Roasted Lemon Chutney

A beautiful roasted lemon chutney from Molly Steven's book, All About Roasting.

Roasted Lemon Chutney

Whatever I share today needs to somehow circle back to the roasted lemon chutney I've been slathering on everything this week. I made it from a gem of a recipe tucked deep in the back of this book. The book was part of the stack of magazines, novels, and cookbooks I brought to read last weekend when we popped up California’s Highway 1 for a couple nights on the Mendocino coast.

lemon chutney smeared on sourdough toast on a kitchen counter

Roasted Lemon Chutney: The Inspiration

In the mornings, I'd sit in our little cottage, coffee in hand, and read with the front door open. Top of my pile was Molly's new book - All About Roasting. Molly is a friend, and this follow-up to her much-loved All About Braising, was eagerly anticipated by yours truly (and many of you, I'm sure). Her Roasted Apple Sauce jumped out at me immediately, and I was all set to make it once I was back home.
cabin detail, a hand-sewn curtain
drive to cabin along ca highway 1

Now, I'm still not entirely sure what happened, but I kept glancing at the Roasted Lemon Chutney recipe, which lives a few pages back from the applesauce - and here we are. Back home, no applesauce, chutney instead, no regrets whatsoever.

lemon slices arranged on a parchment lined baking sheet

How To Make Roasted Lemon Chutney

Making this chutney is quite straight-forward. You roast thin, olive oil-brushed lemon slices until they’re tender and browning. You transfer the roasted lemons to a food processor along with  some shallots and olive oil. Season and finish with some fresh herbs - you're good to go.

lemon peel and olive oil in a food processor

Roasted Lemon Chutney: So Many Ways

There are so many ways to use this mildly puckery magic. I slathered the chutney on thick slabs of toasted bread with a good amount of whipped goat cheese - that's what you see in most of these photos. But really, there are so many other things you can do with it.

lemon chutney smeared on sourdough toast on a kitchen counter

A couple more ideas: a dollop stirred into brown rice, chopped sautéed spinach, topped with a fried/poached egg and a touch of soy sauce. Or, incorporated into a bowl of hot pasta. Or, inside a savory crepe. Or, tossed with hot roasted potatoes, or baked potatoes, or mashed potatoes, or homemade gnocchi. You get the idea. It's super versatile, and I hope you like it as much as I did.

lemon chutney smeared on sourdough toast  served along with soup on a wood table
Here are a few other pics from our weekend away, below. The drive was pretty wild. We decided to cut over to the coast on a different road than usual. Wow - one of those decisions I'm glad we made, but probably won't repeat. Not quite dirt roads, but close!

coastal california beach on misty day

view through cabin window with handmade curtains

ingredients on wood cutting board near kitchen sink

More Lemon Recipes

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Roasted Lemon Chutney

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Molly notes that because you use whole lemons here, you're going to want to wash them first in warm soapy water to remove any waxy reside. Organic lemons usually don't have that, so (for that reason, and others) go that route if possible. The chutney will last for several days, refrigerated, in a jar or tightly covered.

  • 1/4 cup / 1 oz / 30g finely chopped shallots
  • 3 small lemons (4 to 5 oz each)
  • 1/4 cup / 60 ml extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for brushing
  • 1 tablespoon honey, plus more to taste
  • kosher or sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons chopped basil or mint
  1. Heat the oven to 400°F / 205°C with a rack in the center. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicon mat.
  2. Soak the shallots in a small bowl of cold water to reduce their strength a bit.
  3. Set one of the lemons aside to use later. Slice about 1/4-inch off both ends of the remaining lemons and discard (this part is mostly pith which can make the chutney too bitter). Slice the lemons into 1/2-inch-thick rounds (see photo), and use the tip of a knife to remove any seeds. Arrange the lemons on the baking sheet and brush with a bit of olive oil. Turn and coat the second side with oil.
  4. Roast the lemons, turning every 10 minutes, until they are very tender with just a few spots of brown, 20 to 25 minutes. Don't let the lemons crisp, and keep an eye on the bottoms, which tend to brown before the tops. Set aside until cool enough to handle.
  5. Transfer the lemons to a food processor fitted with the chopping blade. If there are any juices (not burned or blackened) on the baking sheet, add these. Molly notes there frequently aren't any, which was my experience as well. Drain the shallots, shaking off any excess water, and add to the processor. Add the honey and pulse several times until the lemons are coarsely chopped. Add the juice from half the remaining lemon and the 1/4 cup / 60 ml of olive oil. Continue pulsing until the chutney is fairly smooth and creamy, with just a few lemon chunks. Season generously with salt and pepper and more lemon juice or honey to taste. Keep tweaking until it really tastes great to you. For example, if it's too tart for you, just keep sweetening a bit at a time.
  6. Transfer to a small bowl and let sit for at least 2 hours to let the flavors meld. Just before serving stir in the fresh basil or mint, taste, make any final adjustments, and serve at room temperature.

Makes about 1 1/2 cups.

Adapted from Molly Steven's All About Roasting: A New Approach to a Classic Art, W. W. Norton & Company, November 1, 2011

Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
35 mins
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did you make it down south of big sur to morro bay? my neck of the woods. you must try tognazinni's bbq oysters here. they are AMAZING. i am in love with your mushroom cassarole recipe and can't wait until my daughter is old enough for it to become her favorite too


Where have I been!? I just found your site! SO EXCITED! Can't wait to try this! Kacie

Kacie @ A Collection of Passions

Agreed with Becky; I made this last weekend after discovering this blog and was so excited to try it but mine had a bitter after taste. I really wanted to love it after seeing the recipe and the photos here, but it did not turn out well.


I really wanted to love this but as it got sweet enough and non-bitter enough, it started tasting mostly like honey, and the honey flavor only grew more pronounced over the days. Maybe agave would give a less strong taste and let the lemon taste be there without the bitterness.


this is delicious and so easy to make. Am serving it again with toast and goat cheese as suggested, gravlax and salad for a Sunday lunch this weekend. And last night I made your tempeh/eggplant with pomegranate glaze from 101....what a hit! afraid we finished it off just the two of us, no leftovers here.


I made this last night. Delicious!! Endless possibilities. I did use more honey with mine. I am wondering how long you think it will last in the fridge? Should I freeze some? I might actually eat through it pretty quickly, though. YUM!


Oh my mom would definitely love this. Lemon in everything for her. I'll have to make it when I visit next. Thanks!


I roasted some apple slices in the same pan as the lemon - the juices mixed in to make an amazing roasted applesauce! Delicious chutney as well :)


I just made this. It was FABULOUS!


I just got through making this and it is YUMMY. I WILL BE MAKING THIS AGAIN. I am having this with Salmon patties. Thanks, this is a keeper.


Along with the lemon slices, I roasted a big handful of unskinned garlic cloves, then squeezed them out into the blender. The roasted garlic added a mellow sweetness that was wonderful; highly recommended!


I made this, but I had trouble cutting the lemon rinds. Did I do something wrong? Oh, I don't have a food processor, but I do have the attachment for the immersion blender. It was still delicious... in pasta with shrimp! Love your writing and photos. BIG FAN... never written a comment, but this was the kicker recipe for me!


I just finished making a double batch of this (a friend recently gifted me with a bag of lemons from his tree!) and it is amazing! In mine I used part lavender honey and it is great. Your suggestion to top a baked potato sounds perfect, and I am heading back to the kitchen to put that together. Thanks Love your approach to food.....!


this was just the yummiest and so easy to make! I served it the first night on crostini with chevre, then tossed a glob into risotto made with cauliflower greens, divine!!! I did have to add a smidgen more honey, as it was more bitter than I wanted. thanks, Heidi.


update: this is amazing! to the person who called it "sunshine in a jar": exactly. next time i may add a teensy bit less lemon juice and more olive oil to please my breakfast companions, as it is pretty acidic - but i tend to like acidic foods and especially citrus. i'm going to experiment with freezing a portion to see how it holds up, as this would be a great thing to make a double-batch of for later use.


Looks great! I'm really on a lemon kick lately, so I need to try this! xx M.

Molecular Gastronomy

Made this during the weekend. The flavour is REALLY strong, at first we couldn't figure out what to do with it, we were a bit intimidated. But I tried the bread/goat cheese/chutney combo and it was delish. Tonight I tired putting it into ice cream I made with left over yolks. If the batter is any indication it will be awesome, and I'm planning on putting on our cauliflower/cashew curry tonight, it goes well with a tart chutney. :)


That looks so good. And if it's got lemon in the ingredients, I'm all in! The beach doesn't look bad either.

Lisa at Work @ Home Mom Revolution

Seeing those photos made me so happy! I grew up in Anchor Bay, about a half mile up the road and spent so many happy days on the beach there (and working in Anchor Bay Store!). I love it when other people discover how beautiful the coast is.... and am now counting the days 'til I fly back for Ireland for the holidays! Thanks for sharing.


Definitely on my list of things to make this winter. Mouth is watering just thinking about it! I've been to Mendocino once... absolutely gorgeous, but I can't take all those twisty-turns!


Such pretty chutney! I love the combination. I've never made a chutney before, very impressive and a real crown pleaser. btw, your photos are gorgeous !

Caitlin @ Vegetarian in the City

This recipe sounds absolutely divine, love lemons! Already dreaming up a thousand ways to use this. Also enjoyed your pics, lived in SF for awhile and enjoyed visiting the Mendocino Coast!


Wow! I can't wait to make this! Your photographs are beautiful!


This looks yummy, would you use this with any Indian foods or is the lemon too much to imagine in that capacity? Just curious. I must catalogue this for future attempts.


I just tried your suggestion of mixing the roasted lemon chutney with brown rice, spinach, poached egg and a few dashes of soy. Completely delicious. I think I have my go to lunch this week. Although the goat cheese/bread combo might be unbeatable.


Substituted rosemary for the mint/basil ... delicious. Blended with tofu, yogurt thinned w/ cider vinger for a creamy salad dressing. Wonderful!


I made this chutney last Friday and already used it in a ginger + carrot soup and in a pasta dish with roasted fennel and capers. It has a really strong flavour, but I love that. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


these shots are beautiful. The whole post gives off this beautifully calm and foggy fibe. It makes me want to eat this on a foggy and chilly day, with a big sweater on. How cool.

The Sweet Cupcaker

Hi Heidi, Did you drive by lake Sonoma and then cut across to the coast on Skaggs Springs Road? We (accidentally) did this just this weekend and our drive was a lot like your description of your drive, minus the buck. We lucked out with full sunshine on the coast and lots of seals and pelicans! So beautiful. the lemon chutney looks fantastic. will try soon. HS: That is exactly the road. East from Healdsburg, past Lake Sonoma. :)


We drove to Mendocino in September. Your photos make me want to go back and actually remember to take my camera this time.


This sounds like heaven.


I really like the semi black and White quality the first pictures have. The colour tones on them all is great. I must try the lemon chutney it would be so fresh. GG


Hi, Heidi. I just wanted you to know that I bought your last book and it's one of my favourite ones right now. Everything I've cooked from it is delicious and I've been even feeding my baby those recipes. He's 7 months old and ate a whole batch of curried squash and broccoli gribiche. :D If you'd ever publish a third one, I'll be the first in line to buy it. Best regards, Ana.

Ana E G Granziera

Sounds like a lovely trip! We've been wanting to drive back to Mendocino. We drove through it on a PCH road trip last year, but ran out of time to spend in the actual city. Now that we live in CA, we will definitely revisit!

heather @ chiknpastry

Lovely post with beautiful pictures, as usual. I would love this recipe of using roasted lemons! Anything can be roasted, I see. How long do you think you can keep in the fridge? Or like other readers ask, can it be canned?


Sounds divine - but I'm with Hannah - do you think it can be canned? I made friends some basil jelly this summer and they are wondering what Christmas may bring...:)


Mmmm! This looks amazing! I love preserved lemons and use them quite regularly so I'm quite excited to try a different take on lemons. Thanks for sharing! And love the pix from your visit - simply gorgeous!

cards by cara

Hey Heidi, I just finished up a week long coastal California road trip from San Diego to Sonoma. I was on the 1 from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz and at times, I found myself thinking of your California photos. Especially in Big Sur! I hope to eventually do a drive further North someday. I just love the combination of woods/forrest and vast, blue ocean. PS. The chutney looks great :) HS: Oh yeah, the drive north of SF is also amazing. Hope you're able to do that at some point as well :)

Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

Question: how can you post such amazing recipes, one after the other? This is by far my fav food blog! Peace Mike


This is great recipe. I prefer sweeter taste. Maybe I can add in more honey. :)

love cooking

The recipe sounds delicious and your photos are beautiful! My mom has a meyer lemon tree with very ripe lemons ready to go and we are wondering how long this recipe keeps and if it can be frozen. Thanks so much for sharing this! Best, Alison


yes & yes!


oh, goodness, somehow i missed the release of this book. if it's a tenth as good as braising, it wil be a kitchen bible. love the idea of this. am thinking of Tea's recent post on breakfast polenta + kale + poached egg... with a dollop of chutney on top. mmm....


Do you think this recipe would be good with limes and lemons combined?
HS: You know, I don't think I've ever roasted/grilled limes...hmm.


I am in charge of appetizers for Thanksgiving at our extended family celebration and this recipe will be a great kick to start Thanksgiving. Thanks!


Just the thing to do with too many lemons coming all at once on my little Meyer Lemon tree that lived outside all summer and is now tucked into its spot in the sunroom. Sounds wonderful!!


This sounds so good and the suggestion of a touch of soy with egg is perfect! Love all your pix too!

Carolina HeartStrings

I made this last night and I love the idea. Maybe it was just my lemons but mine was still very pithy and bitter even after adding the better part of 1/3 c honey. Next time I might consider candying the lemon peels, or at least roast them rolled in sugar


I love Molly Stevens' work! Do you have her All About Braising book? I am waiting for this one to come in the mail. I am so glad to see that you like it.....which means it will be awesome!


I'm very intrigued by this recipe. I've never thought of roasting lemons and now i won't be able to get this out of my head.


Often, when I see your photos, I want to step into them and live there. This post is no exception. And, as good as the applesauce sounds, I'm glad you went with the chutney. I now have not only a bag full of lemons, but also a lot of inspiration.

katy from Dining with Dusty

Neufchatel makes a decent substitute for non fans of goat cheese. Heidi, I, like many others, am equally entranced by your photography as your recipes and writing style. Thank you for your multiple gifts!


I am in love with the shot of the view out the window into the forest. I really needed that today. Missing my kitchen and also the views up north. I have to admit, I have never looked at a photo of chutney and had my mouth water (literally). :) Looking forward to more pictures.

mary @ what's cookin with mary

I've got a tree full of lemons and just can't wait to give his a try. It would make a perfect Christmas gift and would surely last a week in the fridge?


This is so totally different from the lemon pickle I know--nimbu achar from India!


Okay, now I've really got the travel bug and want to explore this area too. Thanks for sharing your pics and the new recipe.


YUM!!! Roasted lemon, preserved lemons, lemon anything... I love it! I'll be making this soon as my lemons will be ripening in the back yard within a few months and I'll be crazy trying to find more to do with them. Thank you!!! ps - lemons are so healing. After my mom had radiation therapy she had water with six lemons daily and her doctor said he'd never seen radiation cleared out that fast. He now prescribes lemon pills for his patients!


I really enjoyed your photos, very artistic and the lemon chutney looks delicious!


Mmmmm, this sounds delicious! Then, again, I've been a huge lemon fan since I was a kid. I bet it would be luscious on homemade french bread or as a condiment for baked or fried tofu or stir-fry. And the pics are beautiful!


What an unusual and creative recipe. It's gonna be so much fun trying it out! Have a super weekend. :)


My beloved Big Sur coast, nothing in the world like it...

Solis Lujan

I am so making this over the weekend. The pics are gorgeous - and the photos of your trip look like they may have been taken at my husband and my favorite place to stay on the coast - the Albion River Inn just south of Mendocino. HS: Hi Lucy - we definitely stay in that area quite a lot.


Wonderful chutney and beautiful pictures, Heidi. Thank you.


my mouth is watering and puckering (in a good way!) and i think i may make this soon! a nice bright, citrusy alternative to some of the heavier foods we have begun to make these days. i think it would liven up a heavy thanksgiving dinner, especially of the meaty kind...thank you for posting this, i cant wait to try it! Audra


Thanks for sharing the roast lemon recipe even some pictures.Thanks my dear friend and I am looking forwards to more recipies and pictures.


I know exactly where those pictures were taken! Mendocino is my mecca. I went there every year when I was a kid and it's to this day my favorite place in the world. There's something about the air there. It's quiet in a way nowhere else is. It's peaceful. It clears my mind and quiets my crazy insides. Who needs therapy when there's Mendocino? Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for transporting me. :) HS: You and me both Julie :)

Julie @BananasForBourbon

i use citrus in pretty much everything i cook - this would add a dimension of flavor I can only imagine. This weekend, I'm on this for sure.

Kristy Lynn @ Gastronomical Sovereignty

That sounds great and what beautiful pictures!

The finnish-american cook.

This looks terribly delicious! I've never tried to make chutney before, but I'm feeling motivated after reading your words and seeing the results. Thank you for all you share.


Wow! I've never cooked the chutney, and yours seems delicious! I'm italian, so when I see "olive oil" in the recipe of non-italian cooker I get excited quickly! Great shots, as always..


Heidi, perfect timing! I am making your Winter Pasta recipe tonight and needed a little appetizer. Cannot wait to give this a go!

Ashley Eller

Very doable amount of lemons, even for those of us in Maine who have to grow them indoors — thanks for the recipe, as well as the cookbook recommendation!


Peggy, This recipe is not safe to can because of the oil. It also might have too many onions to keep the acidity high enough to can. I have had Molly's book for several weeks now and every recipe I have tried has been wonderful. Thanks for moving this one up the list of recipes to try.

Robin (Hippo Flambe)

I just made this and had some trouble with the outcome. I followed everything exactly, but my chutney did not come finish as beautifully as hoped. The red onion dyed the creamy chutney a bubblegum pink color, rendering my hostess' gift a bit gruesome. I added some turmeric to dye it a pretty macaroni-and-cheese color, but there's an added, though not unpleasant, flavor. My advice to those with particularly purple onions - go with the shallots!


What an excellent idea if you don't have the patience to make preserved lemons. I know it's not the same concept but the flavors would definitely be in the same realm. Yum!

The Starving Student

Lovely photos, looking forward to seeing more! The chutney looks wonderful, and I think on thick slices of toasted bread with whipped goat cheese would be my preferred way of eating it, too (although on pasta sounds delicious, as well). Chutney always sounded complicated and difficult to make, but this recipe is simple! Thank you!

Becky @ Skinnyfat Girls

Heidi, I think I picked my love of lemons from cooking many of your recipes. This one sounds particularly divine!


Your pictures look so calming. Beautiful. And lemon chutney? Yes please!


YUM! I am very lucky to have a lemon tree in my backyard... can't wait to try this recipe out!


Such a delicious retreat. Love the lemon accent in the whole recipe!

Chaz Homes

Roasted lemons?!! Oooh this sounds so different!!! Love this idea, definitely going to give it a try. Beautiful photos of your trip also, thanks for sharing!


HI Heidi I was surprised as much as Emm that USA is not very into savory muffins. Here in australia or at least in melbourne we eat them a lot of the time make a great breakfast, very filling. Nice for lunch as well. I will certainly try your recipe sounds so good. There are so many variations of savory muffins. As we are are off for a long weekend break these will make a great breakfast along the way considering the early start we will be making. Thanks Jessie


I prepared this earlier today, and added coriander seeds, gently toasted, to the mix. I can assure you that it's a delicious variation of the roasted lemon chutney.
HS: Love this idea.


What a gorgeous trip, makes me miss Northern California (born and raised Sunset kid living abroad). I've always heard great things about Molly Steven's books, it sounds like I finally really need to get ahold of one!

Eva Siegel

Jan - preserved lemons seem to last forever. You can google them, but basically you cut the peel but not into the flesh both longwise and around the lemon, stuff it with salt and cram them in jars with salt and extra lemon juice. Makes a salty tangy addition to salads, Moroccan food, spreads, etc. Or you can freeze the lemon juice in "bricks" I put it in ziplock bags and then lay the bags in a square container in the fridge till it freezes, and remove the tupperware, then the ziplock bricks of lemon juice stack nicely.


Oh, I just can't wait for the citrus this year!! My orange tree is just barely starting to change. We have a lemon tree that produces all year, but the new ones in December are the best. I'm a total lemon freak. Give me lemon over chocolate, any day. I have to make this soon! Glad you had a great trip :)


I would like to make this but don't have a food processor--would you recommend lots of chopping by hand, or using an immersion blender?


I have four trees loaded with "organic" lemons, but there's hardly any point in "preserving" them if the chutney only lasts 3 days! Is it possible to make it more long lasting???
HS: I'm thinking I'd go the freezer route, but I haven't actually tried it yet.


This looks delightful! I'm thinking on top of some good old fashioned gnocchi perhaps with some of that goat cheese you mention.


Sounds like a whirlwind of an adventure!! What a ride. Love this tart lemon chutney!

Belinda @zomppa

Your photos are simply majestic. I think you captured the coast beautifully. I've also never thought of roasting lemons! I'm so intrigued.

Brenna @ Happ. B

This sounds great - I wonder if it could be canned? It has plenty of acid... any ideas? It would make such a lovely Christmas gift!


What a heart warming story to share with your readers. I need to start looking through my stacks of cooking notes, books, mags the traditional way. you have just reminded me. thanks

iva | in my kitchen

this chutney and whipped goat cheese combination sounds like a little slice of heaven!

Heather (Heather's Dish)

I love anything with lemons in it but wouldn't have thought of a chutney. Your pretty photo of the cheese- and chutney-slathered bread really makes me want to try it. We have Molly's Braising book but haven't used it enough. Too many cookbooks. :) We'll have to get it out. It's the perfect weather here--0 this morning.


Lovely photos! It's been a while since I my last holiday and I'm kind of jealous :) The chutney sounds fabulous! I can already imagine it spooned onto a some spicy crispy roasted chicken. Yum!


Heidi! a) Your trip just sounds incredible. I'm not jealous....AT ALL. b) I love love LOVE your photog talent. Your decisions on WHAT to shoot and WHERE to shoot, so pimp. c) That roasted lemon chutney? Really? I wouldn't mind making a BODY WRAP out of it and sitting around for 7 hours in it. y.u.m. d) Go pick up your film! Dying here!

Bev Weidner

Heidi, what kind of food processor do you have? I'm getting married soon so I'm adding to my kitchen wish-list and I'd love your opinion! Thanks for posting all of your favorites - it's been great to browse and add some of those to my wish-list, too!
HS: I swear, my must be from the 80's. If you find one you love, I might be in the market too! :) Although, I think it'd be hard for me to let this one go at this point.


This sounds lovely!


"sunshine in a jar" !!!!


I would never think to roast lemons. That is one thing I can say I've never roasted, but gosh...I want to! My daughter's teacher has a HUGE lemon tree in her yard and has tons of lemons...I need to try this b/c I never met a chutney I didn't like. Great recipe!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

How refreshing, I love lemon so I will give this a try!


Love your site, love your suggestions and recipes...thank you so much! Can you tell us of this drive, a little more information. We often drive the coast and always looking for new routes to and from! Thanks!

Patrick Price

P.S. I realise I may have offended people at the suggestion of meat and fish - very sorry.

Nina Elliott-Charles

This sounds stunning! I can imagine it being especially good with fish, or chicken served with whole roasted garlic bulbs. Thank you for sharing this, and your beautiful photographs.

Nina Elliott-Charles

Can't wait - my Meyer Lemon tree is heavy with fruit - this recipe sounds delicious - do you think it will freeze? I've got a bumper crop this year!

Lee Stein

Good day one and all, once again you have rained sunshine in the foodie world. This really sounds like a fabulous receipe that can change a regular dish into something new and refreshing. I now am wondering about doing this to tangerines, grapefruit and blood oranges. I believe this receipe will be apart of my holiday menu alongside my main dish.


I think I love the peeks into your life the most...your posts with tidbits of your world, your goings on, your travels. Your like the friend we all get to share who shows us all the cool things that is coming from your heart xo
HS: Great to hear from you Jessica. Please please pop me a note the next time you are in SF - it would be a treat to catch up in person. Hugs for Miss M. xo -h


Reminds me of a jam / chutney I bought in Puglia last year. It also contained red chilli peppers and red and black peppercorns, very delicious.


Sounds delicious - any reason this couldn't be canned in hot water bath (I'm thinking Christmas gifts, here...)?


Oh I can imagine using this on absolutely everything in sight! Wonderful!


It is incredible how each and every of your recipe inspires me to run to the kitchen. They all end up in bookmarks, and when I make them, they always become regular. This lemon "chutney" reminds me of a recipe from Ottolenghi's first book. It is not vegetarian, a chicken roasted with spices, lemons and red onions: the roasted lemons were absolutely irresistible to me.


This looks great. How would you make it if you don't have a large food processor? Living in NYC I don't have room. I have a mini processor I could use. But I wonder how chopping, or maybe a blender, would work. Thanks.


all I have to say is....yummy! Can't wait to try this.


i love how you incorporate your travels, both near and far, into your posts. this made me miss norcal so very, very much! thanks for the moment of nostalgia. and the chutney looks amazing - will be trying it very soon! i love anything with lemon. :)


My kind of recipe and breakfast. Out of curiosity, did u bring the little cuisinart or was it in the kitchen with the cottage? The pictures are gorgeous.
HS: Hi Jeannie - I made it when I got home with my standard (but ancient) food processor. My dad handed his down to me when I left for college.


i love mendocino. haven't been in ages. and this lemon chutney sounds so good to me! i'm excited for molly's book. as usual, love your photos. xo


I saw the beach path sign and I started to cry!!!! Did you stay at the Mar Vista????? I grew up one driveway south, my mom still lives there. I tramped up and down that path my whole childhood, although as we kids got older, we would follow the creek and go through the tunnel under Hyw 1 and scramble down the waterfall! Oh the memories! I now live on the east coast, but that coast, THAT SPOT is home. The tide pools are amazing! Did you hear the sea lions? Thanks for the photos. Oh and there is no real good way to get there without hairpin turns at some point! That's how the locals like it :)
HS: We did :)...Love your note. I love that part of the coast. One of my favorite places I've been to, & I feel lucky to be so close. Sometimes we camp at Salt Point as an alternative, but that can get really cold. I think I prefer the little cabins ;)

Marina Merrick

I love Mendocino, but I remember getting so car sick one time it took me an hour to feel better. This is a very unusual recipe but it must taste great.


That sounds good - but to me (British) it's not a chutney! I think that what I call chutney you'd call pickle; I'm not sure what I would call your recipe, other than delicious...... I'm about to make jam and lemon curd and if I have a lemon or two over, I might have a go at this. Looking forward to seeing your photos and report on your London trip, by the way.

Annabel (Mrs Redboots)

This looks absolutely wonderful. I know this will become a recipe to come back to time and time again. Bring on an hour in the kitchen.


What a great idea for chutney! Growing up, we had all kinds of chutney all the time with dinner, but never one made out of lemons. And pairing it with goat cheese sounds absolutely divine. So inspired, thanks for sharing!

Anjali Shah @ The Picky Eater

The chutney sounds extraordinary. Do you think rosemary instead of basil or mint would work? (The rosemary at the local grocery store down the street tends to look better than the basil at the time of the year.) p.s. the first beach photo is especially great.


thanks for sharing this recipe. So much stuff has been done to death that gets posted, but this one is such a novel recipe and probably pretty versatile in it's use too. Sincere thanks! Pics are beautiful as always too..

yogi kitchen

I love to put preserved lemons on everything, and I imagine this lemon chutney has a similar appeal. I do like the idea of honey mixed in for a bit of sweet depth. Love the beach pictures- so grey and moody!

la domestique

I love the windowsill you've been shooting on lately, especially the lighting. I'm so jealous! I wish I could pop up to the Mendocino coast for the weekend like you. Unfortunately it would require a flight out from the east coast for me to visit. I've got it in my mind for a trip to SF with a detour to Mendocino. My plan is to get a hotel room with a kitchen in SF and go to the Ferry Plaza market. Go up to Mar Vista in Mendocino which you shared with us long ago. And bring home Rancho Gordo beans and other delicious things. Hope this happens soon.
HS: Sounds like a fantastic plan Monica :)


Oh wow. I'm in the throes of planning a possible trip up to Mendocino, and your photos look amazing! That part of the coast is so gorgeous. To say nothing of your lemon chutney, which sounds unusual and wonderful. Lovely post, Heidi!

Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

the next time life gives me lemons, i will make chutney.

lynn @ the actor's diet

I love to put preserved lemons on everything, and I imagine this lemon chutney has a similar appeal.i will definitely try it....


I really love the sound of this. Roasted lemon chutney sounds so unusual, but so delicious too as I absolutely adore lemons. Obviously this recipe was calling out to you to make it, and I am so glad you did. I am going to try this too. Thank you for sharing! :D

Jennifer (Delicieux)

I think my mom would love this, since she is a big fan of citrus. It looks unexpectedly pretty on those slices of bread.


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