage. You can up the veg even more, and, on occasion I'll even boost a risotto like this with a good amount of shredded kale. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

5. Incredible Squash Pizza - (Wholehearted Eats)
If you're open to alternative interpretations of pizza, this is a beauty. The "crust" is a riff on the popular cauliflower crust, this one made with pumpkin (or winter squash) slathered with a basil-spinach nut sauce, and topped with vibrant cherry tomatoes or other seasonal veg. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

6. Two Ingredient Fresh Pumpkin Pasta - (Wholefully)
Making fresh pasta when I have a lazy weekend afternoon, is one of my favorite things. This Pumpkin Pasta caught my attention. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

7. Pumpkin & Feta Muffins - (101 Cookbooks)
These are a super interesting, hearty beast of a savory muffin. Packed with seeds, spinach, herbs, and seasoned with mustard, you can use any winter squash. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

8. Pumpkin, Spinach and Walnut Spaghetti - (Lazy Cat Kitchen)
If I can't be bothered to carve and cube an actual pumpkin or squash for a recipe like this one, I grab for a bag of frozen sweet potatoes. They're pre-cubed, and I always keep a couple bags in the freezer for lazy weeknights. Alternately, you might carve a number of pumpkins or squash on your own, and freeze any you wont be using. Being nice to your future self! ;)Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

9. Roasted Delicata Squash Salad - (101 Cookbooks)
If breaking down a big pumpkin or squash fills you with dread, this is your recipe. A longtime favorite, it calls for thin-skinned delicata squash, and you leave the skins on. Tossed with a miso harissa paste, roasted and combined with potatoes, kales, and almonds. Give this one a go for sure. Get the recipe here.

Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

10. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds - (101 Cookbooks)
While you're at it, if you're cooking with pumpkin, you might as well toast the seeds. It's simple and you can season them a bunch of different ways - I've included three faves here. Get the recipe.
Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes worth Making this Fall

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@Sara I substitute butternut squash for other pumpkins in recipes all the time since it's my favourite. I've never had a problem with it turning mushy. It usually holds up fine if you cut it into medium-small cubes and roast until caramelized.


The Pumpkin Cauliflower Risotto recipe is back.


    Got it! Updated. Thank you!

    Heidi Swanson

I love that Roasted Delicata Squash Salad recipe and used to make it all the time when I lived in California! But ever since moving to Budapest I haven't been able to find delicata here. What would you recommend substituting for it? One time I tried roasted butternut cubes but it just turned to mush when I tossed it all together. Maybe if it were cooked differently?


    Hmm. I'd try any winter squash with thinner, edible skin for starters!

    Heidi Swanson

Just stopping in to say I made the pumpkin miso soup with shiitake mushrooms, and it was fantastic. Easy, delicious, filling. That recipe just knocks it out of the ballpark.


Well, all of these look scrumptious, but the pumpkin pasta and miso soup intrigue me the most! Lovely roundup. :)

Erica Lea | Buttered Side Up

I already am a huge fan of savory muffins but I hadn't thought of this combo. I have a big potiron that was intended for sweetening up homemade tomato sauce, but the tomatoes are over. The question is only muffins or pasta? Because we just made homemade pasta for the first time recently and it was great. (We--which is to say me ordering my teenager--made sweet potato gnocchi recently, too, and I bet pumpkin could easily be substituted.)

Taste of France

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so many of the pumpkin/ squash recipes I find elsewhere are wrong. (Just came across a hot chocolate recipe with pumpkin puree in it.... none for me!) Thank you for this list. I am always looking for new ways to use pumpkin, as it stores well over the winter. A couple of my other favorite ways to use pumpkin Pumpkin Chipotle Soup (roast pumpkin with apple cider) http://www.pumpkinrecipes.org/chipotle-soup.html Butternut and Cabbage Stew (subbed mung beans for the black-eyed peas) http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/one-pot-pumpkin-cabbage-stew/ Roasted cubed or wedged pumpkin drizzled with a tiny bit of honey, and tossing in large chunks of feta and pine nuts towards the end - I don't always get this recipe right, it was inspired by a meal in New Zealand. Sometimes I serve it over pasta. Best with a Bushfire pumpkin, I wish I could figure out the closest type here in Oregon, or the US, in general. I may change up the recipes you share from time to time.... (I am not a rule follower). You inspire consistently and create amazing recipes. It is my go-to food blog for ideas and inspiration. And I name-drop frequently, just yesterday at the farmer's market in fact (probably happens almost every time I go). It is starting to feel like autumn here. These recipes will be appreciated in the coming months.


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