January Cleanses & Detoxes

January Cleanses & Detoxes Recipe

This post was quite popular when I originally posted it in January of 2015, so I thought I'd squeeze in another update - before we run out of January! The gist of my original post was the observation that many of the conversations I was hearing around town - on buses, in lines, at cafes - related to cleanses, detoxes, and diets. There seemed to be two veins of conversation - the individuals excited about cleansing or fasting, and the debunkers (link, link).

My immediate reaction was that you don't really need to be in one camp or the other. There might be something to inspire you in one of those programs, even if you're not going to get onboard entirely. It could be a single recipe you come to love, or a mantra you embrace. Personally, I like to look at lots of different cleanses and detoxes, because there tend to be so many positive aspects to them - I'm talking about the ones based in real, whole foods (versus supplements & powders). The menus and recipes often emphasize the power and promise of good, diverse, plant-centric ingredients, mindfully sourced. Participants end up shopping, eating, and cooking with intent - also important. And because they tend to last a week, or two, or four, they can help establish new habits. So, while extended detox stretches or diets tend not to be my thing, an overall commitment to treating your body well, in the best way you're able, is something I'm always trying to get/keep a handle on. That's a long way of saying, I find that wherever you fall on the spectrum of diets, cleanses, and detoxes, there is a lot of good content out there, particularly in January - and some of these programs can be a great source of recipes, reminders, and ideas. Beneficial, and health-supporting not just for January, but for the rest of the year as well. :) Here's an updated list of related links I've come across:

- Bon Appétit's 2016 Food Lovers Cleanse (the complete menu)

- BuzzFeed: 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge 2016

- Pop Sugar: 2 Week Clean Eating Plan

- The 2016 goop Detox

From past years:

- Bon Appetit Food Lovers Cleanse 2015 (the complete menu)

- My New Roots' Winter Weekend Cleanse

- Green Kitchen's Green & Clean 2015 E-Book (more here)

-2015 Goop Detox with Dr. Alejandro Junger

And a few more links:

- Detox your Mouth

- Whole30 / Whole30 Veg / Vegan

- An awesome (and laugh/cry funny) list of other cleanses.

- Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon does Nine Days Plant Based in Harper's Bazaar (the daily plan)

-Whole Living Action Plan (from 2013)

- Full Moon Feast: Also, (a book rec) Jessica Prentice's book takes you through an exploration of ancient and modern connections of our foodways to the seasons through the thirteen lunar cycles of the agrarian year. An inspired read as we think about our connections to food as we move through our own calendars.

- There are a bunch of January-friendly recipes in the 101 Cookbooks archive, especially in the soups, and salads. A few favorites include:

- This carrot soup

- This broccoli soup

- Green Smoothie

- Green Juice

- A Lesson in Juicing

- Immunity Soup

Hope you find plenty of inspiration as we head into February! xx h

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